September 1 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

The techniques of fate research, and among them we recognize the Astro-numerology, speak about the same story, they deal with the destiny, and that mans interaction with the cosmos.

The people who deal with the Astro-numerology believe that the human life is a cosmic process, in which we are only puppets of the cosmic energies, and that with all their actions, desires, hopes we are lead by that force. And you will be able to see how much truth there is in this connection between people and Cosmos.

But they should emphasise one other thing – that we should use our potentials to do the most we can, to indulge and enjoy everything that life brings and gives.

Today we are looking into date September 1 and Virgo Zodiac sign that is the ruler for this day.

Personality and Character

People born on September 1 are so confident, and this attitude can be overwhelming to their environment, so these people should seek for the balance between the spiritual and the physical, and they should learn never to push their environment to do something they want, it can backfire. If they develop this system or technique in their profession, they will be dissatisfied if the whole process doesn’t go in their direction, and when doing something, they should have this on their minds.

There is one thing that is utterly amazing in the life of the people who are born on September 1, they very easily struggling with the difficulties that life brings, and in that fight, these humans are efficient and yet charming people.

People born this day often have incredible but spectacular fantasies but still manage to keep their imaginations away from practical life, and they will never be unrealised individuals.

Some representatives of this date give the great importance to the public, and often unexpectedly become famous or in the centre of some significant events. They are not always aware of this, but they must live more relax to come to some critical situation spontaneously. They can be more demanding than they look, and this could be revealed only as much they want it to be discovered, and in those times passion is connected to their work.

This date gives people who are brave and fiery; they know that they are confronted with things that scare them, and surely they can deal with problems, but only if they leave a carefree, relaxed impression on others.

They are prone to philosophy, seeking constant responses to life puzzles, and are very interesting, accessible; possess mental originality in approaching others. This is the Virgo who is not scared of anything and will always struggle through life.

Love Compatibility

In love relations, people of the September 1 come across a misunderstanding from those around them in some emotional sense; they feel big things burning inside, and cannot express them, although sometimes they do not even know what they are. Sometimes these feelings are suppressed by fear, which tends to find an exit, and sometimes the plans that these Virgos feel should be put into action.

However, their nature is reasonable, and they have a clear mind in such matters; they know that they have to wait for a favorable opportunity and that in the long run, everything will be good in the maters of the heart.

For some representatives of this date, it is a good idea to get married early in life, so that the period of greatest freedom and happiness will begin with marriage and when they get their own home where they can live by their own rules.

Sexual satisfaction is essential to Zodiac Virgos born on the first day of the September, but they are primarily interested in spiritual connection with their partners above everything else.  But people born this day must be aware that regarding love, and in the matters of the spirit and the body, not all people have an opinion similar to theirs.

Those who are born on September 1 want to maintain a clear distinction between the spiritual and the physical, while their current partners may have a different idea about how that relationship should be. This difference can bring a whole range of misunderstandings with their love partners, and this could be a downfall of their love relationships.

Also in love relations, these people do not like pathetic outbursts and will never hurt anyone intentionally. They know that they can become a little bit emotionally childish or they are more inclined to endure defeats. As parents they are busy but dedicated, and very energetic who are fairly oriented towards the success and education of their children. These people find that love is in the family, and they have an extraordinary inner strength and strong connection with the family.


Purpose and Career

Those who are born on the first day of September have good executive capabilities and can take over the management of large projects, this all thanks to their decisive nature that comes in the front row in their jobs.

These Virgos are generally able to push things right until the point when these things can work, and along the way, they remain to be good friends and inconvenient enemies.

Regarding their ideas, those who belong to the September 1 are very original and can be inventors in any form or shape. In work relations, these people tend to be serious and strict, which is why they should foster more sense of humor and to be more relaxed, it is useful and beneficial for everyone in the team. These people have that specific energy to them and are popular wherever they appear, and the honesty and strength of character make them be respected and loved.

Regarding their work, these people born at the beginning of September are incredibly responsible and serious; and in their work, they love to investigate projects in the way they have planned, and are not inclined to give up their plans. However, they can listen to constructive criticism because they are always in a position to hear how things can be done quickly after the entire primary goal is something that interests them the most.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Virgos born on September 1 are ruled by number 1 and the Sun, besides their primary planetary ruler that is Mercury. Those who belong to the number 1 are more likely to be the first in almost every mater in life, but they are not unhappy if they are not, but their uniqueness and inventions can lead them to the position to be the best and the first. In principle, these are great individualists and are more difficult to rise to the top, and this is especially valid for people born on September 1. Therefore, these people should be aware that their ambitions are sometimes above their capabilities.

The planetary combination Sun – Mercury symbolises the creative energy and fire that needs to be kept under control constantly. People who have this obvious connection are very eloquent, intelligent, have a talent for writing, good memory and learning because the strength of their Sun is manifested through Mercury.

Their mind needs to be given freedom and support, as well as self-confidence. These are people who are completely honest and spontaneous along with the clean, prodigious and influential intellect that has enormous energy.

In the end, this planetary combination represents analytical thinking, playfulness, wit and directness; and on the much larger scale, it brings some benefits and privileges.

Their numbers are 1 and 10, and their color is pearl white.

Historical Events on September 1

This section is dedicated to the analyses of all important historical events that took place on September 1, and by some sources, this was the day when the world was created.

5508 B.C – By the Byzantine time calculation, the world was created.

1531 -In Switzerland, a war began between Zurich, the centre of the Swiss Reformation, and the Catholic cantons.

1701 – The Battle of Oudenaarde occurred, as the Part of the War for Spanish Heritage. The Austrian troops were defeated under the command of Eugene of Savoy.

1814 – The Vienna Congress started, which was the gathering of representatives of the then European powers and stakeholders.

1870 – In the Battle of Sedan in the French-Prussian War, the Prussians inflicted a heavy defeat on the troops of the French Emperor Napoleon III, which led to the fall of the Second Empire.

1900 – Great Britain has annexed the South African Republic.

1916 – Bulgaria, as a contributor to Germany in the World War I, announced the war to Romania.

1923 – In an earthquake that destroyed the Japanese city of Yokohama and almost destroyed Tokyo, at least 142,000 people were killed, and 2.5 million were left homeless.

1928 – Albania was declared as a monarchy with the King Zogo I on the throne.

1939 – The World War II began in Germany at 4 am on Monday morning.

1953 – French violinist Jacques Thibaud, a member of the famous trio with Alfred Cortot and Pablo Casals, died in a plane crash.

1962 – An earthquake in northwestern Iran destroyed over 300 villages, and 12,000 people have been killed.

1969 – A group of officers with Moamer Gaddafi proclaimed the republic.

1972 – US chess grandmaster Robert Fischer defeated Boris Vasiljevich Spassky in the match in Reykjavik with a score of 12.5: 8.5 and became the 11th world champion in chess.

1983 – Near the island of Sakhalin, Boeing 747 South Korean aircraft collapsed, killing all 240 passengers and 29 crew members.

2001 – In Tokyo, 45 people were killed in one of the largest fires.

2004 – Chechen rebels took between 1,000 and 1,500 hostages, mostly children, at a school North Ossetia, in the city of Beslan, demanding the release of insurgents from prisons in neighboring Ingushetia and Chechnya’s independence from Russia.

Famous people born on September 1

This story that is based on the Astro-numerical analyses would not be complete if did not mention all those who are born on the September 1 and that found fame in their times. Read all about them.

1651 – Natalia Kirillovna Naryshkina, a Russian Empress.

1653 – Johann Pachelbel, a German composer.

1848 – Auguste Forel, a Swiss doctor.

1875 – Edgar Rice Burroughs, an American writer.

1877 – Francis William Aston, an English physicist.

1899 – Andrei Platonovich Klimentov, a Russian writer.

1910 – Pierre Bézier, a French mathematician.

1922 – Yvonne De Carlo, a Canadian-American actress.

1923-  Rocky Marciano, an American boxer.

1928 – George Maharis, an American actor.

1939 – Lily Tomlin, an American actress.

1946 – Barry Gibb, an Australian singer, composer, producer and member of the Bee Gees group.

1950 – Dr  Phil McGraw, an American doctor, author and TV host.

1953 –  Ahmad Shah Massoud, an Afghan fighter and warlord.

1957 – Gloria Estefan, a Cuban singer.

1962 – Hall Ruud Gullit, a Dutch soccer player.

1968 – Mohammed Atta, an Islamist terrorist.

1970-  Padma Lakshmi, an American -Indian author, actress, model, television host

1971 – Hakan Şükür, a Turkish footballer.

1977 – David Albelda, a Spanish soccer player.

1986 – Gael Monfils, a French tennis player.

1996 -Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, an American actress and singer.

Above all those who are born on September 1 are people who are confident, and they have an outstanding talent for acting, dancing, and music. They can even be original authors of something, and often these people are fighters for freedom, democracy, and can be politically active. The optimism of these persons brings a lot of success because with faith all can be done.

These people born on September 1 and we must emphasise it, show an early responsibility on the financial plan, like all Virgos they like to be and feel safe, they don’t have any problem in thinking and planning the future; they are very much focused stabilising their lives. These are also sincere people who like to have a specific relationship and who are connected with all friends, and families, and they come to this connectivity by deeply understanding human nature.