Seeing Water In Dream Is Good or Bad?

Even water in the dream brings a message. The mysterious element can flow gently or destroy everything. Dream symbols like drowning, swimming, sea, how does the dream interpretation explain these signs?

The dream symbol of the water has a whole series of different general associations. A closer look reveals a certain relationship between these topics. So the element is generally for liquid and dissolution, but also for compliance, cleaning and letting go. The symbol can also be understood as a general question, according to one’s own feelings.

Whoever sees in the dream any form of clear liquid, for example a canister with water, a brook, clear broth or still water, should itself ask the question: What do I feel?

When asked about his feelings about a life aspect that is superficial at the time, he may find solutions and strategies that he did not even think of before. For example, those who are experiencing a difficult episode in relationships or working life and are confronted with water in their dream should ask themselves: What do I feel when I think about my job or my partner?

If one promotes water in a dream with the help of a pump, this stands for the effort and the motivation, to drive a change or to complete projects. In any case, something is moving in her life. Even fish can appear in the dream in connection with water. For example, if you see an eel swimming in the stream, it can be a joyous moment for female dreamers in particular. These are not permanent.

Dream symbol water in the common dream interpretation

Water, as one of the four basic elements, is the origin of life from which all being emerged. In the general interpretation of dreams, this element stands for the symbol of the feminine and the emotional.

Dream interpreters use many general associations for dream analysis, which refer to various factors in connection with the dream symbol water. So the basic element embodies dissolution and purification, letting go and the yielding.

The dream sign can also be understood as a question in relation to one’s own emotional worlds.

Psychology sees the dream symbol water primarily as an element for inner and outer purification. If, for example, you go into a sea or a lake in your dream, many psychologists see this as a fresh start in dream interpretation. In the spiritual interpretation of dreams, water as a clear fluid symbolizes vitality or rebirth.

Depending on the circumstances occurring, dream about water has the following complex meanings:

  • Shallow water: missing vitality
  • Deep water: The spiritual, the unconscious
  • Strong current: the passionate one
  • Running water: Inner balance
  • Diving in the water: longings for the original

What does the dream symbol water, sea, lake or rain mean?

In the dream interpretation of the sea, water means the universal consciousness inherent in all knowledge. A shallow sea stands for superficial emotions, while thundering surf symbolizes passion and pleasure. A calm lake expresses a contented existence.

In the dream interpretation of water, the lake is also a sign of a transitional phase, which goes hand in hand with the turning to the higher self. If you see your reflection in the water, you should reconcile with your dark side.

Dreams of a river represent life and way of life. Depending on which view of life the dreaming represents, the dream symbol river appears as a small brook or as large current.

A crossing of the river indicates changes, a canal symbolizes the birthing process, and a deep river demands more attention in interpersonal relationships.

In dream interpretation of water, rain dreams also provide important insights:

  • Drenched: difficulty on the emotional level
  • Drizzle: satisfaction, relaxation
  • Cloudburst: Warning about exuberance of feelings
  • Flood: Too much focus on negative feelings
  • Whipping Rain: Threatening Clashes

What tendencies does the dream interpretation drowning reveal?

In general, the dream interpretation drowning says that the dreaming wants to push the unpleasant into his subconscious mind, but which powerfully returns and can overwhelm him. Often the dream symbol reflects the helplessness in difficult life situations.

Even on low self-esteem and loss of control in incriminating life situations, the dream sign drowning hints. Turbulent events and a bundle of duties create negative stress. Other interpretations in the dream interpretation drowning are:

  • Warning about risks such as financial distress
  • Warning about the loss of valuables
  • See drowning: take better care to avoid mistakes
  • Rescue from drowning on your own: The dreamer can also escape from hopeless situations
  • Water in the dream: swimming and boats

Dream Interpretation of Water

Swimming in the dream represents the exploration of the emotions and the objective consideration of problems accompanied by lightness.

The dream symbol swimming shows that you have the power to fight through uncertain times and to take on challenges. From a psychological point of view, it is a symbol of unconscious emotions and instincts with which the dreaming is in harmony or contradicts each other.

Therefore, it is very important in the dream interpretation swimming, whether the dream happens in clear or polluted water. The dream symbol boat stands in the dream interpretation generally for optimism and pleasing developments.

The boat represents changes and shows you how to maneuver your ship through the life and depths of your emotional worlds. In the interpretation of dreams, the state of the ship is also a decisive factor, because it also symbolizes the state of one’s own feelings.

How important is the color of the water in the dream?

Clean, clear water is generally associated with something positive. In the dream interpretation of water, however, a dirty, cloudy or dark color is an indication of mental stress.

A roaring, black sea indicates inner trouble and excitement. Basically, the dream interpretation is dark and simultaneous

Life and death in the dream

The dream of water is sometimes about “life and death”. On the one hand, about two-thirds of our body is water and we have to drink constantly to survive. The unborn child swims in the mother’s stomach in his own underwater cave. If researchers search for life on alien planets, they first look for traces of water. In addition, we extinguish life-threatening fires. All this speaks for a symbol of life.

On the other hand, as a tsunami, it can cause a flood with many deaths and every year many people drown in the sea or a lake. Not only life brings it, so it also plays a role in the dream interpretation of death. In such contexts, the dream of water can even be a real nightmare, if e.g. is desperately struggling for survival when threatened drowning.

Feelings, psyche and purification

Less dramatically, the water is a dream symbol mostly for feelings and our psyche or subconscious mind. Water is also the element of feeling in astrology and in the horoscope. Just like emotional people, the water is soft and “influence able”, feelings “flow”, such as water. While crying. A dream of drowning can therefore indicate the fear of repressed, overpowering feelings that flood you. Soft fur animals like the hare often symbolize similar soft emotional needs as the water and the dream interpretation to the cat also knows this aspect.

If the aqueous element is in larger amounts, e.g. as a swimming pool, lake or river, it usually stands for the entire own subconscious or psyche. Three things are important here: what is the condition of the water, dirty, cloudy or clear water; what is there in it, e.g. Fish; and how you move in it, e.g. swim, dive, etc.