Seeing God Statue in Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

Interestingly, many people dream of statues, and you are not the only one. The state of the statue you saw in your dream determines some aspects of your life as well.

The dream of a statue can represent your generation and your ancestors as well.

If the statue you saw in your dream is missing some pieces, it is a sign that that deficiency will definitely show in real life.

Seeing a statue sometimes indicates someone’s strength and courage.

If someone in a dream damages a statue or breaks it, this indicates they will win over enemies and thus gain glory.

If in a statue portrays a woman, or a woman sees it in her dream, then this tells a lot about how intelligent, quiet and serene she is, and she is looking very proudly.

However, seeing God statue in dream is a big thing, which is something you could suppose on your own.

If you dreamed of a broken statue of God, it may indicate your inability to make connections.

You are not cooperating enough with other people who are trying to approach you. You have let someone dictate your behavior and that some situations dominate you.

In some ways, this dream also represents your ability to survive through adversity, shame, and misery.

In the following, you will learn more about the meaning of the statue of God.

Meaning of Seeing God Statue In Dream

The statue of God you see in a dream may represent displacement, untruth, fiction, recklessness, invention, illusion or a very handsome person who is full of deception.

If you dream of worshiping a statue in your dream, it may mean that you are lying to yourself, or your mind is deceiving you from worshiping something, be it a child or a physical object in your imagination.

If you saw a statue carved out of wood in your dream, it can express gratitude to people who have wealth, and it can signify a power of a person who managed to get a high position through religion.

If the statue you see in the dream is made of wood, this may mean that the person is looking for some religious disputes or arguments. If you have seen a silver statue in a dream, it may signify someone’s attempt to make friends with a stranger or to plan to have sex with an unknown person.

If you dreamed of worshiping the statue of God, this may mean that you are involved in a lie, because you give your personal passions and secret desires priority, instead of having in mind principles of faith and God.


Also, seeing God’s statue can be a sign that you will seek work from someone who glorifies God, but that the endeavor will not end favorably for you.

This may also mean that your faith is weak, which will affect your finances negatively. Seeing God state in dream indicates that you will try to make a business of your religion, or betray others through religion.

You may ask someone to do something evil, which is a clear sign you don’t have strong religious beliefs.

When a married woman dreams of a statue of God, it can be said that she does not have enough ability to win a loved one.

It is also possible she regrets over not marrying the man she loved instead of marrying the rich one. If you saw a statue of God smiling in your dream, this may mean that an illicit relationship will be revealed.

It is also possible that the person who dreamed this dream is not married, but that they would meet someone suitable for marriage. If the statue of God in the dream expresses anger, this can indicate serious problems that you may have with a loved one or friends.

If the statue of God is made of some metal, lead or bronze, it may be a sign that you are not waiting for the help you asked for, as your hopes will not come true. If a man dreams of a statue of God, it can be a sign that he pursues illicit pleasures or adventures.

Sometimes, this dream can talk about the indifference of your loved one, which frustrates you a lot.

The Symbolism of Seeing God Statue In Dream

If you saw a statue made of gold in your dream, this may indicate that someone will do a religious injustice or a heinous act, or they may ask for money from someone who disobeys God.

This person will, therefore, have health problems or suffer financial loss.

If the statue you saw in your dream is made of a material that is a combination of steel, copper, iron, lead or bronze, this may mean that this person is trying to make money at the expense of his behavior while forgetting God.

If you see a statue in your dream, it can also indicate a journey. The statue of God in some cases can be a sign of prosperity.

If you dreamed of a bronze statue moving in your dream, it signifies prosperity, a good harvest, or new journeys.

If the statue in your dream is much larger than the one in reality, this may signify your fears. The statues you dreamed of may represent someone’s children, or their determination, or even sex drive.

If you have seen God sitting on his throne in a dream, it is a sign that the piety of the dreamer is very great, and that the dreamer is true to their religious beliefs and believes in God’s justice.

In case you noticed that something is missing from the Divine Throne in your dream, it may indicate decay and heresy. If you have noticed any omission in the Divine Throne, it is a sign that the dreamer is following his quirks.

With this dream, the dreamer is called to fear God. If you saw yourself sitting on the Divine Throne, it may signify too much courage or even tyranny to make the wrong decisions.

A divine place in a dream can represent a wise man, knowledge, and learning. The throne may allude to some near-perfect person, ascetic, or someone who is truly unique.

If you saw the ornamented Divine Throne in your dream, it could be an announcement of friendship with an influential and wealthy person who will help you achieve a better position in society.

Also, if the throne is decorated and has a lot of flowers around it, this signifies a friendship with well-known noble and generous leaders who will help you to rise in life.

If you dreamed of the Divine Throne in perfect form, as depicted by religious books, it is a sign that you are a true believer and obey all the laws of God.

Do I Have To Be Worried?

Seeing God statue in dream mostly has a very nice meaning. But if the statue is broken you should be worried. If you dreamed of a broken statue, this may be some anger that relates to your emotional part.

Maybe your goals are suffering some delay or setbacks? You may be spending time on a person who does not deserve it because they are not worthy of your love and energy.

This dream may indicate that you want other people to see you the right way, but it seems like you are somewhat constantly missing it. You may have the feeling that you have lost someone you have been addicted to.

You are overburdened during this period, so you do not know whether you have come or gone. The past is something that you can’t bring back.

Also, this dream can speak to some of your unwavering quality.

Try to learn how to behave properly in different situations and with different people. This will make it easier for you to get through the situations you find yourself in.

What Should I Do If I Had This Dream?

It is a good time to set goals and plans. This dream directs your attention to harmony in your life. You may feel that other people do not share with you their thoughts and feelings the way you want them to.

On the other hand, it is impossible to get them to act according to your liking without being hurt.

Don’t wait and stand still, do what works for you without being so obsessed with other people’s actions and words. Eat well, exercise, get out, and refresh yourself.

This way, you will be more prepared to overcome the obstacles ahead.


If you dreamed of a statue of God telling you something, you can take this as a serious warning. In your life, everything can go wrong, starting with health problems, all because the dreamer did not behave properly in some life situations.

Dreams of the statue of God in some way indicate that the person is looking for a way to blame himself for not behaving properly. There are other interpretations, of course.

If one dreams of looking at the statue of God, it can be an innuendo for transience and misunderstanding of oneself, because it feels overly important when confronted with any problem.

In general, seeing God statue in dream is a very significant dream that carries important messages relating your personality in the first place. It doesn’t have to be like you behaved in a wrong way at all.

Maybe your faith is strong and you are a believer, so the statue of God appears in your dream to let you know God sees your efforts, and you will reach your goals very soon.