Seeing a Deceased Loved One In a Dream – Meaning and Interpretation

All of us have someone who we love dearly and who died in one period of our lives, and this was undoubtedly the event that took a large scar on our souls.

Even worse, some of us have someone who was very close to us and who died, like a mother or a child, and this was the loss that we never succeeded in overcoming and for some, the pain becomes unbearable over the years.

Since we all know that people who died we cannot see anymore, and the only way that we could communicate with them is through some other way.

Some say that that way is through the dream world – there is a common belief that the deceased communicate with us, by coming to us while we sleep.

If we ask you did you have such experience, we are confident that you will say yes, along with the confirmation that that dreams, in particular, left a mark on us and that we are, if not sure, and then partially convinced that it meant something.

Have you ever been “visited” by one of your dream loved ones and recently passed away? Have you wondered what that means? The answer is undoubted -yes. And in the next couple of section, you can reveal what does it means.

Many acknowledged that the very dreams of meeting the deceased helped them successfully pass the grieving process and get on with life.

Although they are no longer with us, loved ones who have passed away never leave us.

Many people talk about visiting them in dreams, who know how they can be very realistic and colorful, but they can also be dark and twisted.

Meaning of Seeing a Deceased Loved One in a Dream

If we know all that we know about dreams, and that it can be, as some like to say, a passage for the communication with deceased who we loved and lost, then such dreams become significant, and even appearing a late relative, we realize at once, has a precise meaning.

Now, when we agreed that our loved ones often appear in our dream, and we must say that this is one of the common motives in dreams. The reason behind this lies in the fact that we miss a lot that person, but these and similar dreams carry a much deeper message.

Seeing the deceased loved ones in a dream means that you are currently being influenced by people with negative energy in your life -as you can see this kind of a dream, does not have to do anything with the deceased one, besides the fact that it can be a protective factor in your life.

Such a dream means that you are not aware of the things that are jeopardizing you to some extent; you may be the part of the shady group. You may even suffer some material loss that is once again not caused by you, but the people who are around you in some way.

On the other hand, such a dream can mean that you are finding numerous ways to release the feelings you have about the deceased loved ones – you may not have been a finding good way of dealing with their death, but you could not find it.

If in a dream that a deceased loved one is a female, it can mean that you are an attraction for people with conflicting aims recently.

If in your dream appears the male person who was close to you and who died, that you are trying to find the ways to stay strong in everything bad that happens to you.


The Symbolism of Seeing a Deceased Loved One in a Dream

If you had a dream in which you saw your parents or one of the mother or father, and if they are deceased, then it can be a symbol that you are a person who has a lot of fear to deal with, and you are in the process of learning how to cope with losses, but it does not have to be the process of their death. They could be long gone died, but you are dealing with other loses in life.

This dream, in its variations, maybe the symbol that you are craving for support that you are not having from your close environment.

If you have lost your sister, brother, sibling, this is one special symbolism.

You may be struggling with the feelings of loneliness and emotional pain. Or as some say it can be the signal that they are trying to help you, as they have done while you were together.

If in a dream you see a deceased one that you know you love, but you do not recognize it, it signifies that you will witness significant developments and events that affect other personalities and that will not immediately or obliquely jeopardize your life or threaten you in any way.

If in a dream you see a deceased one that you loved very much, and who is calling you to come with him, it is the symbol of great upcoming problems, accidents or troubles that await you.

If in a dream, you see your child who has passed; this is one of the greatest and hardest dreams to deal with.

First of all, clearly this dream is a symbol that you are still grieving about your child, and to be honest, we all know that such pain will never go away, and the dreams are just one way of dealing with it.

But, this dream can have somewhat surprising meaning – it symbolizes that you still have wishes that you always have and that you are too afraid to make these dreams come true.

But the child in your dream is saying that you are in title to be happy and that you have every right to be happy about those whishes.

Do I have to be worried?

You should not be worried in a sense that you think that you are the next who is going to die very soon, it is more the way that deceased are telling you that they have reached that other dimension, that other side, but that they are still here for you, especially for the important matters.

They choose a dream world to tell you that they are still, if not physically present in your life, that they are emotionally and spiritually present. And this is the energy that never disappears; it is the energy that remains present.

Become aware of this and cut through those problems that are doing you more harm than good.

Furthermore, dreams like this are our plug to show how much we miss someone and how we attempt to relive former experiences with these people. In trying to establish a balanced rhythm in your life, your dreams can serve as your only way of dealing with the sorrow and death of loved ones.

The fact is that your deceased loved ones, who show themselves in your dream, are directing you toward a difficult life decision, which is a way of saying that they are encouraging you.

At the same time, they want you to know that they love you and look after you at all times of your life.

Now, the only moment when you can worry to the certain extent is the one where you see those deceased loved ones in some shape or form that you do not recognize them; something will be strange for you it that dream.

If such a dream occurs, you should be ready for some bad news, and it is the sign that you cannot ignore even if you would like to do so.

What to do if I had this Dream?

Who did you actually dream of since the deceased? Is this someone you are very familiar with and intimate with? If you are dreaming of talking to one of the close male family members who are no longer alive, it means that you will enter into an unhappy transaction or you will conclude some bad work that will only cause you loss and problems.

Think carefully and thoroughly before making your decisions, regardless of what area of life it concerns.

You should be aware that such a dream occurs in the life of everyone on this planet – it is recommended to keep a dream diary or to have something that belongs to the dead.

And as you were able to see, some of the variations of the dreams about deceased loved ones could mean that your wish will come true.

It is possible that you would like to do something that makes the person who is no longer with you proud of you. You will need a little more time and patience, but you will be satisfied when you achieve what you want.


We all know that dreams belong to the places where there is no rational, and when we dream our primary rational purposes are shut down.

At that moment, the passage for communication with those who we lost is open.

In dreams, we can experience that time when our loved ones, regardless if they are dead or alive can speak to us, guide us, comfort us, or make you aware of certain decisions you should make.

People in the old day gave such a big importance to their deceased loved ones and also for the dreams that appeared – and for them, it was the evidence that there is a holy world and life after we have gone from this world, and in this sense, there is a way of communication between the two worlds.

And why should we think something else now, in modern days, dreams can have a similar impact on us also – and if you listen to anyone who had such experience will tell you for sure, that such dreams helped him or her to successfully pass the grieving process and get on with their life.

Having said all this, it is not uncommon for people to firmly believe that when you are sensed by a deceased loved one, he wants to give you some kind of a message. Or it can mean that you should direct your attention to a certain part of that life.