Seal – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Seals are marine animals, which live all around the world.

They can be found in the waters of the Antarctic and Arctic, but in the tropical waters as well.

Seals eat meat, usually fish, shellfish and crustaceans. They use their whiskers for detecting fish.

They often live in cold environments and they are well protected from the cold, with thick a layer of blubber and fur.

In some species, the blubber makes almost 25% of their weight.

Seals have eyes able to focus below and above water. They have an excellent smell, which enables them to detect predators.

They also have a good hearing, below and above water. Seals produce special sounds, which they use to communicate with each other.

Seals are able to hold their breath for a long time while diving. They use the oxygen stored in their lungs, muscles and blood.

They even sleep underwater.

These animals are excellent swimmers, and it’s a pleasure watching them swimming swiftly and gracefully. Some seal species can dive up to 1,000 feet deep and stay under water for more than an hour.

But when they are on land, they move in strange, wormlike moves, or they move around by bouncing or rolling their bodies on the side.

Seals usually live in large colonies. They are very social animals and prefer close contacts with other individuals.

Nevertheless, they don’t form strong bonds and close relationships with one another. They are generally considered as promiscuous animals.

Male seals compete for females. The female seals have one pup per year. Males don’t participate in the raising of the young.

After it has been weaned, the pup stays on its own, to learn how to swim and hunt. Seals do that instinctively.

Although highly social, they hunt alone. They usually dive deep, to catch squids, fish and various crustaceans.


What does the Seal Symbolize?

The seals symbolize creativity, faith, change, emotions, balance, playfulness, power, strength, good luck, faithfulness, inner voice, imagination, dreams, curiosity, intuition, intelligence, love, relationships, partnerships, prosperity, creativity, abundance, movement, cycles, lucid dreams, organization, protection, mood changes, flexibility, adaptability, promiscuity, success, security, understanding, etc.

The Meanings of Seal as a Spirit Animal

The Seal as a spirit animal can have many different meanings.

Here are some of them:

Faith. If a seal is your spirit animal, it teaches you to have faith in your personal strength and abilities. You should believe in your decisions, emotions and thoughts, without paying much attention to other people’s opinions. On the other hand, you don’t want to be completely shut down for other people’s advice and opinions, because there might be some useful information you might miss because you choose to ignore them.

Power and strength. This spirit animal gives you power and ability. It encourages you to turn to your inner strength and use it to achieve the things you desire. Your inner power will also help you in overcoming any difficulty you might encounter.

Creativity and imagination. If you have a seal as your totem animal, you are probably a very talented and creative person. You most likely have a developed imagination as well. This totem animal teaches you about the importance of using your creativity and imagination to create something which will bring you and others joy and benefit. It also reminds you not to waste your talents in vain, but find a proper way to use them.

You need to find activities which will allow you to discover and use your hidden gifts.

Cycles. With seals it’s all about cycles. They teach that everything comes at the right moment. After all, their whole existence depends on it. With a seal as your totem animal, you need to learn to feel your inner self and cycles and live your life accordingly. Feel your natural rhythm and relax.

Life can be a wonderful experience when you let things unfold naturally.

Balance. The seal as your totem animal requires from you to maintain balance in all areas of your life. Don’t overdo or exaggerate in anything you do. Try to merge with the natural balance, which exists in anything that surrounds you. You will discover unimaginable powers within you, when you start living that way.

With a seal as your totem animal, you most likely balance your thoughts and emotions easily. There is a visible separation between these two in your life.

Playfulness. Seals are known for being playful. If it’s your totem animal, you most likely have the same traits. You are a joyful and happy person, enjoying the company of others which share the same traits. If that is not the case, the seal as your totem animal teaches you about the need to be more playful and enjoy life more.

You will find your true happiness and meaning in life when you start enjoying life only because of the fact of being alive.

Mood changes. If a seal is your totem animal, you might be prone to mood swings, which go from extreme happiness and joy to outbursts of anger or depression. You might appear friendly at one moment, and repulsive and cruel on the other. The seal teaches you to balance your emotions so you and all around you could have a happier and more peaceful existence.

Promiscuity. Seals are not monogamous. They change their partners often. If a seal is your spirit animal maybe you have the same traits. This spirit animal teaches you about the beauty one might experience being in a monogamous relationship.

Relationships and partnerships. Seals symbolize different aspects of a relationship. As a spirit animal, the seal teaches you about the importance of discovering your true preferences in a relationship. It reminds you to ask yourself if you prefer a monogamous or a polygamous relationship, or you don’t want to be in any kind of relationship and make decisions accordingly.

Flexibility and adaptability. With a seal as your spirit animal, you are most likely very flexible and adaptable. You probably adapt to changes easily and you don’t let your emotions stand in your way. You do what needs to be done.
Laziness. With a seal as your totem animal, you might be prone to laziness.

This spirit animal reminds you to change because you can chase away people with your bad habit.

Denial. If a seal is your totem animal, you might be prone to deny some situations and avoid facing them, especially in your personal relationships. You might have a tendency to present yourself as a victim or pretend that everything is fine.

Independence. Baby seals are left on their own to learn the most important things for their survival. These animals are incredibly independent. As your totem animal, the seal teaches you about the importance of being independent and relying on yourself and your own strength.

Seal as Your Totem Animal

If a seal is your totem animal, you are most likely highly adaptable to different situations, even emotional ones.

You are also very creative an imaginative.

With a seal as your totem, you are probably a balanced person as well.

You also tend to follow your natural rhythm and go with the flow.

You do what your body requires from you at any given moment; you eat, you sleep, rest, etc.

What if the Seal Appears in Your Life?

When a seal appears in your life, maybe it does that to remind you to discover your true nature.

Maybe the seal appeared because you need to deal with some relationship issues, which are destroying your relationship.

The seal might appear in your life when you have other personal issues, not just ones related to your romantic relationship.

This spirit animal comes into your life to remind you that you are capable of adapting to any change which happens in your life. You should swim through those changes and don’t allow them to drown you.

You have the capacity to overcome any challenge you are facing, and the seal is there to remind you of that.

The seal also reminds you of the importance of having balanced thoughts and emotions. You need to balance them and release all anger and negativity you might be harboring.

If a seal appears in your life, it might be asking you to rethink your relationship status. You need to decide whether you want a relationship or not, or whether you want to be in a polygamous or a monogamous relationship.

You need to be honest about your desires and openly convey them to your partner. If you are not on the same page with your desires, your relationship might end.

The seal often comes into your life to ask you if you are ready to commit.

If you realize you are not ready, the seal is encouraging you to leave the relationship you are in.

Seals often come into our lives when we are experiencing relationship problems.

When to call on Seal?

You should call on the seal as your totem animal when:

  • You need fun and love in your life.
  • You need to get rid of your fears.
  • You need to get rid of stress and some personal issues.
  • You need a boost of courage to get into action to achieve something.
  • You are experiencing some relationship problems.

Dreams about Seal – Interpretation and Meaning

If you saw a seal in your dream, such dream might represent your playful and joyful character.

Sometimes this dream might indicate the need to finish or let go of some situation which has been blocking your progress.

Seals in your dream might also represent issues with trust and security.

They can also symbolize integrity issues.