Seagull – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

The seagulls or gulls are seabirds, usually medium to large in size. These birds are present worldwide.

They usually live on the coast or inland. These birds are long-lived, and some species live more than 40 years.

They are usually gray or white in color, with black marks. While walking, seagulls display a side to side motion. They are skilled flyers, capable of hovering. They also don’t require much space for taking off the ground.

They live and nest in large colonies of birds. The seagulls, especially the larger species, are very intelligent and resourceful birds.

They are also very curious. Seagulls have a very developed social structure and methods of communication.

They are even known to demonstrate mobbing behavior. They can attack or harass potential predators or intruders.

Some species of seagulls use various tools to achieve what they desire. For example, they use bread crumbs to catch fish.

Many species steal food from other species. They are known to prey on live whales, pecking out pieces of their flesh.

They are very adaptable birds and eat almost anything, like fish and other marine animals, insects, rodents, worms, eggs, reptiles, seeds and fruits, human litter, and sometimes other birds.

They use different methods to forage their prey. They catch it in the air, in the water or searching the ground.

These birds are very intelligent and are even observed dropping clam and mussel shells onto hard surfaces, to break them.

Seagulls are monogamous birds. They usually stay in pairs for life, and pairs seldom separate. They are also attached to places and they usually return to the same colonies after once breeding there.

Seagull colonies can consist of few pairs to hundred thousand pairs.

Seagulls are territorial birds, and they defend their territory, which is usually in a radius of 5 meters around their nest. They defend their territory using aerial attacks and calls.

Pairs build their nests together. They both gather the necessary material. They are caring parents, both incubating the eggs and feeding the chicks after they are hatched.

Seagull females form bond with other females, to obtain care for their offspring when they are not able to care for them (called: allomothering or allo-parental care).


What does the Seagull Symbolize?

The seagull spirit animal symbolize communication, adaptation, freedom, attitude, friendship, cunning, joy, movement, opportunism, opportunities, messengers, perseverance, resourcefulness, untidiness, perspective, responsibility, respect, survival, stamina, endurance, etc.

The Meanings of Seagull as a Spirit Animal

The Seagull as a spirit animal can have many different meanings.

Here are some of them:

Respect. Seagulls are scavengers but they don’t usually fight for food. They respect their fellow birds the right to eat the food they found without fighting to steal it from them. This totem animal teaches you the gift of respecting others and their rights.

Only by respecting others, you might get the same in return and have mutually rewarding relationships, based on trust.

Untidiness. Seagulls are scavengers. They are not disgusted by garbage and refutes, instead, they sometimes use them to build their nest. If a seagull is your totem animal, you might have the traits of messiness and untidiness. Maybe you don’t feel discomfort with the mess which surrounds you, but the people around you might have difficulties accepting it.

You should have that in mind and work on changing some of your cleaning habits and routines.

Survival and endurance. Seagulls can survive in almost impossible conditions. They can also starve for long periods. As your spirit animal, the seagull is teaching you about the gift of surviving in any circumstance. It reminds you that you have the ability to endure and overcome whatever obstacle you might be facing.

You only have to believe in yourself.

Resourcefulness and adaptability. Seagulls are very adaptable birds. They are able to find food and shelter in any conditions. They constantly move to places where there are more resources. This bird as your spirit animal, teaches you to adapt to any circumstances and to make the most of them.

It also teaches you to go after better resources if you are not satisfied with the ones you have.

Opportunity. The seagull is a bird which doesn’t miss any opportunity to get what it wants, whether it is food, shelter, etc. As your spirit animal, this bird is teaching you about the importance of seizing all the opportunities you can.

It teaches you to be alert and seek opportunities and not to miss any of them because you can never know which one has the best potential for your success.

Freedom. Seagulls are symbols for freedom. This bird teaches you about the importance of freedom and independence. You should let go of any worries and just enjoy the fact you are alive and free.

Friendship and community. The seagull as your spirit animal reminds you of the importance of friendship and having close ties with your community. It teaches you to respect your friends and people who surround you, as well as their help and support.

Responsibility. This spirit animal is reminding you about the need to be responsible and to fulfill the responsibilities you have accepted.

Selfishness and mischievousness. Seagulls can be considered a bit selfish and mischievous, and that can be your traits as well, if you have a seagull as your totem animal. If that is the case, this bird is teaching you to pay attention to your behavior and start behaving properly towards others.

Openness and talking. These birds have different vocalizations to communicate with each other. If this is your totem animal, you are probably very talkative and don’t have a problem to tell your opinion to others. In some cases, this bird as your totem animal teaches you about the need to be more open and not to be afraid to tell others what you feel or think.

A seagull also gives you the gift of using nonverbal communication and understanding and communicating with others, using gestures and body language, instead of words.

Seagull as Your Totem Animal

If you have a seagull as your totem animal, you are probably a person who grabs an opportunity when it sees it. You probably know how to turn a disaster into your advantage.

With a seagull as your totem, you are most likely very adaptable and creative. You manage to do things with limited resources.

You are most likely a sociable person, who enjoys the company of friends and acquaintances. You also know how to maintain your space and position in large groups of people and various social situations.

With a seagull as your totem, you are probably fearless and you are not afraid to confront anyone if you think you are right or something should be done differently.

Most likely, you are very intelligent and original, and you crave for new things and challenges. You are constantly moving your boundaries and setting yourself different and higher goals.

You respect people who deserve your respect, and your respect must be honestly earned.

What if the Seagull Appears in Your Life?

If a seagull appears in your life, maybe it’s averting your attention to something. You might have what it takes to overcome some difficult situation you are in; you just need to become aware of that.

Become aware of your hidden abilities and use them. That might be the message the seagull is bringing with its appearance.

Sometimes a seagull is a reminder to get rid of things and people.

If something bad or unpleasant is currently happening in your life, a seagull appearing in your life can be a reminder that everything is happening for a reason, and you need to find the reason and the lessons behind the things you are currently experiencing.

If a seagull comes to your life, maybe it’s averting your attention to some opportunities.

You should be alert and watchful because many opportunities for progress and achieving your goals come in hidden or wrapped up forms.

You can find chances in unlikely places and that’s the message the seagull might be trying to convey to you.

So if you are currently at a standstill for some reason, look around you, maybe there’s an opportunity for that to change and it’s right in front of you.

The seagull is asking you to remain calm and have faith that things will work out in your favor.

This bird can also be a message from spirit to let go of emotions which don’t serve you and stop worrying.

When to call on Seagull?

You should call on seagull as your spirit animal when:

  • You want to be more open and speak the truth.
  • You need and desire to be more responsible.
  • You want to become a tidier person and change your cleaning habits.
  • You want to make a better use of your opportunities or make the most of your opportunities.

Dreams about Seagull – Interpretation and Meaning

If you had a dream about a seagull, such dream might represent your satisfaction with how you handled some difficult situation in your life.

Maybe the seagull’s appearance in your dream represents your desire to remove yourself from a difficult situation or challenges you are currently facing.

If the seagull was in the air, flying, your dream might signify seeing some things more clearly and discovering new ways to resolve some situation.

If the seagull was hovering around, this dream usually represents your strength and power.

It confirms your ability to confront and overcome every obstacle coming your way.

Dead seagulls are not a good sign, and usually indicate feeling separated from your loved ones.

If the seagull in your dream was carrying something in its bill, this dream might be a message about wasting your skills and potential.

In some cases, a seagull symbolizes the process of emotional healing you are currently undergoing in your life.