Scorpio Man and Virgo Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Scorpio man and Virgo woman can understand each other well. They can fulfill the needs of their partner, providing a harmonious relationship. Yet, the Scorpio man is way more passionate than the Virgo woman.

She will get on his nerves with her constant critiques. She will somehow kill the initial vibe of the relationship. Many things will depend on the Scorpio man here, so it is up to him to decide whether this relationship is about to last or not.

Scorpio Man

Scorpio man has a magical personality. This zodiac sign wears charm and mystery within, attracting the opposite sex even more. We won’t talk much about his physical appearance, as we all know that the Scorpio man looks incredibly well. His strongest weapon is in his eyes. Those eyes can paralyze you, fascinate you, makes your knees tremble. Be careful when you are around this guy, as he is a real threat to your emotions, in a positive context.

Everybody knows that the Scorpio man is a good friend. He is not the type to gossip or to engage in some tricks. If you have this man for a friend, expect almost unconditional support. The only thing the Scorpio man asks is loyalty. He just has to see that you are a true friend. Once you prove this to him, this man will stand by your side no matter what is happening, the good or the bad.

Hardly anyone can realize the Scorpio man. Getting to know him will take a lot of time. At first, you would think he is egoistic and arrogant. However, you will see the image he wants you to see. This man is trying his best to give off an impression of someone who doesn’t have emotions.

Yet, people who are close to him know that he is social, fun, interesting, and adventurous person. When you get in contact with the Scorpio man, you will see how pleasant this guy is to talk to. He might be deeply unsatisfied, but you will never tell. Scorpio man is fighting his own demons, but this is the battle only he knows about. Scorpio man is extremely generous and noble. Yet, he is aware that people can misuse his good sides, so it is better to stay a bit distant.

Don’t even try to approach the Scorpio man with lies, false compliments, or forced flattering. This is the man who will see your intentions even before you two start talking. His intuition is unmistakable. He will evaluate your personality in a blink of an eye. Only fair and honest persons are welcome in his company. For those who want to cause fate, be aware of the venom the Scorpio man carries within. If you hurt him, the Scorpio man will prepare a slow but hurtful revenge.

Just like with any other relationship, the Scorpio man expects his woman to be faithful to the bone. In return, he will open up and show her all the hidden emotions she couldn’t see before. You would be surprised how caring and romantic the Scorpio man can be. He is not the type to seek sexual adventures, as he is much deeper than he looks like. Physically attractive women are his passion, but personality is what will keep him by her side.

Virgo Woman

Virgo woman is, we can say, one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac. People say that she pays too much attention to details, that the tidiness is her obsession and that she is unemotional.

Some aspects of these things people say of her are somehow true, but the Virgo woman is much more than this. She is someone who wants to act right, so she listens to her mind and ratio much more than she listens to her heart.

You see, there is a lot of emotion within the Virgo woman, but as she suppresses them often, in time she learns how to completely ignore them. Yet, it is not impossible to wake up a real emotional volcano within the Virgo woman.

Virgo woman is the Earth sign, meaning that her life approach is methodical and grounded. She is also conservative and avoids contact with new things. This woman will rather stick to the old patterns, which are familiar and secure. She likes to get everything organized. Yet, as her carrier is the most important thing in her younger years, she might live in a chaos, focusing on her job only.

Virgo woman is afraid that she would miss some detail which can affect her whole success until then. When she is emotionally empty, this woman might get in a phase of being too concerned about unimportant matters.

Virgo woman doesn’t tend to have many friends, but those who are close to her know that her advice is priceless. We can be witnesses of how her enhanced need to pay attention to every detail can actually be a great help. If you tell her about your problem, the Virgo woman will suck every detail like a sponge. The thing is, the key is very often in those details we wouldn’t ever pay attention to. Once you two really connect, the Virgo woman will do her best to nurture your friendship.

Virgo woman is deeply emotional. However, deep inside she fears that she is never good enough, or that she is not worth someone’s love and attention. That is why she runs away from love, trample herself with too much work. She is a woman who seeks true love, a stable and complete connection between two grown-up persons. You will barely ever hear her say “I love you”, but her actions will say much more. When the Virgo woman is in love her all body and soul trembles of that immense happiness.

She wants to feel that she is important to someone. Virgo woman knows that passable adventures won’t even bring her true fulfillment. That is why she has only a few partners through life. She will be a patient and understanding partner, but you have to go slow and steady with this lady.


Love and Marriage

Scorpio man is the Water sign, while the Virgo woman is the Earth sign. One thing is sure – they can work out well. Scorpio man is focused on gaining his goals, while the Virgo woman is all about a carrier. Yet, once they meet, each of them will ease up the other things in life, making more space for his/her partner. There is no way the Virgo woman would quit her job and start acting like a housewife, but the Scorpio man will surely see the other side of the Virgo man once they hook up.

Scorpio man is interested in women who are mysterious, a bit closed up and shy. Virgo woman is definitely not a type who will wear provocative clothes, or try to be in the center of attention. She doesn’t want to be like other women, craving for men’s attention. She will patiently wait for a partner who will see her real values, not the physical appearance. Yet, she will always look tidy, fresh, her hair will always be clean, her skin is soft and her smile is bright.

Combination of the Virgo woman’s appearance her behavior will intrigue the Scorpio man. He is used to a bit aggressive and provocative women, while this lady will play it cool. This is something that can spark the fire within the Scorpio man, as he would see the Virgo woman as a challenge.

Virgo man, on the other side, will be fascinated with the Scorpio man the moment she sees him. Although she wouldn’t show it, her heart will start pounding, and her stomach will be full of butterflies. Only if you look deep in her eyes, you would see how confused she feels. When the Scorpio man approaches her, the Virgo woman would be very honored, as she will know that he recognized that special energy within her, apart from many superficial men.

Yet, there are some differences between the nature of those two people. Scorpio man has strong energy and is active and dynamic. Virgo woman is more calm and quiet. This will affect the Scorpio man, as he would want to receive some more intense reaction. Virgo man should relax a bit and enjoy this romance. It is true that her conservative attitudes can fetter her, but if she wants to stay with the Scorpio man, she has to become more open.

When it comes to intimacy, the Scorpio man’s desire can definitely burn the Virgo woman. She is more gentle and sensible. Her approach to intimacy is romantic, so the Scorpio man would have to mollify his passions.


Virgo woman has a perceptive mind. She will notice everything, which will be something new to the Scorpio man. If they are friends, the Virgo woman will advise him well on which things he should pay attention. Once he does, it would be more than clear that the Virgo woman had right.

This will be more than a strong sign for the Scorpio man that he can trust this woman. On the other side, as he has great intuition, he can help her the same way. Scorpio man and the Virgo woman will be more than supportive of each other, making a friendship that will last.

Virgo woman nags a bit more than the Scorpio man can endure, as he won’t change for anyone. He would answer her in a rude and harsh way, which is something the Virgo woman wouldn’t expect.

Yet, she has to be aware that criticizing the Scorpio man is not recommendable, as he can respond in an unpleasant way.

Interesting Facts

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are a stable and lasting Scorpio man and the Virgo woman couple.

They have been married for a couple of years now. Teenagers all over the world dream of having a marriage like this, as you simply can’t ignore the fact that these two celebrities truly love each other.


As every relationship has ups and downs, each one of them has a possibility to grow if you two cooperate. Mutual trust will make the Scorpio man and the Virgo woman stand still and wait for the time when their relationship will grow.

Until then, she has to ease up her conservative attitudes, while he should accept her critiques, as they are good-natured.