Scorpio Man and Taurus Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Scorpio man and Taurus woman are compatible when it comes to relationships. The Water and the Earth signs can form a solid base.

However, the Taurus woman might be the one who will keep things going. This is not a fatal type of love or magnetic attraction relationship. As the Scorpio man and the Taurus woman both strive for a stable and honest relationship, this is something they can offer each other. Yet, this couple won’t have a love story they dreamed of before. This relationship will be a safe harbor for both of them, but things pretty much end here.

Scorpio man

Scorpio man likes to stand out from the crowd. In most of the cases, he doesn’t have to even try. It is just enough that he is present to an event or celebration and, somehow, all the eyes will be on him. Scorpio man enjoys being in this position. People honor him deeply and appreciate his numerous qualities. This man wants to know everything and to be everything. That is how the Scorpio man makes new contacts.

You don’t have many options with the Scorpio man – you will adore him or loathe him. He is aware that there are people from the other group, but he is completely okay with that. Scorpio man likes when he gets reverse information. The worst scenario for this man is to leave someone indifferent.

He lives by that rule also. Scorpio man is 100% with you, or he isn’t. You will always know if you can count on him. This guy is never too faced, but he can be manipulative. What you can expect from him is the truth and the ugly truth. He doesn’t pick words when there is something important that he has to tell.

Scorpio man has no tact with the emotions of the people close to him in some situations, as he believes you should be strong enough to bear everything. This guy will never say that you look perfect in an old-fashioned dress, or that you look gorgeous when you wear something two sizes bigger.

Physical attractiveness is in the first place when the Scorpio man thinks about women. He has to be very moved and shaken by the way this woman looks like. He is extremely sexual and knows how to recognize that feature in other persons. Yet, his standards are much higher than the pure physical appearance. He likes women with ambition, powerful women, who know what they want and expect from life, adventurous, a bit mysterious.

Scorpio man likes to flirt – totally predictable. Yet, women fall for his charm and energy in the blink of an eye. You might think that he just searches for pleasures and fun time, but the Scorpio man wants a serious relationship. This man is not cold-hearted, as many people think. He is just trying to hide his weak side, as it is in complete contrast with the image he usually leaves on people.

When the Scorpio man takes off his mask, you will see how sensitive and kind-hearted he really is. He will care for you and your emotions. Scorpio man is possessive in some way and expects loyalty from his partner. This man is a unique mix of power, emotions, and passions.

Taurus Woman

As the Taurus woman is the first representative of women in the Earth group, she is the most stable, grounded and realistic lady among the sings. She keeps her eyes wide open and listens carefully. Taurus woman is not a dreamer, as she doesn’t have a need to run away from reality. She is interested in facts only. If you try to tell her fairytales and feed her with illusions, the Taurus woman will soon see through your intentions.

Taurus woman is one of the best friends you will ever have. Yet, to be on these terms with this woman, you have to give what you want to get. She remembers everything, to the tiniest detail, both good and the bad. This woman will stay calm and quiet even when she is hurt. Taurus woman is not explosive and likes to wait a little bit until her anger slashes. Yet, her emotions are strong, so be well prepared for her reaction either way.

Sign of the Taurus is probably most known for its stubbornness. Among all zodiac signs, this one can be headstrong as no one. This woman will stick to her attitude and there is no way to expect that she will admit she is wrong. Even when she sees that she is going the right direction, she will just continue. It is better not to enter an argument with her, as this woman will drive you crazy with her consistency.

Another feature of the Taurus woman is love for comfort. She wants to make everything comfy and enjoyable. Taurus woman won’t mind living in a luxurious villa with a pool. She can have long periods of laziness when she would only stay home, eat, sleep, and watch TV shows. Food is her great passion. Taurus woman cooks great and will make you delicious meals. Yet, she won’t mind having a cook only for herself who will make her favorite desserts.

Love is one of the Taurus woman’s ideals. She sees love as the ultimate destination of pleasure and tenderness. Love is not equal to passions, romance, turbulence, or drama. As someone who has materialistic views, this woman will first notice a man’s appearance. He has to be tall, handsome, and never skinny.

Taurus woman will need time to decide whether she wants to be with you or not. This might sometimes take too long, so she stays single even when she has strong emotions for someone. It would be much better to change this aspect of her personality, but she is too stubborn. Yet, a man who would be patient enough to wait for her to say that “yes” will have one exceptional woman by his side. Taurus woman is naturally predestined to be a woman for marriage.

She likes the home atmosphere. Taurus woman will give you love and support. Just imagine your wife smiling at you at the door, while kids are waiting for you at the beautifully decorated table. You would see this image every day if you marry the Taurus woman.


Love and Marriage

Scorpio man is a type of a strong and confident man the Taurus woman needs. She is, on the other side, drama-free and calm, which pleases the Scorpio man. Deep down this man has some inner conflicts he doesn’t want to show. That is why a woman with a fiery temper or aggressive type is not compatible with the Scorpio man. This man and the Taurus woman might give each other a stable relationship, in which one none of them has to question the loyalty of the other partner.

Scorpio man and the Taurus woman are fixed signs, which may produce tension. It is true that the Taurus woman is endlessly stubborn, but the Scorpio man can compete with her in this aspect. As none of them would be willing to adapt to the other person, this couple may get to a phase when they are together but miles apart.

Scorpio man is lead by intuition, while the Taurus woman is more practical. In this sense, the Scorpio man is more passionate about life and more driven by the emotions.

Although the Taurus woman seems calm on the surface, she is not that innocent if you have a closer look. It is just, this woman knows how to control her emotions and calculate everything before she acts. Scorpio man is a type who sometimes does things without much thinking.

If he feels something is right, he will do it. Taurus woman won’t be able to follow him in this way, which is a big turn off for the Scorpio man. He would even try to manipulate her, but the Taurus woman will skillfully escape it.

Their stubbornness and devotion can turn into a common fight for their future together. If the Scorpio man and the Taurus woman join their forces and energies into a direction of unity and love, their bad sides can produce something good.


Scorpio man and the Taurus woman have many similarities. Their approach to life can bond them together. Power is the Scorpio man’s ideal, while the Taurus woman wants wealth.

These two values can be well combined, especially if these two work together. If they are focused enough, there is nothing that can stop on their way. That is how powerful and fierce this friendship can get.

Scorpio man is more social than the Taurus woman, who is more faced towards herself. He will be the one who will work more in the way of maintaining the friendship. Scorpio man appreciates the Taurus woman’s pragmatic mind, while she will admire how snappy and clever he can be.

However, the Scorpio man can be a bit sensitive. While the Taurus woman goes her way without thinking about the others, the Scorpio man may prepare a revenge. He would feel betrayed once he realizes that the Taurus woman doesn’t care of him as much as he does. However, they can be good friends if they both learn to balance and keep the passions low.

Interesting Facts

Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz once had a romance. They were a really sweet couple, but they weren’t meant to last. When these two were in a bar in Mexico, Brazilian model walked in and Matthew fell in love with her at first sight. Taurus woman, Penelope, was just too calm and timid for his standards, while the Brazilian fire affected him instantly.


Scorpio man and the Taurus woman can achieve one peaceful and solid relationship. As they both strive for stability, that is exactly what they can offer each other.

However, the Scorpio man will realize that he needs a bit more excitement and spontaneity, which is not something the Taurus woman can give. If they work together on differences and barriers, this couple can get to a marriage, but it won’t ever achieve a great level of romance and passion.