Scorpio Man and Sagittarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Believe us when we say that a relationship between a Scorpio man and a Sagittarius woman will be very exciting and interesting. Sagittarius woman wears that kind of energy that moves people and motivates them to make some change in life. Scorpio man is focused on his goals but is sometimes too serious. Sagittarius woman will bring a new light into his life, making him more cheerful.

On the other side, he will show her that life is not only about having fun and will make her more responsible. If this relationship keeps on being full of surprises and positive energy, the Sagittarius woman would have all the reasons to stay, while it would suit the Scorpio man, too.

Scorpio Man

Scorpio man is one of the most attractive men among the zodiac signs. We can say that he has a dose of fatality within. Only one look of the Scorpio man is enough to make you hypnotized. He is also well-shaped and cares about his appearance. As this sign of Scorpio is famous for some unexplainable darkness, a favorite color of the Scorpio man is black, or navy blue, gray, every murky color.

This man will always tell you and show you on which terms do you stand, or he would make you believe what he wants you to. Scorpio man has manipulative powers but doesn’t use them too often. And when he does, it won’t do you any harm. This man tries to do the right thing and his consciousness wouldn’t let him sleep if he does something bad.

However, if you do some harm to the Scorpio bad, he will prepare a revenge for you just around the corner. Scorpio is the most revengeful sign of the zodiac. The taste of his revenge is venomous. Scorpio man has great control over his emotions. Maybe you wouldn’t think that he knows what you did, but as the Scorpio man has the patience, he would wait for the right opportunity.

It is true that the Scorpio man wants to be a leader, but not at every price. He wants to get to a position where he can control the whole situation, but for the greater good, not because of his selfish reasons. Scorpio man has its dignity and his principles in life. When it is needed, this man will do whatever it takes to protect his family or friends.

This man is a careerist and his goal is to be wealthy. If the Scorpio man isn’t rich, he won’t be content either. However, this doesn’t make him obsessed with money and position. This man values many other things more but wants to make a leisure life for his family and him.

Scorpio man is aware that he gets what he wants without much effort. He appreciates beautiful women, but it is better to make him wait if you want to keep him really interested. Scorpio man is intriguing himself, so it would be great to put a challenge in front of him. Once he falls in love, he cares a lot and tries to understand his partner. Scorpio man will protect you from the other men, but you have to act cool towards them too. As he can get jealous easily, it is better not to provoke any tensions. Passionate Scorpio man will impress you when it comes to intimacy.

Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius woman is the most optimistic woman you will ever meet. She shines out with positive energy, her smile and laugh are extremely catching. People appreciate the Sagittarius woman as someone who is a great friend, but her partners know how great as a partner she can be, too. She is drama-free, avoids the tensions, and knows how to make your day.

This woman is pretty direct. She would maybe say something unpleasant, but the Sagittarius woman’s charm will blend it out. At least you know where do you stand with her.
Sagittarius woman has many goals. Her optimistic energy motivates her to always go further and achieve big things. Her flaw is she can’t focus on one thing only. Once she is about to finish one job, she is already planning a new adventure.

Everybody loves a person who knows how to have a good time and a good laugh. Sagittarius woman is a cup of tea when we talk about this. She is such a good friend. This woman will make you laugh when there is no one who would. She will support you through your life struggles, motivating you to hold out. Maybe she won’t always give you the best advice, but one thing is sure – she will put a smile on your face even in the toughest situations.

Sagittarius woman is always good looking. She loves sports and you will see her do volleyball, basketball, swimming. This hyperactive woman has a great body and she is tight and strong. It is also very important that she has many activities. Sagittarius woman’s ruler, Jupiter, makes her lose control sometimes. Still, she would have everything under control, except her food intake. In order not to get chubby, the Sagittarius woman has to be hyperactive.

Sagittarius woman will initially attract your attention with her smile and positive aura. Then you will notice how nice face and body she has. Sagittarius woman has both mental and physical qualities. She is also modest and decent. Even when life puts obstacles in front of her, she will find a way to overcome them. Sagittarius woman knows how to perfectly balance her need for independence and getting close to someone. She likes to be in love, but it takes a lot to relax completely. Her partner should show her in some way that he is okay with her attitudes.

When the Sagittarius woman gets angry, she reacts impulsively. She will throw everything around the house and slam the door, but it will last for a few minutes. Then the Sagittarius woman would calm down just like the tornado. What is great, she will apologize if she is wrong, as she is not stubborn and one-sided.

Vivid nature of the Sagittarius woman makes it hard to tie her down. She enters new relationships with a lot of positive energy, hoping that she finally found the one. Yet, don’t expect that you would make her want to marry you after a couple of months.

Love and Marriage

Scorpio man is instantly attracted to the positive Sagittarius woman. Her charisma is magnetic, just like the Scorpio man’s appearance. Not only that he would like her, but she will like him also.


It is not easy to see through the Scorpio man’s thoughts. He would act like a real gentleman and this will suit the Sagittarius woman, but she would want to know a bit more. She is interested in what is underneath the surface.

Scorpio man will open up little by little, as the Sagittarius woman would learn with time how to understand his words and actions the right way. Scorpio man would be impressed with this skill of his partner, making him trust her deeply.

Sagittarius woman would be truly loyal to her partner but would question his loyalty from the other side. Scorpio man seeks for a woman who won’t cheat, without thinking that he should respond the same way. Even if he would claim the opposite, the Sagittarius woman would see what the truth is.

Both of them appreciate freedom and some degree of independence in the relationship. The difference is – the Sagittarius woman would go out much more and hang out with her friends. Scorpio man is not antisocial, he has many contacts, but once he falls in love he thinks more of his partner. He would say that the Sagittarius woman is not serious about their relationship.

The great side of this woman is that she can turn almost everything to a cheeky side. Even when the Scorpio man tends to get nervous and criticize everybody around, the Sagittarius woman will soothe his anger and make him smile. Scorpio man is aware of his bad side and the darkness, which only the Sagittarius woman can erase.

Yet, the cheerful side of the Sagittarius woman makes her imprudent. This can affect her life badly in some situations. It is true that she is strong enough to resolve it with a smile, but the Scorpio man will show her how to avoid getting into trouble.

This couple spends great intimacy moments together. Scorpio man would be crazy about the Sagittarius woman’s tight body, while she would be pleased with his sensible skills and techniques.


Scorpio man requires loyalty, both in love and friendships. Sagittarius woman is a loyal friend, just like the Scorpio man is loyal too. These two will be always there for each other. Scorpio man will support the Sagittarius woman when she gets into trouble, while she will make him smile even when he is at his worst.

Sagittarius woman doesn’t stick to the rules and schedules all the time. It might happen that she forgets about an arranged meeting with the Scorpio man, which would make him angry at her. But, the second she appears in front of him and smile, he would forget why the hell was he angry in the first place.

Interesting Facts

Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson are among the most popular actors of our time. This Scorpio man and the Sagittarius woman were dating for a year. Surprisingly, then they got married.

This is not a common situation for the Sagittarius woman, who likes to wait a bit more to get fully committed. Probably that this was the reason for their separation was that she hadn’t been ready for marriage.


When people say that you shouldn’t rush into marriage, they are usually right. Scorpio man and the Sagittarius woman should get to know each other well before they get married. Her cheerful energy will affect him positively, making the romance joyful and active. Sagittarius woman needs constant excitement, so the Scorpio man should try not to tie her energy down.

On the other side, she should take things more seriously. That way, these two will achieve stability and longevity of their love.