Scorpio Man and Pisces Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Scorpio and Pisces are Water signs. That is why they form a strong mental and emotional connection. That connection of a Scorpio man and Pisces woman is so visible, that it draws the attention of everybody in the room.

Scorpio man can be a bit jealous and pushy, but the romantic Pisces woman would always have much understanding for him. She will balance things well. Scorpio man and the Pisces woman’s romance can last for a lifetime, as there are only a few things they should adjust to each other.

Scorpio Man

Things with the Scorpio man are black and white, there is no in between. You will like or totally dislike him, while he would answer the same way. His appearance and his energy are very ingenious, so there is no way anyone can be indifferent about this guy. Scorpio man is intriguing and mysterious. Even if you two know each other well, he would keep a part of himself in the dark.

However, don’t pay much attention to this, as the Scorpio man would be a great friend to you in each case. Be free to keep a part of yourself too, as the Scorpio man wouldn’t mind it. Still, he would analyze you so well that he would get a full image of your personality without even digging deeper.

Scorpio man is a great psychologist, and if he gives you his trust, that means he sees you as a confident person. This man will support you in everything you do, even in things he considers wrong.

Scorpio man is a friend whom you can wake up in the middle of the night and ask for a favor. Nevertheless, be careful here, as the Scorpio man’s attitude about trust is rigid. He expects you to be 100% truthful to him, or he will cut you off his life with no regrets. He can even despise someone whom he loved very much if that person betrays him. This man’s revenge is sore. If you are not ready to give all of yourself and be with the Scorpio man in every situation, maybe it is better to stay away.

There are two sides of the Scorpio man. It is up to you which one he will show. This man can be loyal, supportive, honest, reliable, and compassionate. On the other side, he can also be revengeful, aggressive, cruel, and unapproachable. However, people know him as a nice and pleasant person, as the Scorpio man is charismatic, and everybody loves his company. When you play with his emotions and time, you will see his dark side, but we recommend avoiding doing this.

Yes, the Scorpio man has strong emotions. Even if you wouldn’t say that at first, this is 100% true. Under the surface, this man hides a volcano of emotions.

However, he is careful and attentive, knowing how easy people can hurt him. When it comes to emotional connections with women, the Scorpio man takes time to get to know her. He is initially attracted to physical appearance, but it is important to have the inner and mental qualities to keep him by your side. Scorpio man is for long-term relationships and when he is emotionally attached, he would satisfy his partner in every possible way. Just be careful not to wake up his jealousy.

Pisces Woman

When you see the Pisces woman for the first time, she would seem like she came from another planet. She is dreamy, somehow lost, her eyes are sleepy, and her behavior is peaceful. That is why you would feel unexplainable stillness when you are beside her. Pisces woman can take you and show you her own world, but be careful not to get lost. She knows how to orientate well in her space, but those depths can draw you off. Living in reality is just not her thing, as she becomes depressed and misunderstood by the others. It is easier to put her pinky glasses on and fantasize about some faraway lands and people. When reality hits on the Pisces woman, she would have to wake up and confront the verity.

Pisces woman is a daughter of Neptune, the king of the sea. Her father gave her emotional depth. Pisces woman has a sensitive personality, but she has to learn how to be more resistant. This woman would like to think that everybody is good and that there is no evil in this world. As her emotions are so tenuous, the Pisces woman has to find a way to cope with the reality. Yet, this sensitive side of this woman is very sweet. Pisces woman is a good person, so be careful not to hurt her.

This woman doesn’t care much of herself, always giving others everything she has. She has to learn that people should respond in the same way, or she should cut them off from her life. Pisces woman knows well how to give, but when it comes to receiving, it looks like she is not familiar with this aspect. This lady should definitely appreciate herself more. Pisces woman cries a lot, it doesn’t matter if we talk about sad or happy situations. Emotions easily take over the Pisces woman.

Pisces woman rushes into love affairs. She would that that every new man she meets is the love of her life. This woman idealizes a lot, so a man who is close to her would seem like the best partner in the world. She would close her eyes in front of the things that are obviously wrong, in order to keep living her illusions.

She needs a man whose emotions are strong and down to earth. He would open her eyes a bit. This process would be a bit hurtful for the Pisces woman in the beginning, but it will have a positive outcome. If he pulls her through this tough time, the Pisces woman would break free and would be able to surrender to this love completely. She is a romantic and caring partner, with a passionate and sensual side.

Love and Marriage

Both the Scorpio man and the Pisces woman will go through an experimenting phase together. They are a bit strange to each other in the beginning, but very interesting at the same time. He would be fascinated by her goodness, while she would appreciate his strong and stable personality. Scorpio man is the right kind of person the Pisces woman needs. He would be a bit harsh with words sometimes, but this would be effective in her case. Scorpio man would wake up the Pisces woman, showing her that the reality isn’t that bad. Or, at least, he would do his best to make it pleasant for her.

Pisces woman is still a dreamer in her core. Scorpio man is sometimes too tense and needs to relax a little bit. His partner would open up new dimensions to him, and the Scorpio man would definitely enjoy these mental journeys.


As both of the partners are the Water signs, they carry depth in their souls. They would hide some aspects of their personality, but either of them would mind it. Who would understand each other better than the Water signs? On the other side, they both know how strong and intense emotions they have, and this is something that creates an unbreakable bond between the Scorpio man and the Pisces woman.

Scorpio man is a lot temperament than the Pisces woman. She has her powerful skills. Pisces woman would make the Scorpio man calm down whenever he gets upset. This woman carries stillness in her voice and appearance, which would suit the Scorpio man.
Intimacy aspect is greatly situated between the Scorpio man and the Pisces woman. They would make love to each other sensually, leading each other towards the immense pleasures.


Scorpio man and the Pisces woman understand each other and have the same interests in life. Although each one of them is secretive, it won’t make an issue in their friendship.

These two would feed each other mentally. Company of the Pisces woman pleases the Scorpio man, who can get easily bored of life, as he invests much energy in his job. Pisces woman knows how to relax him, and even enjoy this kind of relation they have.

Scorpio man’s rulers are Mars and Pluto. He has an aggressive behavior from time to time. Pisces woman wouldn’t support this side of the Scorpio man at first. Yet, he would teach her how to guard herself and how to build a strong attitude.

Pisces woman would expect a degree of her freedom, while the Scorpio man would be too protective towards her. However, he should let her fight for herself sometimes.

Interesting Facts

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes were together for about six years. It is interesting that they had much success in keeping the relationship as discreet as possible. This is so typical for the Water signs, the Scorpio man and the Pisces woman.

It is also unclear when the couple split up, but bravo for them for keeping things so private. They have two children.


Water signs are compatible when it comes to friendship and love. Scorpio man and the Pisces woman are pretty similar but have different characters. He is strong, a bit harsh, and realistic, while she is a dreamer of the zodiac.

Yet, their natures can complement each other exceptionally, making a room for some adjustments. Pisces woman is a mutable sign, so she would be the one to compromise more. These two will keep the relationship private, enjoying their time together at fullest. The endurance of their love depends on the will of both partners to adapt to each other a bit.