Scorpio Man and Libra Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Compatibility between Scorpio man and Libra woman is disputable. They would feel mutual attraction at first, but none of them is sure about how it is going to end. Is the attraction enough to keep the Scorpio man and the Libra woman together? Stubborn Scorpio man will come to a wall, as the Libra woman wouldn’t understand this harsh side of her partner. Ruled by the Venus, the Libra woman is sensitive and sensible, meaning that her nature is softer than the Scorpio man expects.

Additionally, this lady loves a spark of freedom when she is in a relationship, which will hard to understand from the Scorpio man’s perspective.

Scorpio Man

Scorpio man is somebody who always reaches his goals, one way, or another. This man has something military within. He is disciplined and expects the others to be, too. Scorpio man will even make the impossible become possible. If he has to give up some of his ideas, it would seem like he is indifferent, while the Scorpio man would be raging inside.

This man has a bit stern attitude, a great dose of gentility, endless charisma, and charm. There is no way to ignore his appearance. Once he set his eyes on you, he would know that you are already all his. Yet, the Scorpio man will appreciate more when you are somehow reserved. He likes to play, and it would be great that you are a bit of a player, too. Then you two will have exciting and lasting performance before getting to really know each other.

Scorpio man will psychoanalyze you the moment you start talking. It doesn’t matter if you are on friendly terms or about to start a romance, this guy just has to see where do you stand. He will use his strong intuition to see through your real intentions. As he has this great ability, the Scorpio man will act manipulative sometimes. He will realize what your biggest fears or weak sides are, and turn them into his benefit.

On the other side, the Scorpio man is extremely attentive, watching out his own back, as he is aware of the fact how people misuse the others to gain their goals. He is suspicious of everything he hears, as he believes things he sees with his eyes only.

Paradoxically, although the Scorpio man is sometimes manipulative, he gets angry if someone tries to manipulate him. He is capable of quitting any relationship, even with his best friend or a member of the family if they betray him. There is no way that the Scorpio man would forgive or forget this act of yours. What is more, he would want you to feel the same as he does, so the Scorpio man is up for a revenge.

However, it is hard to guess how the Scorpio man feels. You would always say that he is in a good mood. The truth is – this man will hide his emotions well, so people can’t see if he is hurt or angry or sad. Scorpio man wears a mask, and only a few people in his life get the chance to see his true emotions.

Scorpio man is careful when it comes to choosing a partner. He will not rush marriage, as he believes that love has to overcome many tests to prove its durability. This man will consider everything and won’t ever want to hurt your feelings. Yet, as he doesn’t want to make a mistake when it comes to starting something serious, the Scorpio man will say whatever is on his mind, so be prepared to take it calmly.

Libra Woman

Lovely Libra woman is gifted with the endless softness and charm. Venus, her ruler, is known as a feminine planet, who brings love and tenderness. Yet, the Libra woman is never shy. What is more, she is up for adventures. She believes that her gentle side doesn’t have to mean she is all closed up and distant.

Venus made that this lady is always looking for some fun, delight, and pleasure. She expresses a certain degree of freedom in everything she does. This doesn’t mean she is self-sufficient, but if you want her by your side, you better let her do some things her own way.

All her actions wear a dose of romance and smoothness. When you mix that sweetness of the Venus and her sense for adventure and action, you get a complete woman. It will be very hard not to fall in love with her.

Libra woman knows how to keep the things chill, as her natural striving are about finding balance, or reaching it. You will never get the chance to argue with her, as she will ignore you until both of you settle down. Once she is sure you two are calm, she will approach you and try to talk the issue over.

This lady has the constant need of a man in her life. She is always up for a serious relationship, but if there is no right candidate for something like that, the Libra woman will accept even someone she doesn’t like that much. It is hard to resist a man who offers you love and attention, no matter if you love him or not. This is a typical attitude of the Libra woman. Flirtatious nature of this lady will probably never vanish. This is something her partner has to cope with.

Yet, don’t underestimate the power of the Libra woman’s love. She can resist temptations and stay loyal to her friend. A flirt now and then can happen to anyone, so she won’t take this as an act of betrayal.

Libra woman has a dreamy side. She dreams of a perfect man and lover, but these dreams rarely become true. She will always find many positive characteristics in a man but will feel that something is missing.


On the other side, she has to be aware of her flaws and faults and then search for a partner who would suit her best.

Romance is important to the Libra woman. Yet, this romance has to be paired up with much passion in the bedroom. As she usually has plenty of experience, the Libra woman knows what her man likes even before they get intimate. Her ruler, Venus, gives her high sensibility and love for touches. Start off with a sensual kiss and a gentle touch of her knee, as this is the right approach to this woman.

Love and Marriage

Scorpio man is brave and passionate. It is impossible to ignore this handsome, intelligent, and intriguing man? Libra woman will be head over heels for him from the first moment they talk. He will seem like that special someone who she has been waiting for her whole life. He will give off an impression of a mature man, who stands solidly on the ground.

As we all know, the Libra woman seeks for a partner who with she can achieve harmony. Scorpio man will look like he is the one.

Libra woman’s emotions are sensitive. She expects people to be always around her, but when it doesn’t happen she gets sad. Scorpio man is not that type. He would stand with her forever. This man is someone you can rely on and trust him.

Yet, after some time, she would see that this behavior of the Scorpio man can turn into a possessiveness. This will irritate the Libra woman, as she requires some freedom on her own. That is a contradictory part of this woman’s personality. She would want some who is around but wants to be free-spirited, too. This will confuse the Scorpio man.

Scorpio man will adore Libra woman’s feminine and gentle side. He would want to protect her with his arms and his heart. Libra is one of the prettiest women among the zodiac signs, and that is the second standards the Scorpio man has. Further, as this lady is drama-free, it would suit him also. He has a fiery temper, but as the Libra woman avoids conflicts, this side of his personality will be well balanced.

Things in the bedroom are also great, as the Libra woman’s desire is completely compatible with the desire of the Scorpio man. They will be pleased and satisfied in this intimate relation.


Scorpio man wants to be dominant. He is not someone who doesn’t know how to work in a team, but leading position is something he likes the most. Libra woman doesn’t have that drive. She is more into working in pairs or groups. That is why this friendship has potential. Scorpio man will take the most responsibilities on himself, while the Libra man will follow. Any place he suggests, they will go. Libra is flexible and doesn’t care about details.

Yet, the Scorpio man knows how to manipulate people, which is a big flaw from the Libra woman’s perspective. She would require fair and honest relation. When the Scorpio man understands she is not that naïve, he would retreat.

Interesting Facts

Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Steffani had 14 years love affair. These two celebrities seemed to get along very well, but the things weren’t that great. After 13 years of marriage, this Scorpio man cheated on his wife with a nanny of their kids. Libra woman – Gwen Stefani, took this kick pretty hard but was forced to move on.

Even though the Scorpio man and the Libra woman has some potential to be together, it also depends on the outer factors. Seems like this Scorpio man couldn’t resist the temptation.


Scorpio man and the Libra woman make a lightsome couple. He is the leader in this relationship, while the Libra woman follows. They will appreciate and respect each other, but something might be missing.

Scorpio man would be afraid of the Libra woman’s crave for some degree of freedom that he can come to a thought she is cheating on him. This can turn the whole flow of the relationship in a wrong direction. Deep understanding is the key to saving this relationship.