Scorpio Man and Leo Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

When it comes to these two really intense and driving personalities, you can already guess what is around the corner. Scorpio man and Leo woman have many differences, but those won’t be enough to stop the flow of the enormous attractiveness that will occur when these two meet.

Additionally, this couple shares the same goals and aspirations in life, which is a bond that can keep them together. Scorpio man and the Leo woman would want to be dominant, but it is hard to agree which one takes the lead. Yet, this combination can work well, especially if we have in mind that the Leo woman is very kind-hearted.

Scorpio Man

If you have in mind that the rulers of the Scorpio man are Pluto and Mars, it is pretty clear what kind of energy this man carries within. Scorpio man has an endless power, both physically and mentally. His exceptional potency makes this man capable of doing anything he wants. He is dominant in every aspect, and if he isn’t he is building his way to it.

Stars gave the Water signs the accentuated intuition. Scorpio man can predict situations well. If you are trying to lie to him, he will show you that he is reading you like a book. There is almost no way that you can trick this man. Even if he believes you at that moment, it doesn’t mean he won’t see into things you say more, once he has time. Maybe you would have to wait for some of the Scorpio man’s reactions, but believe us when we say – sooner or later it might crush on you.

If there is something this sign is most famous for, then that is his need to take revenge on people who hurt or betrayed him. This is something you don’t want to feel on your skin, so it is better to stay completely honest with the Scorpio man.

Yet, don’t underestimate how this man can be loyal as a friend or a partner. Scorpio man is very sympathetic and he would feel anything that you are coming through. He is also very affable. Having the Scorpio man as a friend means that he will be by your side no matter what is happening. However, he will not be your support only, but he will think about the ways how to help you get out if an unpleasant situation. This man can be your real friend, but you have to make sure that you can give to him at least half of that what he is offering you.

Scorpio man likes to take challenges. If there is none, he would invent something. That is the thing with women. This man adores women who are not easy. He wants to go after her, to try, to spend many sleepless nights thinking about how to seduce you. He is used to getting things whenever he wants, but even the Scorpio man thinks that this isn’t the point of life.

This man is definitely someone worth fighting for. You just have to play your cards right. Keep him interested by being a bit mysterious, but pretending that you are naïve. Scorpio man looks like someone who is completely emotionless, but once he realizes you are not just a passable adventure, but someone who is 100% with him, you will get to see a soft side of this man. You will be surprised. Let the Scorpio man show you all his qualities and manners. When it comes to the intimacy part, that is an aspect where he dominates.

Leo Woman

Leo woman is always in the spotlight. People gather around this queen of the zodiac, as she always has some performance. Whether we talk about the way she talks, acts, or dances, the Leo woman draws attention. No matter what is happening around, people would always stare at this woman. Noticing all of this, the Leo woman is aware that she can have whatever she wants. She uses it without regrets, always enjoying life and what it has to offer.

You would get the impression that the Leo woman is an entertainer. And she surely is! This woman will make everybody in her company laugh or cry, depending on what she wants to. In each case, the Leo woman has something in her mind. She wants to move you, to leave a strong impression. Some kind of positive drama is always around the Leo woman.

It is true that she is showing off sometimes, but sometimes she does thing subconsciously, as making a show is the part of her personality. Even the way she dresses is attractive and interesting to everybody. Is there a need to mention that the Leo woman is a fantasy of almost every man?

Leo woman has a big and strong ego. She likes to receive many compliments in a day. That is why she puts effort and time in her appearance. She would go to a grocery store like she is ready for a Paris fashion week. Be careful with what you say to this lady, as she will remember it well. Be kind to the Leo woman. She has a big heart and warm personality. The Sun, the ruler of the Leo woman, makes her nature pleasant, as the spring Sun. However, it can burn you just like the Sun does in the middle of July.

Even though the Leo woman is aware that she can have any man she wants, she still misses something. This woman wants to be seduced by a man, but that man should let her take the lead. Leo woman doesn’t want to pick some guy from the crowd. She wants him to come and pick her. That is the contrast within the Leo woman – she wants a man who will be in charge in the beginning, while she would take over after a while.

This woman is passionate and her senses are extremely alive. Leo woman likes touches and would experiment with your reactions. When it comes to intimacy, this lady tends to improve with the years, as she believes technique is an important part of this act. She would do this for herself in the first place, but for her partner also.

Love and Marriage

Scorpio man and the Leo woman have the potential to achieve really fulfilling relationships. This couple would spend many joyful moments together, experiencing love like never before. However, the stars put some tough obstacles for these two. If they want to stay together, both of them would have to invest a lot of effort. A relationship between the Scorpio man and the Leo woman will be either the best or the worst love experience they ever had.

They are aware of each other’s stubbornness. Depending on how they canalize this characteristic, they will produce tension or harmony. If both of them are selfish and don’t vary from their attitudes, this will bring up many arguments and negative energy in the relationship. On the other side, this stubbornness can be extremely productive if they know how to use it the right way.


They can use this characteristic to strengthen the relationship and fight against everything that endangers them as a couple. These flaws of them both don’t have to stop their ways, but it can take the relationship on the next level.

On the other side, one more similarity between the Scorpio man and the Leo woman is their competitiveness. They belong to the signs who like and enjoy competition. Sometimes they do this just for fun, but there is always a secret desire to win it all. That is the thing with this relationship – both of the partners will fight on their own, just to prove to themselves how strong and independent they are. Same as with the stubbornness, the Scorpio man and the Leo woman can use this as an impulse. Competitiveness can stimulate them to be better versions of themselves each they but as a couple.

When we talk about trust, this couple is an example of two people who can completely trust each other. Leo woman’s openness and honesty will be just enough for the Scorpio man to realize that the Leo woman is the one he was waiting for. This man appreciates loyalty over everything, and the Leo woman won’t have the need to hurt his emotions. Both of them will be turned to each other only, making some space for eventual agreements and compromises.

Even if there is a problem, the Scorpio man and the Leo woman will solve it in the bedroom. It is absolutely true that these two are a perfect match when it comes to intimacy. It will be one more reason to fight for their love, as this kind of compatibility in the bedroom is pretty hard to find.


Scorpio man and the Leo woman love spending quality time together. As friends, these two will put up with many challenges. Whatever they think of, they can achieve it. Devotion and focus the Scorpio man and the Leo woman have is exceptional.

They will go on adventures together, always striving for new excitements. When they work a lot, they can get into a routine. That is why they will motivate each other a lot, maintaining focus and support for each other.

There will be a time when the Scorpio man will get into a slight moody phase, criticizing everybody around. Leo woman is not a vengeful person and she will try to understand his behavior.

Once the Scorpio man realizes the real warm nature of the Leo woman, he will regret all those harsh words and will try to make up for it.

Interesting Facts

Bill and Melinda Gates are one of the most powerful couples nowadays. They met at work, but chemistry grew up with time. These two were gradually building their world of business. This Scorpio man and his Leo woman are billionaires, and it looks like their empire won’t ever disappear. It will only grow even more, just as the connection between them as partners.


Stars gifted the Scorpio man and the Leo woman with a huge power potential. Once you combine these two personalities, there is almost no chance that they will achieve great things.

On the business plan, the Scorpio man and the Leo woman work exceptionally well. In order to be more compatible when we talk about love, they should turn their flaws into driving force. We are sure they will become unstoppable if they overcome the initial crisis.