Scorpio Man and Gemini Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Scorpio man and Gemini woman make an interesting match. Their energies are strong, so both of them will try to subordinate the other side. This is not a relationship full of tensions, but more challenges.

That is exactly what will keep them interested, as the Scorpio man and the Gemini woman need constant excitements. A mix of the Scorpio man’s intense nature and the Gemini woman’s optimism and openness can breed a strong bond and lasting romance between those two.

Scorpio Man

If you have a pick on the Scorpio man, you must be aware that there is a tough task in front of you. This man expects much more than the attractive physical appearance. It is true that he is instantly drawn to a beautiful, seductive woman, but if she has shallow personality and low energy, the Scorpio man will lose interest. This man is everything but superficial, so be patient in order to get to know him well. There is much more underneath the surface.

Scorpio man is a successful man. Whatever he does, he does it exceptionally well. He is aware of his abilities, persistence, and intelligence. This gives him the power to always pick only what he likes in life. Scorpio man wants to enjoy and make space for pleasure in his life. Be careful with this guy. He looks strict and severe sometimes, and when you see him in this mood, it is better to stay away.

Scorpio man pays attention to important things in life. He saves his energy for the questions that matter. This man doesn’t have the need to play games with your time and emotions. If he wants to make space in his life for you, he will. If he doesn’t, he will say it out loud, without any regret. But, the great thing is that you will always know where your relationship stands.

This man gets out of every situation as a winner. There is no way he would accept a defeat. Scorpio man will work day and night, but the outcome will always be the same – he is a victor.

Stubbornness of this man is just another thing that makes him extremely attractive. Women like men who are persistent and stalwart. Concluding, if the Scorpio man determined that he would seduce you, there is not even a chance he would fail.

You would maybe never say it, but the Scorpio man is the type who can get attached easily. He is proud and noble, playing a role of a macho man. However, his intuition is strong. He will exactly know when the right woman appears and will fall for her like never before. Underneath the firm surface, the Scorpio man hides the tenuous emotions and his weak side.

This man is emotional to the core, but you have to reach that level of connection with him. He will open up when his instinct tells him to, but you have to show that you are worth it.

Scorpio man’s ideal of love is a relationship with a lot of emotions and passions. This sign is extremely sexual and gets along with similar natures only. Scorpio man needs a partner willing to experiment. His drive is sometimes very raw and bestial, which can even chase away his partner. It all depends if he knows how to control himself in this aspect.

Gemini Woman

Gemini sign is represented with twins in the zodiac. This is a sign that there are two sides of every Gemini. This may lead to confusion, as you will never know for sure which side of the Gemini woman to believe.

She will show you one of her faces today, and the other tomorrow. In order to compensate this inborn feature of the Gemini sign, the Gemini woman becomes an actress. Some of the most famous actresses born in this sign are Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe, Nicole Kidman, and Courtney Cox.

This woman is in a constant process of learning. She likes to talk to total strangers, as she believes she will hear something new that will widen her sights. Gemini woman admires everything. She is fascinated even with the small things –birds’ song, beautifully decorated garden, a young couple walking down the river.

This lady appreciates life and love and enjoys every moment on this planet. She is not a dreamer, but she is thankful for every breath she takes.

No matter how old the Gemini woman is, she will always show her playful and childish side. Even when she is 70, she will play with her grand kids like she is 20 or so. When she is young, this lady easily finds attraction and sticks to in for a while, then she is off for another one. With the years this will ease up a bit, but her core will always stay the same. The thing is, her interests will change from hanging out and traveling to being home, cooking with her daughters, knitting, organizing fun events with the pensioners from the neighborhood etc.

Gemini woman requires intelligence. If she sees that she has nothing to talk to a handsome man, she will give him over to another woman. If you are not smart, witty, fun, the Gemini woman won’t ever see you two together. Yet, she doesn’t like nerds. Gemini woman is attracted by real intelligence – a mature man able to understand things the right way and to act the right way, someone who has plenty of interests and knows how to have a good time.


Never play games with the Gemini woman, as you will risk losing her. A lady like this – beautiful, intelligent, fun and flirtatious will always be wanted. Gemini woman’s phone will ring all the times, as all those men who want her will try to get in contact. She might tickle their imagination making them think they have a chance, but most of the times she is just boosting her confidence.

If you want to impress her, you have to be a passionate lover. Gemini woman doesn’t like anything mild or average. Show her your deepest desires and you will have her completely. In return, she will make an effort to put your dreams into reality, enjoying every minute of the time spent in a bedroom.

Love and Marriage

When the Scorpio man meets the Gemini woman, sparks will fly all around. They will feel mutual attraction, wanting to see what is hiding under the surface. Charming and flirtatious woman, as the Gemini woman, will surely draw attention of the Scorpio man. He likes what he sees, but at first is not aware that the Gemini woman will flirt with him and ten guys beside him.

Gemini woman met many types of guys through her life. She already knows how to read patterns and anticipate what she can expect from a man. Scorpio man is intriguing. She doesn’t know his true intentions at first. This will attract her very much. Gemini woman is up for the challenge with the Scorpio man.

Yet, a relationship between the Scorpio man and the Gemini woman can turn into a real firework of emotions and passions. These two can form a magical bond. They will enjoy their heaven for a while until the first problems show up. However, there is something really special with these two. Scorpio man and the Gemini woman cherish their love and relationship, as some parts of it remind them of a modern fairytale.

Gemini woman likes to play role games, and the Scorpio man will be crazy about it. She knows how to get the best of him in the bedroom, and to please his sexual needs. This is a very important aspect for the Scorpio man, who will on the other side, try to fulfill the Gemini woman’s criteria and turn her imagination into reality. These two are definitely compatible when it comes to intimacy.

Yet, the Scorpio man is jealous type. He wants his woman to be his only. Gemini woman doesn’t know how to sustain herself from flirting with the other men, as she believes it does no harm to her partner. Scorpio man’s ego and pride will be stricken, which will trigger his venomous sting. Gemini woman will risk a lot in this relationship if she cares about him, but still continues doing things behind the Scorpio man’s back.


Scorpio man is sociable, but it can’t even be compared to the Gemini woman’s degree of sociality. She adores being surrounded by many people. Scorpio man, on the other side, is more focused and turned to his goals. He can show the Gemini woman how to get more serious, as she often can take things lightly. She can show him pleasures of easygoing and open life concept.

If the Scorpio man takes the Gemini woman as his friend, he will probably want her attention all for himself. Gemini woman loathes any kind of possessiveness. She will find it hard to cope with this side of the Scorpio man. Yet, the Scorpio man’s energy and persistence can emphasize the Gemini woman’s energy, producing real flow of good vibes. She will feel the intensity of the Scorpio man and appreciate the additional excitement he gives to her.

Interesting Facts

Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Rafaeli met at the Mat Gala. Their romance was glamorous, just as the Gala, but this couple didn’t stay together. He was 36 when they met, and she was 24. It is not the age gap between those two who made them split up, but unwillingness to change.

Both of them were too carrier-driven, so settling down was just impossible. They were on and off for almost six years.


Scorpio man and the Gemini woman both have strong charming skills. They will tickle each other’s mind and emotions, as it is obvious how challenging their relationship can be. Yet, the Scorpio man is more willing to set the pace, but the Gemini woman isn’t. He will try to keep her by his side by the numerous jealousy outbursts, which will only push her back.

Their romance can endure only if the Gemini woman decides to devote more to her partner than to her friends, but the Scorpio man should let her breathe also.