Scorpio Man and Capricorn Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Scorpio man’s and Capricorn woman’s compatibility is high. They form a powerful, understanding couple. Although both of them tend to get jealous, it won’t endanger their relationship. What is more, it will even strengthen it. Scorpio man will open up in front of the Capricorn woman’s energy.

On the other side, he is attractive, courageous, adventurous and successful, meaning – he has all the Capricorn woman wants. Does this mean that the Scorpio man and the Capricorn woman are meant to be?

Scorpio Man

Scorpio man chooses between two life options. He will either be a dangerous, fearful avenger, or kind and wise man who can teach you of many life lessons. It is undoubtedly that the Scorpio man has a dark side. You can see it in his eyes, full of some unexplainable energy and depth, which will make you almost tremble in front of him. Scorpio man has that dose of masculinity; he is a tough guy, who gives an impression of someone who would protect you from any harm.

Maybe it doesn’t look like this, but the Scorpio man has control over all his actions and emotions. He thinks twice before doing anything. His friends know how reliable and honest the Scorpio man is. He won’t choose words to say you something that you need to her. This man lacks tact, but everything he says has a deep meaning.

Scorpio man will advise you well and will stand with you like a pillar. Even if your actions aren’t in place, count on the Scorpio man’s support. When we talk about his closes circle, he would stand by you even when you are wrong. However, be ready for some critiques later.

Scorpio man looks like a calm and mild person at first. However, you won’t ever completely know his personality. This man hides a lot of his emotions within. Most of the times he does that in order to protect himself, as even the Scorpio man can get hurt.

On the other side, even he is afraid of his dark side, so he wouldn’t ever want you to see this. Under the quiet man lies a temperament of a beast.

He will love you like no one before. With the Scorpio man, you will experience love in a completely new way. Scorpio man is a man of action and it is always interesting to be in his company. His friends love him, as he is sociable and open. Women like him too, as he is a macho type. Getting the Scorpio man just for a night is almost impossible, but still, there is a chance.

Scorpio man is up for the serious commitment. He wants to know that his woman is just his, and he would be just hers. This man is obsessed with loyalty. As the sign of Scorpio is famous for its revengeful side, be aware that the Scorpio man can respond to betrayal with his sting. On the other side, if you prove to him that you are faithful, you will open a new, lovely paragraph with the Scorpio man.

When it comes to intimacy, the Scorpio man is always up for some action and experiments. He would patiently wait for the night with his partner, making it into a true firestorm of emotions and passions.

Capricorn Woman

Capricorn woman is lead by the principles of responsibility and self-discipline. That is why she looks too serious or strict. Yet, you should try to get to know her better. You would be surprised.

Capricorn woman, as almost all signs with horns, is a born leader. She knows how to organize everything well and have it all under control. She would schedule every day if it is possible, as she doesn’t want her life to get messy. Capricorn woman is definitely self-sufficient, but even she knows that is not the point of life.

Capricorn woman is not cold and distant as she looks like. She has warm emotions. Don’t forget that she is the Earth sign. This makes her emotions stable and persistent. It is sure that you can’t expect some impulsive reactions. What you can expect if you get close to her then? Once you become close to her, the Capricorn woman will save a special place for you in her heart forever. Love of the Capricorn woman is lasting, smoldering fire that will keep her heart warm towards you.

This woman is a good friend and gives great advice. Yet, her nature makes her want to control even her friends’ lives. If she sees that your life is a mess, she would want to reorganize it, without even questioning your thoughts. That makes her irritating. Capricorn woman has good intentions, but she has to express them in a slightly softer way.

Capricorn woman is ambition and hard working. That focus she puts on carrier makes her too busy, so she doesn’t have time for her private life. Yet, as we already mentioned, she would make a week schedule, setting some time to be with her family and friends. This woman highly appreciates family values and her family is the only thing that can make her forget about work for some time.

However, the Capricorn woman knows deep in her soul, that she needs a man who would be right by her side when she goes to sleep. After the busy day and all hustle, she is exhausted and dejected. A man in her life would make everything seem much easier and brighter. Capricorn woman will wait for the right chance. She wouldn’t let herself to be with someone who is under her criteria.


Capricorn woman needs a strong man, but someone who would be weak when it comes to her. She can’t imagine herself with a man who doesn’t have a focus and goal in life, who is not intelligent, and outgoing. Capricorn woman knows how to relax, she is just saving herself for that special someone. Yet, she just has to be in control. Just let her take care over everything and be her support. Capricorn woman would be able to conquer the world with you then.

Love and Marriage

Both the Scorpio man and the Capricorn woman are attentive when meeting new people. That is why these two will take some time to get closer. Yet, in their case, this is the best possible scenario – to take the things slowly.

As both of them are focused on being successful, the Scorpio man and the Capricorn woman would build their carriers separately but will motivate each other. None of them invests much time in social contacts. Scorpio man and the Capricorn woman would spend every possible moment together when they are not at work. In that sense, they would understand each other perfectly.

We all know that Scorpios are very passionate and driven by physical desires. However, the Capricorn woman wouldn’t stimulate him in that way. It is not like these two will not be intimate, but the Scorpio man would feel like something is missing. Capricorn woman sees intimacy as an act which is normal in a relationship, but doesn’t give importance to it, oppositely from the Scorpio man.

Capricorn woman brings in a great sense of practical reasons. That is something new for the Scorpio man, but if you look closer, it can make a relationship work. If the Scorpio man is looking for a long-term relationship, it is better to think and act that way. Endless nights of passion would bore both partners after some time.


Scorpio man and Capricorn woman are both successful, or they are trying to be. In that sense, they can be a great example and support to each other. Yet, these two will also have some phases when they will compete. If they are working in the same place, everything would burst out of their energy. Still, no one understands better than the Scorpio man and the Capricorn woman when it comes to devotion to their goals.

Scorpio man is somehow serious, but he also has a fun and outgoing part of his personality. He is sociable and charming. Capricorn woman doesn’t care much about this segment. That is why she would find herself in a bad mood every time she comes home and spends a few hours alone. Scorpio man would make her move and get into action. He would take her out and these two will have much fun.

Interesting Facts

Zhang Yimou, a Chinese director, and Gong Li, a Chinese actress that become immensely popular with a movie “Memoirs of a Geisha” had one interesting story. As we mentioned the Scorpio man’s manipulative skills, the director used them well in this relationship. They weren’t meant to last, especially if we have in mind that the year gap was big between them. Capricorn woman was his muse, but Zhang was married back then. When you add it all to one place, it is clear why this couple didn’t have a future.


Scorpio man and the Capricorn woman have many things in common, but their motivation and goals in life are really complemented. They together can achieve much success. However, despite their emotions are strong, the Scorpio man would feel the lack of passion. Capricorn woman won’t pay much attention to it, as she is too busy doing her stuff. They should have a nice talk and try to set things on fire when it comes to intimacy.

This couple has a potential to last, as the Capricorn woman’s tendency to do everything practically than actually stabilize the relationship. As the Scorpio man is looking for stability, he should compromise a bit.