Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Although a relationship between Scorpio man and Cancer woman will have many flows, they have the potential to overcome those and make it work. However, the road is going to be tough.

Scorpio man and the Cancer woman will try to prevent the strong emotions ruin the relationship. Scorpio man is known as the jealous type, while the Cancer woman can be a bit cold and distant despite her mild nature. These two will make it only if they are sure of how they feel and are willing to go through anything together.

Scorpio Man

Underneath the beautiful appearance lies the deep emotion of the Scorpio man.

However, you could never guess it before you get to know this guy. He is sometimes serious and reserved that you would think he is just too grumpy and negative to talk to. You would be deadly wrong.

Scorpio man has an exceptional personality. It is true that you would have to put some effort into getting closer to him, but once you reveal his nature, you would be pleasantly surprised. Still, always have in mind that the Scorpio man can sting you if you trigger off his bad side.

Scorpio man possesses huge energy. He has a strong will and is concentrated on his goals. Being focused so much always takes the Scorpio man to the finish line. This man is especially attracted to challenges. He does this not to prove his worth to the others, but to ensure himself that he is still in power. Scorpio man will never rarely give up on something he imagined. He will take all or nothing, that is the way he is.

You could only wish for a friend like the Scorpio man is. He will 100% with you in every situation. This man will be on your side even if you are wrong. Yes, he is one-sided, but for a real friend the Scorpio man gives endless support. He is not the type who will want to do the right thing, but who will stay your friend no matter what it costs, in your favor.

Scorpio man can act as an investigator, but you will never get a chance to see some details about his life. He is mysterious, and maybe it is better to let him be. Some of the Scorpio man’s secrets are just too deep and dark that you would even be afraid of them. This man hides his fears and weaknesses well as if people knew them, would use everything against him.

Scorpio man is also very intuitive and knows how to distinguish the good from the bad, lies from the truth. Further, he will respond to the good with even better, and to the bad with the worst possible version of himself.

This man adores women but is never in a parallel relationship. If he is with a woman and eventually there comes up another, whom he likes more, he would break it up. Scorpio man is very honest and will tell you the truth just to be fair to you and to himself. Attractive lady will surely grab his attention.

Yet, she has to be clever and well-mannered, honest and supportive. Scorpio man would want to keep her by his side forever. That is why this man can easily get jealous or possessive when he is in love.

Cancer Woman

A ruler of the Cancer sign is the Moon. It is well known that the Moon can affect feelings. Cancer woman often has mood switches, but she is very caring and family related. This woman is somewhat scared of being hurt and is never the one who will do you bad.

However, you can trigger off her bad side if you hurt her deeply, but never expect this woman to make scandals or prepare a revenge for you. She will be furious for a couple of hours, then she will calm down.

You won’t easily guess how the Cancer woman feels. As we mentioned above, her moods change in hours. You will talk to her now and it might seem she is depressed, but when you see her, she will be happy

. The easiest way to cope with the Cancer woman’s mood switches is to accept that nothing will last forever. At least she shows some emotion and feeling, which is much better than being indifferent. Always bear in mind that her behavior will ease up gradually, as she gets older.

Cancer woman is never selfish. This woman puts everybody else in the first place, especially if we talk here about her partner or family. She wants to make people she loves happy, which will make her happy too. But, the Cancer woman loses much energy like this, so make sure you make her feel loved, too.


This woman is traditional. She is lead by the family values, and the family is everything to her. Cancer woman loves enormously her spouse and her kids and wants to take care of him. Sometimes she can even become possessive.

She likes to celebrate and throw birthday parties for their children and their friends. A home atmosphere for Christmas, when all her kids and her husband are around the table, laughing and opening presents is the picture of an ideal life for the Cancer woman.

If you want to talk to the Cancer woman about something, make sure you have a pleasant and nice approach. Words can hurt her deeply, as her nature is soft and dainty. Potential critiques will make her depressed. Choose words and leave this conversation for the time when you see she is relaxed.

In order to seduce this lady with soft emotions, you have to be a real gentleman. A man with nice manners and someone who has tact will attract her attention. She is pretty shy in the beginning, as she is insecure. Love gives her confidence, and you probably wouldn’t recognize your Cancer woman when you two finally merge.

Cancer woman will even become stronger and have a bit of an attitude. It will only make her even more attractive in your eyes. A journey with the Cancer woman starts only when you are sure she is all yours.

Love and Marriage

Cancer woman might seem cold to the Scorpio man in the beginning. He would still understand this as she is trying to be mysterious. That is why this man won’t give it up so easily. He is up for a challenge to see what is underneath that attitude. This lady expects a man who is willing to show that he cares in a million ways. He has to try his hardest. When the Cancer woman realizes that the Scorpio man is interested in her, she will even play the untouchable lady.

Cancer woman will change her moods often, making the Scorpio man a bit confused, be he won’t actually mind it. He would be more and more intrigued by her behavior – until it becomes irritating.

Scorpio man wants everything for himself. If he has a partner, she has to be all his. Cancer woman likes to belong to someone. Scorpio man will like this side of her, as this woman will be a bit vulnerable, but never too much. He wants to be her protector and her safe harbor.

Scorpio man sees the Cancer woman as a wife material, which makes a greater image of this woman. He would adore her devotion to family values and her aspirations about a happy family, big house, and a dog. This is her idyllic picture, but the Scorpio man would easily fit in this patter too.

Scorpio man is harsh sometimes. He would say things to the Cancer woman directly, which may lead to bursting to tears. She wants someone who is gentle and kind with words, while the Scorpio man believes that it is better to say the truth no matter what it looks like. Yet, even the Cancer woman knows how to annoy her partner. She will criticize him, but the Scorpio man won’t understand her need to do this, while she doesn’t like to be criticized at all.


Scorpio man and the Cancer woman will enjoy each other’s company. Cancer woman especially makes a nice and pleasant atmosphere, but the Scorpio man will complement it, too.

Both of them would be moved if they see that the other one cares. It will mean the world to them to have a friend who will be always there.

Scorpio man and the Cancer woman share a similar dose of possessiveness. He would want the Cancer woman to be his friend only, and vice versa. Scorpio man has an intense nature, which is something his Cancer woman friend appreciates.

As we talk about the Water signs here, friendship compatibility here is undeniable. Water signs share the same views and values. Their emotions are deep and sometimes a bit strange, but what it the most important – these two will understand each other perfectly.

Interesting Facts

One of the most famous Scorpio man-Cancer woman couples were Lamar Odom and his ex-wife Khloe Kardashian. It took about four weeks to start a relationship, as the typical Cancer woman wanted him to prove his worth and interest in her. Yet, the marriage came quickly. This reality star and Lakers basketball player were always in the center of the media.

However, after some time she discovered his addiction problems and wanted to help. The couple went to therapies also, but it didn’t help. They divorced after 4 years of marriage.


Scorpio man and the Cancer woman’s relationship is predestined to go through many challenges and tough times. His directness might hurt the Cancer woman, as she can get too sensitive. She, on the other side, should give an example of how her partner should treat her, but she does the opposite.

If these two are willing to go through a crushing period, they will stay together. This love is a big test for both of them.