Scorpio Man and Aries Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

There is an exceptional raw attractiveness between Scorpio man and Aries woman. These two stimulate each other physically in the first place. Scorpio woman is the Water sign, while the Aries woman is the Fire sign. They will mix their powerful energies, producing a lot of steam in between.

However, they will maintain a relationship well for some time. After the initial blindness, the Scorpio man and the Aries woman will realize how different they are. This couple has potential, but the road to happiness is not easy.

Scorpio Man

If we are talking about sex symbols of the zodiac, the Scorpio man surely wears this title proudly. Rulers of the Scorpio sign are Pluto and Mars, the planets of strong instincts and highly expressed sexuality. When the Scorpio man looks at you, you will already want him to take you to bed. Yet, there is much more you should hear about this intriguing sign.

When we talk about trusting the Scorpio man, everything is black and white. This man is both loyal and truthful to the bone, or he doesn’t care about you at all. There is nothing in between when it comes to the emotions of this man, too. When he is not attached to someone, he will be completely senseless and frozen.

Scorpio man can be so distanced that it might hurt. In that way, you can consider him cruel, but at least you will always know on which terms your relationship is.

On the other side, if the Scorpio man has feelings for someone, he is ready to do anything, even to die for that person. Rarely any sign in the zodiac expresses his loyalty that way. Scorpio man’s emotions are strong. His love can’t compare to any other man’s love. Yet, you have to deserve it.

This man is painfully honest. When you are close to him, he will tell you what he really thinks because he wants you good. Maybe you will think he is rude or unpleasant, but the ugly truth is always better. He won’t tell you goodnight stories, or fairytales. Be ready for the most honest person you’ve ever met.

Scorpio man likes to observe things. Sometimes he is quiet and astoundingly calm. When you see the Scorpio man like this, make sure you don’t disturb him. He is in a deep process of gaining information and making a picture of someone or something.

Then, all of a sudden, he will give voice to his thoughts. Scorpio man will say out loud things no one is ready to say or doesn’t have the courage. That will leave everybody speechless.

This man never makes compromises. He wants to make sure that he is with the right woman for him. Scorpio man has high standards, but it is totally understandable. When this man falls in love with someone, he would hope that love is for life. If you hurt him or cheat on him, he will cross you out of his life as you’ve never been there.

On the other side, if you are constantly showing your love, you will have strong, confident, reliable, and honest men until the end. Scorpio man is afraid to show his weak side, but it is undoubtedly present. When it comes to this phase, be his support and biggest friend and never take advantage of this side of the Scorpio man.

Aries Woman

The first woman of the zodiac, and the first lady among the Earth signs, the Aries woman is an example of a woman leader. She stands firm on the ground. Aries woman is capable of achieving whatever she put as a goal. In this way, this woman will enjoy life and take whatever it has to offer, with no regrets. No one can make her forget about her ambitions, so if you want to stay by her side, make sure you follow her on this road.

Because of her strong ambition, the Aries woman seems distant or arrogant. However, we all have the possibility to make something big in our lives. Aries woman takes this mission seriously, and that doesn’t make her cold and unapproachable, but makes her a fighter. Under this steel surface, there is a gentle woman who likes to have fun and yearns for love.

That desire to love and to be loved will never take the Aries woman to the hands of a man who is there just for the night. This woman will be patient and wait for the right person to come. As she has much more important things to do, she will just pass away all those indecent offers men suggest to her.

Aries woman doesn’t even flirt a lot. She is just above that. This woman is too busy and that makes things complicated when it comes to meeting new guys. That is why she will confidently go and talk to a man first, once she feels the potential good connectivity. Men are blown away by this behavior of the Aries woman.

Aries woman might make you believe you will subordinate her if you make her fall in love with you. However, this is nonsense. This woman has to be independent. Yes, she will be in a relationship, but it will never be like you possess her. There is a part of the Aries woman which always stays hidden. That will make every man more interested, as it is not that funny if you get the whole package. Aries woman is witty and knows how men function. She will keep you on the thin ice for some time, just to show you how dominant can be.


Yet, don’t let her take advantage of you. Show her that you have attitude and standards in life. Be ambition driven and think big. That will amaze the Aries woman, who will want to help you realize your dreams. She can be really supportive when we talk about a carrier. The successful man will trap her heart, but he also has to be loving, stable, passionate and loyal. Aries woman wants the whole package or nothing.

Love and Marriage

Aries woman is a really confident type. She gives an impression of a woman who knows what she wants. This will drive the Scorpio man crazy. He will hardly ever be attracted to a woman who is too tenuous. The fire burning in the Aries woman’s eyes will make the Scorpio man boil.

His whole body and soul will be shaken by the appearance of this woman. However, she won’t stay indifferent either. When she sees the Scorpio man, the Aries woman’s knees will tremble. Their energies will caress each other much before they get into the bedroom. And, when they come to this phase, it will be clear that both had an unmistakable impression of each other.

On the other side, the Scorpio man and the Aries woman will want to control each other. Their physical attraction will prevail the whole relationship. That is why they will get jealous of each other. Yet, there is a secret admiration underneath it all.

Scorpio man knows how ambitious the Aries woman is, and she is aware of his determination. They both know how to focus on the important questions and get to the objective. Interesting, none of them is ready to hear no for an answer. No matter what they need to do, they will come to a goal. Scorpio man might even use manipulation. Aries woman is more direct and open in this aspect.

These two will constantly compete with each other, focusing more on who is better and more successful than to their relationship.

Scorpio man and the Aries woman want to take the lead. Yet, it is impossible for both of them to do that. Scorpio man will try to master the Aries woman, but she will never agree upon that. When she sees him trying so hard, it will make her angry.

Further, as the Scorpio man will see that his plan isn’t working, he will start planning a revenge. This is something Scorpios are most famous for. Yet, if the relationship comes to this, it is better to end it for the good. It is true the Aries woman doesn’t want to change anything within her, but that is not the reason for the Scorpio man to take revenge on her.


A friendship between the Scorpio man and the Aries woman can be tricky. The same forces and aspirations in life drive these two people. They both strive for success, power, and money. Their strong and dynamic personalities can complement each other so well, but they can clash, too.

They will be ready to go to an adventure together, just to take their minds off a job for a while. In that sense, they work well together.

Scorpio man and the Aries woman have the same mental energy. They will discuss many topics and sometimes get into a discussion. Yet, different approaches to things or situations will not be a reason for them to stop being friends.

Scorpio man and the Aries woman motivate each other strongly, which is the bond that will keep their friendship last. They won’t quit that special connection they feel. If they are mature enough to ignore those differences, these two might accomplish great things.

Interesting Facts

Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson met on a set of a famous comedy “You, Me and Dupree”. They felt that special connection instantly, so this Scorpio man and the Aries man started a relationship right away.

However, this couple broke it off and reconciled numerous times. It was almost impossible for each of them to keep forward without the other. Yet, the definite separation came a few years afterward.


Scorpio man and the Aries woman are the examples of the unique attractiveness to each other. Yet, we come here to a question if the physical aspect is enough to keep the relationship moving. The answer is – no.

However, these two has one important thing in common – ambition. It can keep them together if the Scorpio man releases the tension of controlling the Aries woman. On the other side, she should be more emotional and caring for her partner, too.