Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Scorpio man and Aquarius woman stand on different pages, and it is pretty hard to glue them into a couple. One thing is sure – physical attraction here is strong.

However, once they get into a conversation, these two would irritate each other. Scorpio man is a possessive partner, while the Aquarius woman wants her freedom. If they decide to give it a try, the process of adaptation would be pretty hard. Yet, we don’t say that it is impossible to achieve a stable relationship. It would just take more time and effort.

Scorpio Man

Scorpio man is open and honest. This can turn into a good or a bad side, depending on the nature of his contacts. This man says whatever is on his mind, without much thinking about the consequences. His words may be harsh or cruel, but if you think better – truth is much more beautiful than a lie.

Scorpio man can be your real friend, always pointing out to your mistakes. He would also take part in some of your ideas, even if you are wrong. Scorpio man will support you endlessly in the eyes of the other people and he will protect you as much as he can. But, once you two get eye to eye, he will criticize you roughly.

The ruler of the Scorpio is Pluto. You probably know that this is a Greek god of the underground world. It is pretty clear that the Scorpio man carries a part of that underground world within. He has a dark side, but almost no one would ever see it. Scorpio man holds it back well, trying to pretend that he has a calm and quiet energy. The truth is the opposite. This man has an intense temperament but also has great control. He knows how to contain himself, so you can’t see how does he feel. Yet, he hides when he is hurt, sad, betrayed, depressed, but never when he is happy.

When you play games with the Scorpio man, you have to count on what he has to offer. As this sign is described as a scorpion, a venomous animal, this means that this zodiac sign can poison you. Of course, the Scorpio man wouldn’t do that literally, but hypothetically. His actions can be so cruel and harsh that a person who betrayed or cheated on him would feel like the poison is spreading through its veins.

Maybe it looks like you should avoid the Scorpio man. However, we suggest you not to. This man can be such a great friend. He is a good person, you just have to stay loyal to him, which isn’t that hard, right? Be honest and open, the Scorpio man appreciates this the most. He is interested in building true and lasting friendships and strong relationships. Scorpio man gives the best of him when it comes to his closes circle.

Just like with friendships, the Scorpio man gives everything of himself to a woman he loves. It is not easy to make this man fall in love, but it is not impossible either. You should somehow make a balance between openness and mystery, as this is what keeps him interested.

Aquarius Woman

Aquarius woman is hard to understand and fathom. Yet, maybe it is better not to try to get into her core completely. This woman simply needs some degree of freedom, so let her be. She will give you much more than you think, only if you get to realize that you shouldn’t push her buttons.

This lady loves to do things randomly and spontaneously. Living in a mold, under some social principles or standards, is a big no-no for the Aquarius woman. She lives life her way, without much thinking of what would the others say. Aquarius woman has her own, unique style and that is the most charming thing about this woman.

However, when it comes to changes – she doesn’t like them. She likes to stick to things that suit her, there is no need to look further once you find what you have been looking for. Still, if you haven’t, then go ahead with your adventure.

Aquarius woman is willing to help you in any situation. If you as her advice, support, even financial help, she will be there for you. It is true that the Aquarius woman is a bit of a weirdo, but this woman has a heart big as Russia.

Her attitude about life is that you should enjoy as much as you can. Make some space for leisure and pleasure, as that is the only way to cope with everyday stress. Aquarius woman reads a lot, is interested in culture and philosophy, bohemian jewelry etc. Yet, she doesn’t apply this perspective to her love life.

When it comes to falling in love, the Aquarius woman is someone who falls in love after a lot of time. If she doesn’t know you well, she won’t get into a relationship. She is not interested in affairs and love adventures, but into serious commitments.

Aquarius woman appreciates honesty and trusts the most. To fall in love with you, you have to make her trust you. Until then, you two will play one interesting game. This woman considers that love is about playing the rules your own way. If you two are meant to be together, that game will bring you closer. That is the way of expressing some degree of freedom. She will also give her potential partner some space to breathe and won’t put pressure on him.

Once you two get together, the Aquarius woman will show you some new sides of her personality. She will think of many original ways to show that she cares, she will take you to her special places, and tell you about her secrets. However, don’t expect to get the full picture of the Aquarius woman. She will keep a part for herself.


Aquarius woman loves with no barriers. If she truly wants and loves you, she will be relaxed and cheeky, showing you even a nasty and passionate side of her personality.

Love and Marriage

Both Scorpio man and the Aquarius woman are pretty mysterious. Even after some time of being together, they still wouldn’t know much about each other. They are suspicious of everything and everybody, and there will always be a dose of mutual misunderstanding.

It is true that they are extremely attracted to each other physically. The intimacy part of their relationship would be very interesting, providing pleasure for both of them. Undisputedly, the Scorpio man and the Aquarius woman are sexually compatible. Yet, when a new day comes, the old tensions will awaken.

Scorpio man would be the one to fall in love first. Aquarius woman takes a lot of time to get interested, but as she would feel some connection, she would sink in the relationship without much thinking. She won’t get to know the Scorpio man well.

After some time, when he wouldn’t see her affection, the Scorpio man would become jealous and would press her. Aquarius woman is the type who appreciates independence in a relationship. The behavior of the Scorpio man would make her question why did she even get in this relationship.

Aquarius woman would keep on hanging out with her friends, while the Scorpio man would distant a bit from his friends. He should make some room for the things he loves and for his own activities. Yet, the Scorpio man would see the entire world in the Aquarius woman.

One thing that can show that this couple is not that hopeless is that both of the partners are up to some excitement and action. They would never be bored with each other, as they would go to many places together, making loveable memories. On these journeys, they would have some more time to talk about the tensions and things that separate them, and eventually find a mutual way to cope with it.


Scorpio man works hard on his goals, but will always find some time for his friends. When he shows up in some place, everybody can see how charismatic this man is, so it is easy for him to make new friendships. The question is – would he want to? Aquarius woman is charming, fun, and make connections easy. These two outgoing persons would click right away. Yet, the Aquarius woman is a bit more open, so she would show her Scorpio friend how to be even more approachable.

Their intellects are compatible also. These two will think of many innovations. Spontaneity is the highlight in their friendship. They would sit in a café, talking, and then suddenly come up with an idea to travel somewhere. Scorpio man and the Aquarius woman would have much fun together.

Interesting Facts

Owen Wilson and Sheryl Crow dated back in the 2000s. They had a love affair from 1999-2001. However, as they experienced a tough time in the relationship, the couple split up but remained friends.


Scorpio man and the Aquarius woman might enable good connection, but more as friends. Scorpio man’s jealousy and the Aquarius woman’s indifference about her partner’s feelings can lead this relationship to a dead-end. These two should open up more, as both of them hide parts of their personalities, and try to find a mutual language.

This zodiac combination is tough, but the couple can get over the bad aspects if they try to communicate more. The passion in the bedroom would bring them satisfaction in this aspect, but there is still the emotional part that should fulfill both partners’ expectations.