Sagittarius Man and Taurus Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Wandering nature of a Sagittarius man would be compatible with the home atmosphere a Taurus woman likes. They don’t have the same interests and goals in life, but they can give each other exactly what they are missing. Fiery Sagittarius is always in a hurry, but the Taurus woman would make him enjoy stable and warm life, at least from time to time.

On the other side, he would show her beauties of the traveling and adventurous life. If only the Taurus woman doesn’t become too possessive of the Sagittarius man, their relationship has the chance to last.

Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius man has one mission in life – to overcome successfully all the pains and misfortunes it can bring. This man will always look at the brighter side of every situation. There is no space for tears or sadness, the Sagittarius man is a born optimist. That is something that makes him incredibly interesting and attractive as a person.

This man’s will is strong. He is capable of handling everything a day can bring to him. What is more – he will do it with a smile on his face. And besides, the Sagittarius man has the most charming smile on the planet. You will always see this guy as a winner. His face tells you how good man and how honorable this man is. People like him and like to spend time in his company.

His ruler, Jupiter, makes the Sagittarius man has wide views in life, he is not narrow in any sense. This guy is aware of his qualities, but never potentiate on them. He would rather let you estimate this, but one thing is sure – you would be more than pleased with his humor, generosity, sense for justice, and pleasant approach.

There is no real obstacle for the Sagittarius man, or at least he doesn’t see it as a big thing. As he is capable of many things, it would be a bit hard to see someone struggling. Sagittarius man knows to overreact in criticism, but only because he wants to wake up some energy within people. He tries to motivate you, but in a bit harsh way. Yet, once the passions soothe a bit, it would be clear he said some things, and you would even ask for his help. Sagittarius man is a good friend and will always try to lead you the right way.

Sagittarius woman has some standards when it comes to women, and there is no way he would step away from his goal. Yet, this man is almost never single. He at least flirts a lot, but it is more likely that he would have an affair or two, until he waits for the right woman to come. He is not the type who escapes serious relationships, but surely is the type who will get away from possessive and jealous partners.

He has a need to relax a bit from time to time. It means he would travel for a weekend on a mountain, for example, just to chill out. His partner should understand this, giving him the time he needs. Try to be as open as possible, creative, adventurous, and optimistic. Sagittarius man would love to have a partner like this.

Taurus Woman

Taurus woman is one of the strong females among the zodiac signs. This lady is independent and she doesn’t need much help, as she relies on herself the most. She is not doubting, but actually thinks that she would handle her issues the best. Taurus woman can cope with challenges also, and strengthens even more through them.

This woman is usually calm, but you shouldn’t play with her emotions. Taurus is a sign famous for stubbornness, so it is better to count on this side of the Taurus woman’s personality. If you try to convince her in something she doesn’t believe, you will see her harsh side. The key to coping with her stubbornness is to accept is as a part of her character. Let her think what she wants, and even if she is not right life occasions would point out that to her. Try to avoid persuading her to think the way you like, as it would only produce the opposite effect.

The energy of the Taurus woman is pleasant and tender. That is why she has a big circle of friends. Maybe it would be better to say that people like her more than she likes being in everybody’s company. Taurus woman considers that she has a few real friends. All she asks for is loyalty. If you get into a situation of losing her trust, you better be aware that there is no coming back.

Taurus woman likes luxury and comfy life. Her house is big and equipped with artistic objects, in the autumn nuances, even with fur, and gold. She is fancy and drives a nice car. This is the materialistic side of the Taurus woman, as she is someone who wants to enjoy all the pleasures life can offer.

This lady likes everything that lasts. That is the thing with her contacts. If the Taurus woman lets you in her life, she expects that you will be there with her forever, just like she would be with you too. Taurus woman also hopes that she would find a partner for a lifetime. She has her cheeky and flirty side, but serious commitment is what she hopes for.

However, the Taurus woman is aware that it is impossible to meet the man of your dreams every day. She has realistic views of life and love. That is why she carefully approaches a new man in her life, wanting to get to know him well before starting a relationship. Caution is her another name when it comes to love. So, if you got a chance to go on a date with her, you better show off the best of yourself and tackle her imagination. And if she already accepted the invite, you are in a good way.

A perfect partner is a man who will take care of her and be loyal. He should please her needs and take her to nature, while they walk and talk about the future. If you make her feel special and take her to nice places where you two would eat nice food and drink good wine, the Taurus woman would be yours completely.

Love and Marriage

Sagittarius man is an adventurous type. He likes being active, and even tries out some extreme sports. Taurus woman likes to be outside, but her nature is definitely calmer than the Sagittarius man.


She would enjoy a picnic in the fields of lavender, while the Sagittarius man would love to climb the mountain. However, as long he sees that the Taurus woman is not the type who sits home all the time, he would go wherever with her. It is important to keep the things vivid and interesting, as the Sagittarius man is afraid of boring lifestyle.

These two would be aware of the fact that they diverge in some aspects. Taurus woman is a woman who will go out and have some fun, but her heart will always be in her home. Sagittarius man would just sleep there, and go for an adventure as soon as he opens his eyes. Taurus woman understands this, and she wouldn’t mind his active life, at least in the beginning.

Sagittarius man would act up to the Taurus woman’s expectations. Yet, he would be a bit distanced when he realizes that she is up for something serious. This man enjoys his freedom in many ways, and he would want a woman who has a wandering soul. Sagittarius man wants to settle down a bit, but would never see himself lead a boring life.

In that sense, the Sagittarius man would expect the Taurus woman to let him live life just like he used to do before they met. She would be enchanted with his optimism and his generosity, but would expect that the Sagittarius man becomes more stable with time. She wants to start a family and have kids, while the Sagittarius man would withstand.


Sagittarius man and the Taurus woman can learn a lot from each other. They both go to the extremes in some ways. He is too unsteady, while she is sometimes too steady. Sagittarius man can shake up the Taurus woman, while she can show him beauties of tradition and security.

It is even possible for them to get in a conflict, as they have different approaches to life. Taurus woman is stubborn, and wouldn’t want to accept the Sagittarius man’s impulsive side, while he would be annoyed by her too simple nature.

They need to see that the other person can open up a new chapter in life. Sagittarius man should see the advantages of the rational and stable approach of the Taurus woman, while she should understand that she should do things from the heart sometimes.

Interesting Facts

John Malkovich and Michelle Pfeiffer met while filming “Dangerous Liaisons”. As both of them are actors and the nearness did her job, they clicked right away.

However, their affair short lived. As soon as this Sagittarius man and the Taurus woman were done with their roles, they split up.


Sagittarius man has a libertarian soul. Taurus woman likes to be in a committed relationship, where she belongs to her partner completely, and he is loyal to her. In the beginning, she would have an understanding for the Sagittarius man’s occasional outings, but after a while, it would bother her.

Sagittarius man should pay more attention to her emotions, while the Taurus woman should keep her independence even when she is in a relationship. These two could achieve a long-term stability, but some adjustments are necessary.