Sagittarius Man and Pisces Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Sagittarius man and the Pisces woman are one quite interesting couple. They as partners make a good match, as both of them see only the best each other. We can notice a certain degree of idealism within both of the partners, but that actually keep the relationship going.

However, their approaches to love are significantly different. Sagittarius man is pretty radical, opposite from the

Pisces woman who likes everything smooth and light. Despite this fact, they fill achieve strong and compelling relationship. Sagittarius man and the Pisces woman adore each other. The obstacle for this relationship might be that the Sagittarius man is too extrovert, while the Pisces woman would like him to spend more time with her.

Pisces woman will keep on trying to find a balance in the relationship and convince the Sagittarius man to express his feelings more. This will turn the romance into friendship, as both of them will realize that their differences might be a more serious issue in a long-term relationship.

Yet, if both of them are willing to let go of some of the personal characteristics, there is a chance for the Sagittarius man and the Pisces woman.

Sagittarius Man

This man simply loves life. Sagittarius man knows how to live and how to please himself. He never lives by patterns but makes his own, or sometimes he flies around looking for some excitement.

People around him always get an additional energy when the Sagittarius man is present. He has that optimism that will move you when you are down or motivate you to do things you thought you never would. Generally, it is great to be the Sagittarius man’s friend.

He enjoys being around people too but sometimes doesn’t know how to see through their intentions. People think that the fact that the Sagittarius man has a kind and generous heart, means he is naïve. Contrary, once the Sagittarius man realizes you are fooling around with him, he will express his fiery nature. However, it might take some time to figure the things out.

Sagittarius man is bluntly honest, which might be both good and bad. It is good if you like to hear the truth, no matter what it really is. On the other side, if you like to hear things in a bit smoother way, the Sagittarius man might hurt your feelings, unintentionally. He lacks tact in some situations, especially when he is a witness of an injustice. Sagittarius man’s inner pain for you might explode, so it would taste bitter. Further, if the Sagittarius man thinks that dress doesn’t look well on you, he will say it out loud.

You will hear something like “You look fat in that dress”, which is definitely not a nice thing to hear, but at least you will know that dress doesn’t suit you. In most situations, the Sagittarius man has right, and you should listen to him and follow his advice.

You always know where you stand with the Sagittarius man. He doesn’t have a need to hide anything, as his inborn gift is his honesty. Sagittarius man definitely shows his true colors to the world. He likes to flirt and chat. Sagittarius man adores women and vice versa. This man will make you feel appreciated and respected, he will give you attention etc.

However, until he is ready to commit – don’t ask anything else. He is fun to be with and he brings excitement, so go with it.

His smile is his secret weapon, so he will make you smile too. Once he sees that you are laughing at his jokes, he would know that you are open for the next stage. Still, try to be a bit unapproachable, just to spark the interest within him even more, but never pay this game for too long, as he would find another lady to impress. To conclude – be open, but not too much, and make him know you are interested too, but that he has to do a little bit more.

Pisces Woman

Pisces woman is the ultra-feminine zodiac lady who has all the qualities most of the men look in a woman. She might seem too mysterious at the beginning, but that makes her interesting. Pisces woman is intuitive and feels things ten times more than people usually do. Her intuitiveness sometimes even bothers her, at it usually makes her close in her room and wander off in her thoughts from the ugly world.

This woman tries to stick to something beautiful in her life. She even lies herself and idealizes things so she can get through the day. It is difficult to cope with reality as the Pisces woman wants to believe that some people are better than they really are. Once she finds something to hold on, she won’t let it go easily.

Pisces woman is sometimes indecisive too. Her dreamy side makes her seems lost in the time and space. That is why she might look lost in her thoughts when she has to make a serious decision. As the Pisces woman want to make a proper decision, she will take some time to things and decide. She tends to make harmony and live comfortably.


This woman needs a strong and dominant man. Pisces woman is fragile when it comes to facing the reality or tough situations, so there has to be a man who will be her support. What is more, as she is waiting for the Mr. Right her whole life, the Pisces woman honors her man above all once she finally finds the one.

However, don’t get tricked – the Pisces woman will not run into any man’s arms, he has to have something special. She dreams about an ideal, which is hard to achieve. Pisces woman would have to make a compromise when it comes to this. She will idealize her man either man, imagining him as a superhero.

Pisces woman admires her partner, which will please him for sure. She also tries to charm him every day, and without much effort, she will do it. Pisces woman’s passion is endless, so you two will enjoy in many pleasuring moments together.

Love and Marriage

Sagittarius man would love to have the Pisces woman by his side. She listens to him and believes in every word he says – what a combination. Sagittarius man is full of confidence either way, but some compliments now and then will only boost it even more. Pisces woman has strong feelings, which might bother the Sagittarius man on the other side.

As we mentioned above, the Pisces woman is a dreamer. Sagittarius man lives in reality but is naïve in some aspects. This will affect the Pisces woman and give her some kind of approval for her idealizing side. Sagittarius man is brutally honest and likes to verify everything he says with facts, while the Pisces chooses to lie than to admit the things the way they are.

When we talk about a degree of romance, these two play a melodious tune. Sagittarius man and the Pisces woman share an unconditional type of love and are very sweet. With time, they will understand each other’s emotions better.

Even though the Sagittarius man and the Pisces woman will share great moments together, but warning signs will pop up constantly. Sagittarius man thinks the Pisces woman is very appealing and seductive, so he desires her truly. His spontaneous side will seem interesting to the Pisces woman, but her less enthusiastic personality will appear as less tunable with the Sagittarius man. He surely enjoys her feminine qualities, but she is not as adventurous as him, except in the bedroom. Pisces woman has fragile but deep feelings, while the Sagittarius man is colder with emotions.

Despite the immense chemistry between the Sagittarius man and the Pisces woman, many differences will lead to fights and tensions. She has her head in the clouds, while the Sagittarius man stands still on the ground. Different life approaches and views are the indicators of incompatibility in the long run.


Sagittarius man and the Pisces woman make an ideal combination for a friendship. Sagittarius man has some philosophical attitudes about life, which might be well compatible with the Pisces woman’s dreamy side. She lives in fantasies, while he lives in reality, but the differences here won’t be an obstacle, as these two will make good friends.

Pisces woman is calm and quiet, while the Sagittarius man is vivacious and dynamic. He will protect her from the outer world, as she appears as fragile. Sagittarius man is compassionate and empathetic.

Pisces woman will appreciate this side of him. She will listen and understand his problems patiently, which pleases the Sagittarius man. These two are generally kind and gentle to each other.

Pisces woman will calm the aggressive Sagittarius man, while he will motivate her to do fun things and be more open. There is a lot that they can teach each other.

Interesting Facts

Martin Scorsese and Julia Cameron were one of the famous Sagittarius man-Pisces woman couples. As she was a journalist at that time, they did a small interview and the love flared up. These two spend two years together and divorced after the first year of marriage. Yet, they collaborated on some movies after the divorce.


Sagittarius man and the Pisces woman might achieve a great degree of romance. They are endlessly attracted to each other, but both of them ignore the warning signals.

Sagittarius man’s and the Pisces woman’s will be full of romantic and sweet moments, but they are a pretty tough match for the lifetime. They make much better friends actually.