Sagittarius Man and Libra Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Sagittarius man and a Libra woman might feel an instant and natural connection from the very first moment they see each other. These two will have great conversations and things flow smoothly between them.

These two will smile and laugh all the time when they are together. Sagittarius man and the Libra woman have a similar sense of humor, which makes them even closer. This will be a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both partners. If they don’t get in a relationship, the Sagittarius man and the Libra woman will make the best of friends. Yet, with the high degree of romance between them, it is almost impossible to stay away from each other’s lips. With a few issues now and then, the Sagittarius man and the Libra woman will make a harmonious couple.

Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius man is always at the center of the crowd. He is a life of the party and likes to be around people. However, he is very independent on the other side. Sagittarius man likes to explore and be free.

This man is very curious and wants to reveal the world’s secrets. We can compare him to an investigator. If you want to find out if your partner is cheating on you, just ask the Sagittarius man for help. He knows how to sniff around and figure out things. The Sagittarius man will surely take you to the right answer.

In this aspect, the Sagittarius man is a reliable and true friend, as he is willing to do anything for his friends. When you are down, he will put a smile on your face. His strong energy and optimism affect everyone is his surrounding.

However, this guy is completely frank. He doesn’t pay much attention if his words might hurt someone. Sagittarius says whatever is on his mind, unaware of the consequences. This is generally a great side of his personality, so you should appreciate his honesty without getting too involved emotionally.

Yet, this man can be completely immature and frivolous. He has that reputation of a good boy who knows how and when to be bad. This makes him incredibly attractive to the opposite sex. Sagittarius man is a magnet for women. They call him all the time, but this amuses him. Sagittarius man doesn’t want to be tamed. He is a free soul and just wants to have fun. The thought of involving in a serious relationship scares him. He is not afraid to love or to give love, but of losing his freedom.

Sagittarius man’s partner would have to be full of understanding. He might wander off for a few days, but don’t take this as a big deal. The only way to keep him by your side is to let him be the way he is.

Don’t try to change the Sagittarius man, as he would run away in seconds from you. He is a passionate and sensible partner. His woman would definitely enjoy the moments in the bedroom, as the Sagittarius man knows how to lead the game and what is more – he will lead you to the top.

Libra Woman

The artistic soul of the zodiac is the Libra woman. She is drawn to music, art, philosophy. Combine this side of the Libra woman with the endless charm and femininity within her, and you will get a full image of this woman.

However, her feminine side doesn’t mean she is weak of dependant of a man. Libra woman is extremely independent, but due to her indecisiveness, she needs someone who would push her to make decisions. If it was for the opposite, the Libra woman would take ages to make up her mind.

Libra woman is open and likes to hang out. Yet, she likes to get in a good debate. Her conversational skills are great, and her mind is witty. This woman will surprise you with some attitudes she has, as she can be less than sweet if you touch the wrong spot.

Yet, this happens rarely, as the Libra woman is an optimistic and cheerful lady. She will make you exceptionally comfortable to talk to her and you wouldn’t want to leave her company. Her friends love her as she is not one-sided. Libra woman knows how to get the overall look of the situation. If you were wrong, she will tell you for sure, the same as if you had right.

Libra woman is definitely honest and asks for appreciation. Her man should show her that he is aware of her qualities and do whatever it needs to keep her by his side. Libra woman, as we already mentioned, knows how to handle things by herself, but the attention of a man pleases her much. Her partner should be romantic and attentive, as she is soft and smooth. Libra woman is made of dreams, so make sure you give her special kind of loving. As this woman is the Water sign, she will lull you while you two are in a bedroom. She knows how to drive you crazy as she takes you to the depths of her ocean.

Love and Marriage

Sagittarius man is known as someone who likes to take the lead. However, in this case, the Libra woman would make the first step toward him. This is the bossy side of this woman, as she likes to be in charge. This side of the Libra woman doesn’t make any issues in this relationship.

Sagittarius man would always choose a woman with an attitude that a woman who is too fragile.


Libra man is rational. She likes to take a look at every aspect of one situation and then creates a plan. This woman won’t try to convince you to do something, but indirectly the Libra woman will lead you gently towards her affinity. This is a side of her that Sagittarius man will both like and dislike. He will like it, as he is not that rational and does things spontaneously.

On the other side, he might get annoyed over constant plans the Libra woman makes. However, the indecisive Libra woman sometimes wanders around without a clue. That is when her partner gets the chance to show his masculinity and express his decision-making skills.

Now comes the interesting part. Although the Sagittarius man and the Libra woman see many qualities in each other, none of them is too eager for a commitment. Libra woman is indecisive, even though she likes the Sagittarius man, while he is unsure if she would remain wild and free.Yet, the Libra woman is not clingy. She also likes to be independent in some way. Both of them have to be more mature, as this is a unique chance to achieve a playful and cute relationship.

Sagittarius man is the Fire sign, while the Libra is the Water sign. Don’t make a mistake here, as the fire and the water in this combination go extremely well. Although the Sagittarius man likes it more wild and passionate, the Libra woman is more sensible and likes to enjoy the long rides. However, if they meet somewhere in the middle, there won’t be any doubts that this couple is about to have a great time.


Sagittarius man and the Libra woman will get into many debates. They won’t argue, but they will produce some kind of tension. They usually start off talking calmly, but they have to end it up nervous.

Sagittarius man is brutally honest sometimes, while the Libra woman likes to oppose to him. Fiery temper of the Sagittarius woman warms up more and more, while the Libra woman will surely fight back. Both of them will feel offended at the end of the argument.

However, this is not a normal state for these two, as none of them likes to confront all the time. These two should take some time, cool off and then laugh over the past argument.

Their friendship has the potential to grow with time. Sagittarius man and the Libra woman will find many shared values and qualities over time, which will only strengthen the already strong friendship. Both of them like to explore and be adventurous. Sagittarius man is around people who make him amused, and the Libra woman will surely do this to him.

Interesting Facts

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne make one of the most specific and unique Hollywood couples. This Sagittarius man and the Libra woman live their life to the fullest although they have been married for 36 years now. The connection between these two is unbreakable, while the couple claimed this year that their passion is still on the same degree as when they met.


A great sense of humor and good communication will be gluing the Sagittarius man and the Libra woman together. These two will enjoy each others’ company so much that they will fall in love. The great thing is that their relationship grows from friendship. T

hese two will already know each other’s good and the bad sides, so they don’t have to put much effort in the plain getting to know the process.

However, the thing none of them is willing to confess is that they are not sure about a serious relationship. Sagittarius wants to roam around and have fun.

If he would have to justify his actions all the time, he would become annoyed and break the relationship off. Libra woman is indecisive on the other side, as she thinks that she always needs some more time. She is trying to make the right choice, but you just never know with the Sagittarius man. Catch him while he is there, as you two have a potential to last for a lifetime.