Sagittarius Man and Leo Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

This match can be truly fantastic, as a Sagittarius man feels endless attraction towards a Leo woman. However, she will feel exactly the same. Sagittarius woman is fun, outgoing, and adventurous. He won’t let the Leo woman just passes on him.

On the other side, she will like her persistence. These two will play a little game, teasing each other, but of course that in the end, they will be together. Keeping the things interesting even before the relationship already tells you that they will behave the same even when they start it off. These two Fire signs are karmic partners and simply can’t avoid each other. If they both erase the line of stubbornness within them, this couple has a great chance to last.

Sagittarius Man

This outgoing, optimistic, and intelligent man represented by Jupiter is special in so many ways. It is impossible not to like him, as he has many qualities. He will get under your skin with his jokes and charm, and soon become your closes friend, or even your lover.

Sagittarius man cares a lot about intelligence. He is usually well educated and nicely mannered. Sagittarius man reads a lot and constantly complements his huge knowledge. You can talk to him about whatever topic that crosses your mind. This guy is very open and will talk to you for hours. Yet, he is never arrogant, which is something you will admire too, also.

People simply love the Sagittarius man. He is not that reliable, but it doesn’t even matter. When you have someone who knows how to bring you up when you are feeling at your worst, this means a lot. Sagittarius man will recognize if you are in a bad mood and be there for you. He asks for loyalty only, as this is something he will also give to you.

Sagittarius man likes to go on trips and adventures. He is always on the go, always looking for a new excitement. In all this hurry, he will meet many women, that will catch his attention. He likes to flirt and he uses his charm very well. Yet, it is almost impossible to make him get into a serious relationship right away. Even though his emotions are strong, don’t force him. He will show it to you when he is ready.

The type of women who scare the Sagittarius man is the clingy type. Try to be as less needy as you can, as the Sagittarius man will give you attention and love even without this. He is a generous guy and knows how to respect a woman. He is usually not jealous but has some moments when he is possessive.

Leo Woman

If you are asking yourself who is the queen of the zodiac – the answer is the Leo woman. She truly believes that the world goes around her and her ego is extremely big. Leo woman asks for constant compliments and attention, and if she feels that she is not getting enough of it, she will turn away.

Leo woman will always be in control, even if doesn’t seem like that. Yes, she is a bit of a manipulator, but she doesn’t do this with a bad intention. Leo woman has a big heart and is a generous and good friend. She keeps things fun, that is why people like here. Leo woman is also spontaneous and creative. On the other side, even she tries her best to keep herself amusing and likable. As we already said, she has a strong ego.

Lioness has a warm heart and is friendly, but you would have to try your hardest to win her. She is demanding, so her man has to be a 10 out of 10. This man would have to be successful at work but also work on his family and friendships. She pays attention to every detail. Yet, it is the most important how you treat her. If you act like she is your goddess, she will blossom with you and will never have the need to split up. You have to get under her skin. Yet, this is not a simple task at all.

Don’t try to fit the Leo woman in a box. She is everything but ordinary. This lady wants some degree of freedom, but don’t let her be completely free, as she might wander off. Keep her interested and amused the way she is keeping you. Leo woman has a lot to offer, but you have to convince her that you have to offer the same. Loving the Leo woman will be one kind of experience, as the fire she wears within will wake up the passionate and loveable flame within you.

Love and Marriage

Open and humorous Sagittarius man knows how to draw the attention of the Leo woman. She is the queen of the jungle, but can’t stay immune to the Sagittarius man’s charm. He will go around her, teasing her imagination, while she would give him some unsure signs. Yet, their eyes will tell that there is a fire burning within them.

When it comes to emotions, passions, generosity, this couple is unbeatable. Leo woman expects her man to give her endless attention and compliments. Sagittarius man will give her everything she needs. He is a caring and strong man, who can impress the Leo woman. What is more, his adventurous side will be a big plus within the Leo woman. She will see them together in the jungle, or on a safari. Sagittarius man is up for every trip, so he can only say yes.

Yet, the Leo woman is a bit more open to people, while her partner likes more nature, traveling, trying out new hobbies. This doesn’t mean the Sagittarius man doesn’t like to be around people. It will be more like he wants to rest his mind a bit from his numerous friends. None of them likes to be home, so their house would often be empty.

Positivity is another name for the Sagittarius man, but the Leo woman follows him in this one. She is also very optimistic and fun. Sagittarius man would be head over heels because he finally found a woman with the similar energy to his. These two will always make each other laugh, which is one of the essential things for any relationship to last.

Sagittarius man’s and the Leo woman’s goals are not the same, but they can complement each other even when it comes to their carriers. Leo woman is somehow obsessed with the leading positions.


This zodiac sign simply asks for a throne. Sagittarius man is usually successful, but he doesn’t tend to be famous or widely known. He wants to live a comfortable, happy life, without much drama.

On the other side, the Leo woman might be interested in some speculations and gossips.

As we already mention in the introduction, both the Sagittarius man and the Leo woman are stubborn. It is hard to reconcile two hard heads, as none of them wants to give in. However, their arguments will never get to a serious level. After the initial anger, both of them will calm down and solve the issues.

When it comes to intimacy, there is no couple such as the Sagittarius man and the Leo woman. Passions here go wild, but none of them mind it. Their bedroom will be a place where they would play with each other, as both of them have some kind of animal instinct within.


Leo woman is a born leader, and she truly believes in this. Nobody can take her throne away, neither the Sagittarius man. Yet, he doesn’t even care. This guy actually wants to have fun and to enjoy life. He is more interested in planning an adventure that making plans on how to become a leader. In this sense, he would be a suitable friend for the Leo woman, as she wouldn’t see him as a competition.

Sagittarius man and the Leo woman will have much fun together. Once she realizes that he doesn’t threaten her position, she will give in to hanging out with him. Yes, these two have some different attitudes, but they will turn it to the bright side, actually making the fun out of it.

These two will be a great support to each other, as the motivation within them is very high. Like true friends, they would support each other too, and be there in the toughest situations. Sagittarius man is sometimes hard to rely on, but as he gets older, he is more and more reliable.

As they are very generous, they will buy gifts for each other. Leo woman will be delighted with her friend’s attention. A special gift they would give each other is – loyalty.

Interesting Facts

Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor been together for 17 years. This Hollywood couple had a great love story, but the split up came.

However, even though this Sagittarius man and the Leo woman separated for some time, they still couldn’t stay away from each other. The couple was spotted together a few months after the divorce.


As you can see, the Sagittarius man and the Leo woman make a fiery combination. These two knows how to have a good time together. They will use every possible moment to be each other.

Sagittarius man likes powerful and confident women like the Leo woman, while she adores the strong, successful, and optimistic man. Once it goes off, it would be almost impossible to split up. They complement each other in so many ways. Despite the differences, the Sagittarius man and the Leo woman will stay together. They will know how to use their stubbornness in the best possible way.