Sagittarius Man and Capricorn Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Some of you might see a Sagittarius man and a Capricorn woman pairing as dry, emotionless, or even annoying. The truth is – the Sagittarius man and the Capricorn woman are different in so many ways that it will produce conflicts for sure, but if they are willing to take some risk – it might turn better than it looks like in the beginning.

Sagittarius man is elusive, as he likes to wander around all the time. This man lives by his own rules, no patterns involved. Capricorn woman is completely opposite – she lives by routine. Yet, she won’t mind the vagabond nature of the Sagittarius man, which is great.

Capricorn woman is actually one of the zodiac ladies that would know how to handle the Sagittarius man nature. This zodiac combination is a mix of hard work and having fun, freedom, and responsibility, passion and sensibility. These two will have to invest a lot and try to understand each other’s flaw as much as possible.

However, the Sagittarius man and the Sagittarius woman will discover the aspects where they click and it would be great to potentiate on these things than on the differences.

Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius man is the greatest traveler among the zodiac signs. He simply doesn’t see himself in a homebound atmosphere. This man is always on the road and it is impossible to catch him. That is what makes him even more interesting. Sagittarius man’s vivid and cheerful nature combined with the optimism is a magnet for people. Men and women like him, and he enjoys spending time in a good company.

This man is clever, and you might have a hard time trying to pull on him. Even if he would discover that you cheated or lied to him, he wouldn’t stop talking to you for the rest of your lives. Sagittarius man tries to live without bitter or negative emotions, which makes him even more adorable. However, he won’t ever forget what you did to him.

Sagittarius man is honest and asks the same from his friends. Just like he can make you laugh, he can make you cry too. Sagittarius man sometimes doesn’t know how to say things in a nice way. He is brutally honest, which may result in someone’s tears. However, as he has good intentions only, it would be clear after some time that his words were in the right place.

Women are crazy about the Sagittarius man. He is charming and physically attractive, smiles all the time, and is intelligent. Yet, he is hard to get, so you have to put an extra effort to win this man’s heart. The secret recipe to the Sagittarius man’s heart is to give him the freedom he asks and everything will be just fine.

Capricorn Woman

Capricorn woman is among the biggest workaholics among the zodiac signs. She devotes a great part of her time to her carrier. This woman is trying to be as successful as possible, and she really achieves it. However, this means she doesn’t have enough time for her private life.

This lady is introvert and hangs out with a few friends now and then – never too often. She would rather be alone at home than go out. Yet, this is the phase the Capricorn woman is coming through when she is emotionally drained.

Even the cold Capricorn woman needs love and support. She is usually getting it from her family, but a man in her life would fix many things. Despite her hard work and persistence, she doesn’t know how to attract a man. Capricorn woman lives according to some traditional values, which sometimes doesn’t get well with the modern times. Yet, this might loosen up with the time. Once the Capricorn woman becomes aware that everybody needs love and physical pleasure in life, she won’t think twice about approaching a man first.

Once the Capricorn woman falls in love, you will witness her transformation. She will turn into a lovable, caring, and smooth lady who enjoys being hugged and kissed all the time. Yet, if you want her by your side, you should know that she won’t give up her carrier.

Love and Marriage

Both the Sagittarius man and the Sagittarius woman are independent. Capricorn woman is more dedicated to working, while her partner likes to be carefree. They can overcome challenges easily, which is great as their relationship will be full of challenges. Capricorn woman is stable and self-disciplined, which is completely opposite from the Sagittarius man. However, she might teach him how to be more responsible and serious.

Capricorn woman likes routine and tradition. She likes to plan things, but it sometimes gets boring. That is why the Sagittarius upbeat and optimistic character pleases her. He will give her some new kind of energy will benefit her in many aspects. Sagittarius man doesn’t like to take much responsibility. He will let the Capricorn woman take the lead, and she won’t refuse it. However, the Capricorn woman won’t let the Sagittarius man become completely lazy.

We all know how optimistic the Sagittarius man can be. However, his partner, the Capricorn woman, is pretty much the same in this aspect. Still, despite the fact that they have such positive attitudes, many issues will come up with the time in this relationship.

Sometimes even a minor issue that reflects the sharp distinction between their natures might turn into a wildfire. Capricorn woman will like the Sagittarius man’s energy, but he can be very immature, and that is something this woman despites. She doesn’t want to change him, but can’t stand this on the others side. Capricorn woman can also get a bit selfish, striving for her own growth, while the Sagittarius man wants a relationship where they both would grow together.


Sagittarius man loves to be anywhere but at home. Home is a place to take a shower, sleepover, and eventually grab something to eat from the perspective of the Sagittarius man. On the other side, the Capricorn woman likes to be at home. She likes to spend her time reading, watching a movie, or planning a reconstruction of the living room while going out sometimes annoys her. These sides of the Sagittarius man and the Capricorn woman will estrange them, as they would spend less and less time together.

Capricorn woman doesn’t get the Sagittarius man’s need to be around people all the time. He asks for constant excitement and action, as being at home is boring and steady. Sagittarius man’s confidence is strengthened when he is in a friendly company. He makes people laugh and smile and that might bother the Capricorn woman. Even though she has her bright phases, she will become jealous at some moment. Sagittarius man will try to show her that there is no need for pessimism as he is doing nothing to hurt her.

Sagittarius man will feel neglected on the other side, as the Capricorn woman will devote much of her time to a carrier. This way, she will hurt her partner’s emotions. Sagittarius man doesn’t have very strong emotions, but you can surely hurt him. As the Capricorn woman won’t have the patience and time to dedicate to the Sagittarius man who likes to be in the center of attention, he will retreat bit by bit.

Intimacy aspect might bring in some new, pleasant kind of energy. Both the Sagittarius man and the Capricorn woman enjoy ferocious sex. The Fire and the Earth signs are well compatible when it comes to the bedroom. Many arguments will be settled down right here. This is one of the places where the Sagittarius man and the Capricorn woman get along great and have identical needs. Still, none of them will be truly happy with a partner who pleases them in the bedroom only.


Both the Sagittarius man and the Capricorn woman look at the things from a brighter side. Yet, it is hard to compete with the Sagittarius man’s optimism. Capricorn woman might get pessimistic if she is not fulfilled through her job.

Sagittarius man loves to get involved with the people who are down. He is aware of the energy he brings and enjoys spending time helping people. This guy is very picky about his friends, but he likes to play a superhero. He will be there for the Capricorn woman when she is down, as this will bring him satisfaction. Sagittarius man is supportive and has big heat, which will touch the Capricorn woman.

Capricorn woman is more introverted. She has a few friends, as she devotes much of her time to her job. This woman doesn’t have the need to meet her friends all the time. Capricorn woman is a loyal and honest friend, she won’t try to change you but to accept you the way you are.

Sagittarius man and the Capricorn woman might have some touch points when it comes to the carrier. Both of them share a passion for success and striving for professional development. In this sense, they will challenge, or even compete with one another. Capricorn woman will teach the Sagittarius man to be more responsible, while he would teach her to be more creative and relaxed when it comes to a job.

Interesting Facts

Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner had a really intense and troublesome relationship. Even though they made a good couple, many challenges they were upon them split them up. Surprisingly, it was Ava who put the end to the relationship, as she cheated on Frank. This is such a rare situation, as everybody would say the Sagittarius man would rather cheat than the Capricorn woman. He was trying to tame her down, but it wasn’t meant to be.


Sagittarius man and the Capricorn woman will live through a challenging and turbulent relationship. The success of them as a couple will depend on the individual efforts to smooth it a bit and accept the differences that are obvious. However, these differences can also make the relationship stronger only if they find a way how to handle them. These two should learn to communicate in the same language, which will provide conditions for a happy future.

Capricorn woman should focus less on the carrier, while the Sagittarius man should stay home more, or at least invite his friends. This way, the Capricorn woman will feel appreciated and respected, as her partner would show his friends that he is committed. Even though this is a tough pairing, there is still a chance for the Sagittarius man and the Capricorn woman.