Sagittarius Man and Cancer Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

At first, a match between a Sagittarius man and a Cancer woman would seem impossible. Even they wouldn’t think they are compatible when they meet. It is true that both are capable of achieving a loving and romantic relationship, but the Sagittarius man like freedom also, differently to the Cancer woman.

Both of them will go through many different phases, going from sadness, furriness, to passionate moments. One thing is clear here – it is difficult to maintain a relationship between the Sagittarius man and the Cancer woman, as they stand on the different pages. Of course, it isn’t impossible to stay together, but this requires a lot of understanding and changes.

Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius man might seem superficial and childish. His energy gives off an impression of a person who just wants to have fun and run away from responsibilities. Yet, don’t get mislead by the surface. Sagittarius man stands between the Scorpio and the Capricorn in the zodiac. This means he is everything but superficial.

It is true that you can’t trust the Sagittarius man, especially when it comes to a relationship. You have to catch him in all his hurry, and that hurry makes him forget about the promises he made. Try not to get offended by this side of the Sagittarius, as he doesn’t do this consciously. Give him some time to mature. In his older ages, the Sagittarius is much more reliable. Enjoy his witty, wild, and fun side, as this guy is one of the most pleasant persons to be with.

Sagittarius man will show you how to believe in the better future. His optimistic views of life bring life into other people. This man would be a great motivational speaker, as he knows how to motivate his listeners. Also, if you are down and don’t know how to get out of that phase, just call the Sagittarius. He would love to help you.

Intelligence is one more highlight when it comes to this man. He likes to read a lot, but never learns by heart. This man associates things logically, without the need to put much effort into the process of learning. He has an eye for details too. There is no topic about which you can’t talk to this guy.

Women adore the Sagittarius man. He is flirty and knows where to shoot when it comes to woman’s heart. This man will read you like a book in the first 5 minutes of your conversation and then he would hit the right spot. You can’t stay immune to his remarks and compliments. Yet, don’t get into this game too deep, as he doesn’t do this to make you his wife. Try to approach him, but show him that you are not blind for other guys either. This will tickle him to put some effort and show you that he is the best.

If you want to keep the Sagittarius man by your side, don’t be clingy. Also, don’t talk about marriage and kids, as he would be frightened. Sagittarius man would want to have wife and kids one day, but make sure you two talk about this topics when your relationships lasts at least for a year.

Cancer Woman

This lady is one of the most emotional women you will ever meet. The heart of the Cancer woman is so big and understanding that she would remind you of your mother. She can be moody and depressed, as her emotions just take over her, but this will make you love her even more and try to show her that she’s got you.

Cancer woman is feminine and gentle. She knows how to act like a lady, never swears and dresses nicely. Don’t think that she is fragile or too soft, as the Cancer woman might be your biggest support in life. She will be right by your side whenever you need it.

Her friends know how loyal and compassionate she is. However, the Cancer woman is a bit introvert, as her ideal place to be is her home. Going out to clubs is not her thing, which her friends consider boring. When she does go out, she likes to go and shop things for her house or her family, as this makes her happy. This woman also cooks great, especially when she gets married.

Loyal Cancer woman needs a man in her life, but she won’t be with just anyone. She has her standards, too. Cancer woman is romantic and wants her man to respect her. It would be great if he wrote her love letters and sang in front of her balcony. You will surely get her with gentleman’s gestures and attention. Cancer lady is the Water sign, so loving her might take you to depths, but you will surely enjoy it.

Love and Marriage

When you look to the Sagittarius man, it is clear that he is open and talkative. His energy is vivid, producing more energy whenever he appears. However, he is not the type of a serious relationship.

Sagittarius man is fun to be with and spend some time, but he doesn’t settle. Further, this man is not faithful, at least until he falls in love hard. For the Sagittarius man, time is the most important factor. He would be wild and crazy in his younger years, while he would get more serious as the time passes by. If the Cancer woman meets him in the right timing, then they do have a chance.

Cancer woman is full of understanding. She doesn’t mind this side of the Sagittarius man. Cancer woman waits for an ideal man through her life, and the Sagittarius man would seem like the one.

Yet, this woman will reveal in time that her partner doesn’t want to spend so much time at home. We all know how homebound the Cancer woman is. This will produce tensions within her, even causing sadness because he runs away as soon as he wakes up.


However, the Sagittarius man likes to be on the run. If the Cancer woman would want to go with him wherever he would take her. In this situation, the Cancer woman wants to stay home and is offended by his behavior. She wouldn’t be able to see that she should adapt to him more, without the need to understand him completely.

When the Sagittarius man is in the good mood for loving, the Cancer woman will blossom beside him. This man knows how to make her smile, to give her motivation and energy and to protect her.

Sagittarius man actually likes the type of a woman like the Cancer woman, as she is perfect for marriage. But, when it comes to relationships, she is definitely not his dream couple.

Cancer woman is truly attracted to the Sagittarius man. His physical appearance is attractive, but his mental features are a big plus. He would want to protect the Cancer woman from the outer world, enjoying his role. She is a warm, gentle lady who needs a strong man. In this sense, they will be compatible.

Intimacy between these seems like a hot and cold game. Sagittarius man is fiery and likes to be intimate with his woman, it doesn’t matter about the time and the place. However, the Cancer woman is romantic and wants to make a special time for love. She would refuse the Sagittarius man a couple of times, what will make him angry.


Sagittarius man likes to explore and find out new things, meet new people and cultures. When he notices the Cancer woman, she would intrigue him, as she is mysterious. This wakes up the spark of the detective within the Cancer woman. She will cooperate, as this woman would go out bit by bit out of her shell. The optimistic attitude of the Sagittarius man shows this lady how life is beautiful and there is no reason to be sad and alone.

However, it is hard to make the Cancer woman go out of her house. She would let off her shell, but her house – never. Sagittarius man would be bored to see her all the time in this kind of atmosphere. He likes to have fun and go places. Cancer woman should cooperate if she wants to keep the Sagittarius friend.

Sagittarius man and the Cancer woman function differently. He is hyperactive and fiery, while the Cancer woman is calm and quiet, even passive. How can you reconcile these two characters? They need to have enough time to show each other some good sides.

There is a good side of the Cancer woman’s steadiness and stability, but there is a good side of the Sagittarius man’s optimism and energy. They just need to realize that.

Interesting Facts

The most famous Mexican artists –Diego Riviera and Frida Kahlo had a turbulent marriage. This Sagittarius man-Cancer woman combination was simply not meant to last. Diego divorced from his first wife and married to much younger Frida. Yet, the marriage didn’t last long. Are you ready for a surprise? These two REMARRIED.

However, when something brakes once, it is impossible to mend it together again.


There is a mutual desire within the Sagittarius man and the Cancer woman to be together. Yet, the initial fascination goes away fast, so they are left with their differences. Cancer woman might understand some aspects of the Sagittarius man’s personality, but the others offend her. He would want to wander, while she wants to stay home.

How, in this case, can they be together? As you see, it is pretty impossible. Yet, if the Sagittarius man would want to settle down in his mature age, these two might have a chance.