Sagittarius Man and Aries Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

When you bring together two Fire signs, then you should expect fireworks or flames. Sagittarius man and Aries woman carry the same energy. They are intense, active, temperament, and impulsive. It might be a little bit nasty when two fires collide, as this would spice up the situation. Sagittarius is famous for his optimistic views of life, while the Aries woman is fearless and open.

This couple would enjoy this relationship, feeling the fire of their love, which can last for a lifetime, only if they ease it up sometimes.

Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius man has great ambition. This man is capable of biggest transformations when it comes to the job. He has an instinct of what is the most profitable thing, and when to get into this adventure. Sagittarius man is fearless, intelligent, confident, and reliable.

This man wanders through his whole life. Yet, it doesn’t mean he is lost or that he is searching for something. He just needs some excitement from time to time. Sagittarius man can get bored easily if he follows everyday classical patterns. He is curious and likes to meet new people, new cultures, and places. This man would be flattered if you join him on some of his trips, as the Sagittarius man doesn’t like to be alone. He doesn’t insist on being with someone all the time either, as he needs some time only for himself.

Sagittarius man is a type who wants to get to the core of everything. He is even interested in philosophy and religion, even mystical sciences. His soul craves for new information. Sagittarius man is talkative and open, but he also likes to listen to the other people. His brain is like a magic sponge, soaking up everything that he hears. Yet, he can miss on some details as he can get too excited when listening to something that really interests him.

Sagittarius man’s ruler is Jupiter. Jupiter is the main among the Gods, and the God of thunder and the skies. That is why you will recognize dignity and nobleness within the Sagittarius man. He is usually tall and has a strong and full figure. Jupiter is the one who gives him that dose of ambitiousness and takes his every move in the right direction. Sagittarius man is a born leader, just like his ruler, and is righteous and generous.

This man is simply born under the lucky star. Sagittarius man has a big heart, he is charming, charismatic, and has a soul of a gambler. It makes his exceptionally interesting for the opposite sex. He has many friends, but women are his true passion. This man likes to flirt and play, as this amuses him very much. Be careful but enjoy the game yourself. Sagittarius man would act like he is all yours, then he would become distant, and would repeat this numerous times.

Sagittarius man would like to be with a woman who can understand all his passions and desires. It would be great if this lady would be adventurous just as he is, so they can travel the world together. Great thing is, he is not jealous or possessive. He will give you some space, but you should respond the same way. This guy is passionate, as you can already say by his reactions. He usually changes partners often, in order to find the one whose passion can compete with his.

Aries Woman

Even though the Aries woman might act a bit different than the most of the women you know, you will simply like her style. Aries woman is a bit aggressive, she talks loudly and has hands gesticulation. What is the most important, you always know where do you stand with this woman. She is direct and honest. You always know what is on her mind. Just give her some space, as the Aries woman often loses patience.

Aries woman wants to make a success in life. She doesn’t look behind, but always in front of her. Her future is bright, as this woman has her goals and walks confidently towards them. Aries woman is a trustful person and you can rely on her. She would give you an advice that is best for you, it doesn’t matter if you like it or not. But, believe us when we say that she is always right.

When the Aries woman loses her head, this woman can be rough and unapproachable. If she thinks she knows something best, let her think that way, as she is stubborn and wouldn’t change any of her opinions. Sometimes the Aries woman doesn’t understand herself, but either her closes friends. This phase will pass, and then she will be the old, warm and compassionate Aries woman.

This woman is active. You can see her in the gym, on a football game, she would run with her dog in the morning. Shortly said – the Aries woman is unstoppable. That energy that runs through her body is inexhaustible.

Aries woman has her feminine side, too. Don’t expect to be her best buddy and still give her signals that you want to be with her. Aries woman requires that men respect her. She is aware that she leaves an impression of a woman who doesn’t care much about what the other people think, but her soft side is hungry for affection, respect, and tenderness of a man.

When the Aries woman falls in love, she gets completely new energy. She is usually strong, confident, powerful, but in this case everything doubles. That gives her the strength to do anything for her partner. She can make, out of her endless support, a man who is with her spoiled and disinterested. Aries woman should let her man fight for them both. It is very important that she meets a man who has a strong personality, someone even stronger than she is.

Yet, even though the Aries woman likes to receive love and attention, she has some limits here. As this lady appreciated freedom, don’t push her too much. Aries man is kind of scared of men who are too jealous or possessive. Even showing emotions too much and too often would chase her away.

Love and Marriage

Sagittarius man and the Aries woman share a mutual sense for adventure. These two are the Fire signs. It makes them very active, both in everyday life and in the bedroom. This couple can experience long and sensual moments of intimacy, knowing how to please each other physically.


Sagittarius man has a strong and thick body, while the Aries woman is a strong woman. They would see the bedroom as the ring in which they would enjoy mutual challenging, making it even more interesting than it is. You will maybe see some smoke getting out of their windows, as the situation here usually comes to ecstasy.

Aries woman would always smile and laugh when she is in the Sagittarius man’s company. This man is hilarious. This is exactly what the Aries woman misses in her life – some positivity, optimistic energy. She is not grumpy at all, but this woman is sometimes too involved with her job. With the Sagittarius man, the Aries woman would shine out as a star.

These two fires are very likely to get into an argument. It wouldn’t be pleasant to see or hear a part of their clash, but it won’t last long. They will light up in a second, and in the other one they will turn off. Sagittarius man and the Aries woman know how to handle each other well when it comes to these situations. That is why they don’t give it much attention even after a serious conflict.

A great aspect of this relationship is a mutual trust. Neither of the partners is jealous. They both ask for some free time and space, and that is what they will get. It is hard to find a couple who would understand so much each other when it comes to this question. Sagittarius man and the Aries woman have faith in each other, and both of them are confident.


Sagittarius man and the Aries woman would have many topics to talk about. They are on the same level, intellectually and mentally. These two can talk about some serious life matters, but their friendship would be more about having a good laugh and traveling together.

Sagittarius man and the Aries woman would do the most extreme and exciting things together. This way they would make some great memories, which will strengthen their friendship.

It is possible that both of them would feel some kind of physical attraction towards each other, as they would tease and trick all the time. It creates some cheeky tension between the Sagittarius man and the Aries woman, but they would be smart enough to skip this part if they don’t believe they would make it as s couple.

The friendship of the Sagittarius man and the Aries woman would make anyone jealous. This can make an issue if any of them is in a committed relationship. They should avoid deeper contact if they want to keep their partner by their side.

Interesting Facts

Benjamin Bratt and Talisa Soto are one of the cutest Hollywood couples. These two actors have been married for almost 16 years now. They even work together, filming series, which shows us that the Sagittarius man and the Aries woman are compatible both privately and professionally.


Sagittarius man’s optimism will wake up strong emotions within the Aries woman. He is also caring, but never too pushy and tender to her partner. Aries woman would adore that just right dose of the love her partner gives. She would support him in everything he does and even join him in his actions, which is something the Sagittarius man looks for.

These two make one of the most compatible combinations among the zodiac signs, as almost no other sign would understand that fire within them that well.