Sagittarius Man and Aquarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Sagittarius man and an Aquarius woman make a smooth match. They have a lot in common, as both of them want to grow together in a relationship, but keep a degree of freedom and independence at the same time.

Yet, the Aquarius woman is much calmer than the Sagittarius man, who has an impulsive reaction when it comes to love. Sagittarius man and the Aquarius woman will understand each other when it comes to friends, as none of them will be jealous or too needy. They will give each other some space, while they will spend enjoyable moments together, building a strong and long-lasting relationship that has chances to overgrow to a marriage.

Sagittarius Man

You can easily recognize the Sagittarius man by her cheerful nature, as it shines of him. He is the Fire sign, which makes him active and enthusiastic. Sagittarius man knows how to make a good atmosphere. His jokes are hilarious, so you will smile for sure if you are in his company. This is the Sagittarius man’s most famous characteristic.

Sagittarius man is a very honest person (sometimes too honest). He sometimes says things in an imprudent way and hurt the person he is talking to. Sagittarius man surely doesn’t have bad intentions, but the lack of tact in his behavior might look that he is cold and cruel. However, he wants to reveal everything to the tiniest detail. If he wishes you good, be ready for situations like this.

Sagittarius man is the Fire sign, as we mentioned above, so this makes the story logical. His fiery temper moves him, so he does things without much thinking. Sagittarius man is just spontaneous – accept him this way.

Further, the Sagittarius man is deeply emotional. His emotions burn deep within him, but you will rarely see it. This man is capable of exceptionally strong love and affection, but only a few people in his life will get the chance to feel it. Still, if you show him that you are not too clingy or needy, the Sagittarius man will open up bit by bit. Let him live without a pressure, as this reveals the true nature of this man.

Sagittarius man is loyal once he commits to one woman. However, until he decides to commit, he will change partners often, making a fun of it. Women are charmed by the Sagittarius man’s smile.

He has that positive, magnetic energy, which makes him attractive. He will make you feel special for a moment, but don’t lull yourself in this picture too much, as the Sagittarius man likes to treat a woman that way. In order to make him stay by your side, don’t try to tie him down and be optimistic and fun.

Aquarius woman

This woman puts freedom in the first place. We can say that she is in love with it. Aquarius woman does everything with ease. As she is the Air sign, everything flows easily and lightly. Even though this woman likes to explore and experiment, she sticks for the old things just in case something goes wrong.

She might seem calm and balanced, which is true, but in some cases, this woman shows her restless nature. Aquarius woman is a true rebel once she is faced with confrontation. What is more, she can be very stubborn in some situations.

Aquarius woman has many goals in life and is busy, but she will always find some time for her friends. She is sociable and open, so people approach her easily. If you get to a best friend phase with the Aquarius woman, know that she will stay your best friend for a lifetime. Aquarius woman is a loyal friend and will stand by your side no matter of the situation.

As we already mentioned, the Aquarius woman is an adventurer and likes to roam around a bit. Yet, she always looks back through her life. She does that to compare herself now and then and see how far she has come. Aquarius woman is somehow always attached to the past and past memories, experiences, people she used to be closed to etc. Besides freedom, loyalty is the value she appreciates the most. Aquarius woman would shop in the same store for years or go to the same restaurant, as this is a way to express loyalty, too.

This lady is a confident and strong, but you might be tricked by her calm appearance. However, as we already mentioned, there is another side of the Aquarius woman. She will surprise you with her straightforwardness and openness. You might also get the impression that the Aquarius woman doesn’t tend to be emotionally involved in relationships and that she enjoys passable adventures the most.

She will surely have an adventure now and then, but this lady actually loves to be in love and waits for her prince charming. Aquarius woman will become your best friend and your lover, but make sure you don’t press her too much. Give her the freedom she asks, and there will be no problems.

Love and Marriage

Sagittarius man and the Aquarius woman are determined to last. Of course, we won’t guarantee that they will stay together for a lifetime, but their relationship won’t fade away fast. Both of them are free souls and adventurers. Sagittarius man will finally get a companion he has always dreamed of, as the Aquarius woman is open for excitements as much as he is.

These two have a similar way of thinking and similar emotions. However, this might produce some arguments from time to time. They are passionate about things they do, so their fights will be as passionate as it is possible.


Sagittarius man is truly positive and optimistic, but the Aquarius woman will increase this side of the Sagittarius man and inspire him, so he would do new things and come up with great ideas. The fact that they share many interests and values makes the Sagittarius man and the Aquarius woman attracted to one another. If the Aquarius woman is master in something, then she is a master of creativity. Sagittarius man will adore this side of hers, as he would realize how pure this side of his partner is. They will search for novelties in life and enjoy in their spontaneous and free nature.

Freedom is one more of their mutual values. Aquarius woman, a maiden, will find the support and motivation in the Sagittarius man, as he will give her the chance to stay high in her imaginations.

However, even the Sagittarius has his limits, so the Aquarius woman will have to tell him everything that she dreams of. Sagittarius man is so curious that you can’t even hide something from him. Aquarius woman will also give him the time and space he needs, so both of them will be content.


When the Sagittarius man’s energy meets the Aquarius woman’s intelligence, you get the best of friends. These two are a dream team when it comes to innovations, adventures, even arguments. One thing is sure – this is a fun and dynamic friendship.

These two play different roles in this friendship, but this only makes the connection stronger. Sometimes the Sagittarius man will see the Aquarius woman as unconventional, while she will think she is too much to handle. Yet, as they have an open communication, they will smooth the things out.

Jupiter is the Sagittarius man’s ruling partner, while Uranus rules the Aquarius woman. We can say with certainty that these two plants go well with one another. Sagittarius man and the Aquarius woman will be happy when they are together, as they strengthen and motivate each other. They make a unique combination of knowledge, discipline, development, innovations, and strength.

Sagittarius man is the Fire sign, while the Aquarius woman is the Air sign, but they do get along well. Aquarius woman will always come up with some experiment, while the energetic and enthusiastic Sagittarius man will follow. If you combine these two, they can invent a space shuttle. In every case, the Sagittarius man and the Aquarius woman are a productive and creative team.

Interesting Facts

Brad Pit and Jennifer Anniston made one of the most famous and intriguing couples among the modern history couples. They were married but divorced after four and a half years. However, even after the divorce, the world was constantly talking about these two. This Sagittarius man and the Aquarius woman split up as the actor fell for Angelina Jolie, whom with he filmed “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”.

Jennifer went through the hard times after the separation, but she healed with time. On the other side, a seemingly happy marriage of Brad and Angelina fell apart this year. Is this the possibility for Brad and Jennifer to get together again?


Sagittarius man and the Aquarius woman are great friends who feel endless physical attraction towards each other, which is probably the best possible combination. This combination is a bit unusual, as the Sagittarius man and the Aquarius woman have some weird ideas sometimes. Yet, they actually enjoy in being weird together. Both the Sagittarius man and the Aquarius woman are friendly and open for new contacts.

There will be no jealousy within these two, but the Sagittarius man might get a bit too interested in everything his partner is doing. As long as these two have some degree of freedom, physical pleasure, and laugh a lot – there is no space for separation. With a very few changes, these two might be together for a lifetime.