Sad Dreams – Meaning and Symbolism

One thing must be clear, and the dream world can be seen as the place where we can see a transparent reflection of the difficulty that is troubling us in everyday life or dilemma and the issues we face.

And this is normal since every human being on this planet have problems and there are many things that make us sad, and often times that sadness is connected to the people we love very much.

While we sleep and a cognitive process takes place, that is, the presentation of personal understanding and attitudes about what is bothering us and what dream really is working.

So, in this sense, it is really good to know that you can find all the answers that you seek in your dream, regardless of what that dream it can be.

It is said that there are certain patterns of dreams that are constantly appearing in human dreams and usually in some lifetime they are almost all people, regardless of the country and culture they belong to have those dreams.

Now, in our lives, all people, regardless of how they show it, and what is the cause for those dreams, dream of their feelings.

Among them, many times people dream of their sorrow, pain and sadness, as these are the feelings that trouble all people in the world, regardless of their social status, money, and general life.

We all have those moments in life (more than once, depending on personality, some people are much more sensitive, and they have much more these feelings) that we experience sadness, and it is normal that we transfer those feelings into our dream world; or, as it happens in the majority of cases, the dream world is saying us something with the Sad dreams.

What does it mean? And is such dream a recognition that we are going to be sad in our everyday life?

Read the text below, and you will find the answer you need, we believe that the majority of your fears will disappear.

Meaning of Sad Dreams

First of all, before grasping what kind of meaning and symbolism this dream carries, we need to define what sadness is in our real lives?

The definition of sadness says that it is the feeling that is the opposite of joy or happiness, or all those feelings that put the smile on our face.

Now, in some cases, but not in all cases, this dream can mean that if you are sad in your dream world, it is plausible that you will also be in your real life.

In some extreme cases, you can expect the loss of a loved one and a close person – this does not have to be death, but a loving person could walk out of your life, in some way.

But this dream also signifies one more thing – it is a wake-up call to realize that it should have been so and that it was the best solution for that person at that moment. When the mourning period passes (or after you wake up and realize what is going on in your life and whit people who are close to you), expect the return of joy into your life!

The symbolism of Sad Dreams

Now, there are many variations of this dream, since sadness is a feeling that is common among all people, it just depends on what causes it.


If you had a dream that you are the one who is sad, it could be an indication that you will happy in real life; it is also possible that a close person will be pleasantly surprised from you, or that that person will make you happy.

In fact, here everything comes from that expectation that we want some feeling to go away so that there can be room for happy memories.

If the sadness in a dream is mild, it can signify that you will spend some good time with someone who you like very much, and it is the loving person who you could not dedicate due to obligations.

If the sadness in a dream is more prominent, it can be a symbol that you miss someone so terribly that you cannot stand being separated anymore.

If your dream revolves around someone else’s sadness, this is much more “dangerous” in real life, since it signifies helplessness.

It is a symbol that you are desperately trying to help a person in distress – and the sadness comes from the feeling that you are doing everything you can and you still cannot make that person happy.

If you dream that you make someone very sad and that you are also unhappy about it, it can be a symbol of some kind of exaggeration on your part.

It may happen that you will be angry or disappointed and that you will transfer such a mood to someone who has not done anything to you.

You are sad in a dram since you have realized that you have done something bad and you desperately want to redeem yourself for such behavior.

If you see in a dream a person, and it causes you to feel sad, it means that you are in a stage of a life where you are overly sensitive.

It is clear that in real life, you are the person that hits everyone, so people often have to hide bad news from you or look for the right way to communicate them to you. You are the cause of the problem, not other people.

If you dream that you did something bad to others and you feel regret and sadness, it indicates that you will tell the person concerned about the good news.

It is a good sign – this may be the opportunity to tell someone who you like very much something that he has long wanted to hear.

Here, often times it is all about people who are close to you, and who want to consult you about many things.

If in a dream, you saddened a child, it has one fascinating symbolism. It is a sign that you are about to fight some form of injustice somewhere close to you. It is plausible that in real life, something terrible will happen to a person who has not burned an ant in his life. You will do everything to help that person because you will consider it to be your moral duty.

Do I have to be worried?

Having said all this, we believe that there are not many reasons to be unhappy or worried if you had a sad dream in any shape or form, cause in the majority of cases it can be something else in reality.

If you were sad in a dream, it could mean that happiness is what awaits you in real life. Most often, this dream has got to do with other people who are close to you, the closest possible.

It can be a reflection of their sadness, and the dream represents your desire to help them and to make them happy.

For some, this dream can mean that they will have a peaceful and happy period in the near future.

In some, more extreme cases, when these or similar dreams repeat themselves and take a form of a nightmare then maybe there is a reason t be a bit worried.

It can be a signal that something bad or discomforting will happen to you and the dream is preparing you to deal with such a problem, the mind is reacting faster than everything else. The body feels and follows the mind, so it is not uncommon that such a dream is followed by tears in real life.

And if those dangerous and deep feelings are connected to people who are close to you, it just means that you are worried about them, fearing that they will have similar problems that you had once.

What should I do if I had this dream?

First of all, and as you were able to see in this article, this dream does not have to carry negative connotation at all, it can mean something different in reality.

What you should do if you had such a dream is to try to see what your disappointments are, learn from them and just be happy.

Try not to think about negativity. San may be a reflection of how you feel in your waking life, and in the majority of cases, it is a dream about someone else’s sadness.

So you should either see if this may be just a projection of one’s own feelings, or it is a representation of your care for that person, and it is a fear that something bad it could happen to that person that can make him or her sad.


To sum up this story, it needs to be said that dreams that are sad, does not have to be those dreams that should cause us to worry and that they mean that we are going to feel sadness in our everyday life.

Most of the time they are the bearers of something that is opposite, like joy, but, depending on a dream itself, it can mean that we are worried about someone who we find close to our hearts, and we see their sadness as ours.

It is not a bad idea to let this dream affect your life in the sense that you could ask yourself who you are and what are those things that you find are sad.

Maybe soon than you expect will find so many more reasons to be happy and not sad.