Sacral Chakra Opening Symptoms

Sacral Chakra is the channel for the creative flow of life. The sacral chakra connects us to the etheric and emotional body, it stands for the creative-creative flow of life energy, our relationship to earthly liveliness and our passion for life. It connects us with our emotions, our desire to taste life and our thirst to experience ourselves as an incarnated soul in the flow of energy.

The sacral chakra also stands for our creative power, our ability to become the channel for the creative-creative power of the universe.

Here lies our spontaneity, our desire for variety, for new experience, for creativity even in the most everyday things. The element of the sacral chakra is the water – it connects us to the flow of vitality that is fresh and fresh every moment.

The rich and deep world of emotions allows the soul a sensual, direct, intense and colorful experience of the material universe. Through them, the creative play of the life energy from a purely contemplative view to a poignant, the whole being grasping experience of life.

Blockages of the sacral chakra: trauma and shame

This is an extremely intense experience for the soul in every way. So intense that we tend to either identify very strongly with our emotions or become so overwhelmed by this powerful experience that we close ourselves to it. Not infrequently behind a closed sacral chakra is the fear of losing oneself in emotions or not being able to endure them.

Another theme of the sacral chakra is shame. Through us, the creative flow of life energy wants to move, animate, ignite our passion, let the expression of life through us be completely sensual, original and pure.

However, this is not always desired by the environment, especially in infancy, and the original, emotional self-expression is prevented or punished from the outside. The feeling of passion, originality, flow of life is so connected with the feeling of being false – the shame has interrupted the natural, creative flow of life energy through us. Shame is another very intense experience for the soul, because shame does not believe “I did something wrong” but “I’m wrong”.

At the latest, when it comes to sexuality, shame is a collective issue, because hardly anyone has learned to follow his original impulses here and to show himself completely in the vulnerability of these strong energies.

A balanced sacral chakra leads to feelings such as well-being, enjoyment and joy. When the chakra is out of balance, the result is emotional instability, fear of change, sexual dysfunction, depression or addiction.

On the physical level, there is a unbalance in symptoms such as low back pain, discomfort with your reproductive organs, menstrual disorders, urinary tract infections, kidney or bladder complaints, impotence, pain during sex or even hip problems.

On the mental level, an unbalanced Sacral expresses itself in addictions, suppressed feelings and lack of creativity or timidity. You feel powerless and unmotivated, maybe even guilt and mood swings are added. It can lead to self-denial but also self-love, stubbornness, jealousy, low self-esteem and eating disorders.

People with a balanced sacral chakra often seek to distance themselves from loved ones or trusted persons and when they give, they do so out of a sense of duty rather than love.

How to balance your Sacral Chakra

The second chakra stands for joy and pleasure. With his help, we experience the world through emotions and sensual experiences. By appreciating your body and treating it well, you bring balance into your body. Connect with your feelings and see which of them you hold on to. These are exactly the feelings that you should devote to working on and finally letting go.

Open the sacral chakra – open to life

But not only our parental education, our religions have also given a sense of shame to the realm of emotions and passion. From a subtle, mental realm, the experience level of emotions actually seems almost chaotic and a little animalistic, and has been classified as “low” in not a few traditions.

But if we look at this desire to taste life, to flow into the world, to dance the sweet dance of sensuality with creation from an innocent, pure level, we can see that it can rather be a deeply transcendent experience, in which the creative divine in us meets the creation. Emotions are not chains to bind us, they are the experience of God’s creation.

Together with the root chakra, engaging in the experience level of the sacral chakra is one of the key steps to truly engage in life and incarnation.


Opening the sacral chakra: releasing the attachment to emotions

For this, it is necessary to solve the attachment to emotions so far that they neither wash away nor addict us. However, loosening attachment does not mean dissociating oneself from the emotions, but, on the contrary, remaining fully present in the body, completely allowing the experience, but no longer being defined by it. We realize that we are the canvas, not the movie that is shown on it. This gives us the freedom to fully admit and hold the film without fully identifying with it.

The sacral chakra is also the gateway to many emotional dependencies and attachments, especially to certain forms of relationships. In our development we have learned to associate certain things, people and relationships with certain emotions and to develop patterns, to avoid unpleasant experiences and to recreate positive emotions. The experience of joy, happiness, passion, security, warmth, love are no longer rooted in ourselves, but attached to external objects and people. This not only makes us dependent and not free, but also prevents us from truly following our authentic joy in life.

One could say that authentic emotions and feelings are a spontaneous response of the soul to the truth of the moment, whereas our emotional programming is a memory from the past that we fatally force upon the present – even if it often has nothing to do with it To be able to reopen fully to the flow of creative life energy through us is to shed our shame, to release the identification with emotions and to look at our emotional dependencies and programming.

The deeper mystery of the sacral chakra

The sacral chakra is the place where the creative power of the universe created by us. As an external, physical symbol, the sacral chakra is connected to our internal sex organs. Especially in the uterus there is a strong symbolism, which refers to the deeper aspects of the sacral chakra. Not only the procreation of physical life, but all our creative creations are closely related to the sacral chakra. Here our manifestations receive power and energy.

Through the sacral chakra we literally energize words, thoughts and creative creations of all kinds, here our manifestations receive the power to really come into the world. Everyone knows the power of a passionate speech, an emotional music, an emotional scene in a movie. When we allow the stream of creative life energy through the sacral chakra and follow our true, deepest passion, we have the creative power of the universe behind us.

Our sacral chakra can literally become a portal that connects us to the power of the universe. The sacral chakra makes us a channel for the creative-creative power of the universe. The importance of the sacral chakra is also that it is the gateway to our emotional body.

Regardless of how much spiritual effort we make, how much we energize the higher chakras, or make spiritual experiences: without a clarified emotional body, we will never get this spiritual greatness into the world, never truly embody it, and manifest in our lives to our creations. Even love, even in its purest form, has an emotional component. Only when our sacral chakra opens, when our emotions clear, we become truly receptive to our heart and to love. It is also the sacral chakra through which we can manifest the love of the universe through us on earth, through which we become a channel, for the pure, joyful, and creative power of love.

The opening of the sacral chakra

The strategies for opening the sacral chakra are thus:

  • Work up on conditions of shame

For example: self-observation; Perception where original impulses are suppressed and why

  • Return to innocent originality

For example through: addressing topics such as nudity, sensual needs, closeness; Ideas of impurity to the body and animal aspects; Allow the spontaneous expression of liveliness through voice and the body

  • Sexual shame confront

For example: self-inquiry; Auseinadersetzung with your own authentic sexuality; Tantra; erotic massages

  • Live creatively

For example, through: dance, painting, singing, crafts, but also through creativity in all activities of daily life, the desire to spontaneity, unconventional, new, rediscover something else

  • Relieve emotional dependencies and programming

For example through: relationship work; Introspection; self-love

  • Release attachment to emotions

For example through: Conscious, completely present feeling of emotions, especially the physical impact of emotions

  • Follow the joy and passion

For example, by: finding out what feeds, what makes the passion to sing, where deep joy emerges and daily time to create

  • Learn to enjoy the sensuality of the body

For example by: tasting, smelling, feeling; Dance, especially the liberation of the pelvis; Body work; massages; Tantra massage;

  • Energetic support of the sacral chakra

For example through: energy work, chakra meditation, smoking, healing stones, singing bowls, energetic medicine, joy and nature experiences.