Robin – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

European robin, simply called robin, is a small passerine bird of a lovely appearance, a member of Musccicapidae family.

This adorable flycatcher performs pleasant melodies and cheers our hearts up whenever we hear them.

Robins are called ‘redbreasts’, because of their specific feather pattern. They are small sized, similar to sparrows.

Adult robins, both male and female, have their upper body part feathers colored in grey shades (their backs, wings and tails), while their breasts, throats and faces are of orange-red color. Robins’ tummies are of pale or white feathers.

Robins live all over Europe. Every forest with dense trees and bushes is a suitable home for those songful fellows.

They love old beech forests the most, but you could also meet them in parks, gardens and in fields. Robins live close to people and it is common to see them near houses and in yards.

These cuties have black, shiny eyes, small beaks and really love to sing.

Robin’s song is not only a beautiful melody. Whenever these birds choose a good spot to lay eggs, they sing a song to announce others that particular place is taken;

Robins love comfort and coziness, so they make their nests in hidden, secured places, such as old logs, in shrubs or even on ground.

It is not uncommon for them to settle in deserted ground holes of some small mammals or to make nests under stones or tree roots.

If the spot they have chosen were not protected enough, robins would make the roof and walls by themselves. This behavior surely gives an idea about robins’ symbolism.

Robins love comfort and coziness and always make sure their nests and eggs are safe and secure;

These lovely songbirds are appreciated for their hunting skills and useful to people. They feed on bugs, worms, snails and some sorts of berries.

During the period they raise up their young ones and nurture and feed them, areas they inhabit became free of those creatures people usually consider pets.

Robins are lovable park, garden and forest cleaners and people are thankful for their excellent job.

Lovely robins feed on all sorts of small insects, spiders, worms, larvae, snails and berries and make excellent purifiers of areas they inhabit;


Robin symbolism and spiritual meaning

This small, grey-brownish bird with red breasts is very popular amongst people. How could it be not?

Traditionally, in many European countries, robins represent joy, renewal, rebirth and it is associated with beginning of spring, but it symbolizes joys of winter holidays, as well.

By its melodic songs, a robin calls people to come out their homes and embrace all beauties of life, to enjoy natural wonders, no matter how sad or poor our world might be.

Robins cheer up people’s hearts and return smile on faces of the most misfortunate ones.

Lovely robins are commonly featured on Christmas cards and decorations and are believed to bring joy and happiness to all people;

European symbolism of robins

Robins have been loved and appreciated by people since antiquity. Old legends about them have roots in ancient mythologies of European continent and tell us about robins’ connection with New Year and Christmas.

In these stories, robin symbolizes sacrifice and spiritual rebirth.

During medieval era, Europeans identified robins with Jesus Christ and ascribed them many Christian symbolic meanings. One of these stories explains how the robin got his red breast feathers.

According to an old Christian story, a lovely robin wanted to help Jesus and remove thorns from his wreath. The courageous little one tried to take them off, but it only hurt its breasts.

Since that time, people have been believing robins proudly wear their red feathers as a sign of honor;

There is another inspiring Christian legendary explanation on how did robin get his red breast feathers. It is a tale about baby Jesus and a fireplace. The story goes like this.

In the night of the first Christmas, while baby Jesus had been sleeping in his crib, the stall was very cold and only weak flames of fireplace were slightly warming up the room. Mary had not strength to lighten it up.

No stall animal wanted to help her!

A little robin flied into the stall, only at that time, the bird did not have red feathers on its breasts. Little robin saw what was happening and tried to lighten up the flame by flapping his wings.

He was so close to flames that they burned his feathers and hurt it! However, the robin managed to make the fire burn high and soon the room was warmed up.

Virgin Mary was grateful to the little robin and she said: “Let your red breasts always remind people of the brave and honorable act you did”. Therefore, since that Holy Night, robins have red breasts.

Indian tribes’ symbolism of robins

Many Native American tribes appreciate robins, as well. In Americas, there is very similar specie to European robin, so interpretations about them could also be taken into consideration.

Native Americans have delicate understanding of animal spirits and their symbolism.

They appreciate and admire these little fellows for their pleasant nature and associate them with solar energy.

Indian tribes associate lovely robins with the Sun and think of them as a symbol of dawn and renewal, a new day beginning and a hope of better tomorrow;

These people believe robin’s red breasts symbolize the birth of dawn, identifying robins’ red feathers with colors of sunrise sky.

Robins have yellow beaks, which are believed to have some relation with the Sun. Thus, they consider these little songbirds fortunate and hope waking.

Some tribes believe robins spread sunrays by their wings. Tribes from flatlands associate robins with the beginning of spring, new day, rebirth and renewal, similarly to European beliefs.

Indian tribes also associate robins with wisdom, prophetic vision and clarity, because of white rings around their eyes;

There are numerous beliefs and superstitions about these adorable animals. Most of them are very positive, while beliefs about harming or killing robins are usually believed to bring bad luck and misfortune.

Well, you must be really cruel to hurt such a lovely, delicate and benevolent being.

Let us discover what do superstitions have to say about robins.

Robin superstitions

People believe robins bring good luck and happiness to our homes. Some local beliefs claim robins protect people’s houses from lightning and thunder; if a robin makes a nest under the roof, that house is secured from weather disasters.

It is also believed robins’ nests beneath roofs bring family joy, prosperity and harmony.

On the others side, destroying or damaging robins’ nests is believed to bring bad luck. It is the same with hurting these little fellows.

Chasing away robins brings misfortune and disease. It is believed a person who destroys robin’s nests would fall ill and have a misfortunate and unsecure destiny;

To see the first robin of the season is a good omen. It means a wish or desire you have will come true;

To see a robin or its nest near your home (or on your house) brings fortune and prosperity for residuals;

If so see a robin singing in the church, that is a bad omen;

If a robin sings outsides, in an open space, that means the weather will be fine;

Some local beliefs claim that if a robin flies directly into the house, through an open window, it is an omen of death;

If a robin flies into the house during the month of November, it is a good and fortunate sign;

If a flying robin hits the closed window of an ill person’s room, that person could die;

If you destroy robin’s nest or smash its eggs, you will be misfortunate and bad things will happen to you or the people around you;

To hurt or kill a robin is very bad, this brings misery, death and poverty to the actor;

To catch a robin and close it into a cage is bad, it brings bad luck;

These are various traditional and folklore beliefs about robins. Of course, those are explanations made up to help people better deal with different things that happen in their life.

It has always been much easier to ascribe some unexplainable phenomena to supernatural forces, spirits or living beings that are unable to tell us anything about that.

Robin totem and spirit animal

Adorable robins are gentle and fortune bringing totem animals. They help us discover our positive side and never to give up.

It encourages our hope in better tomorrow and makes it easier to deal with our destiny challenges. Robin totem has important lesson for people. It teaches us to be brave, honest and kind.

Robin totem encourages us to embrace life with joy and positive thoughts, even during the darkest and hardest times in our life. It is a highly motivating and supporting totem.

  • Positive and joyful

Robin people are always able to see the bright side of life. They never think bad of others and try not to stain their souls by greed, anger and vanity.

They have extremely positive approach to life and usually face difficulties with readiness

. Although they are emotional and sensitive, they are tough. They are able to deal with great difficulties, because they do not easily get unmotivated or depressed.

They believe things do happen for a reason and are aware not every situation could be perfect.

Robin people value their life and try to fill it with joy and happiness. There is no place for anger and despair, they believe.

That is the reason why others respect and admire them. Robin people are very pleasant company, intelligent individuals with a bright smile and easy to talk to.

They are friendly and will always make you feel good and relaxed. They love harmony in all aspects of their lives.

  • Modest and kind

Robin people value their peace the most. They love to spend time with their family and friends and do not need much to be happy.

Material things do not mean a lot to robin people. They would rather spend time in nature, on a journey, reading books or just enjoying the harmony of everyday life than buying expensive things or engaging with some high-class activities.

They are satisfied with themselves, appreciate and respect others for their characters, not their material success.

These people are gentle, polite and kind towards others, no matter if those is their close friends or people whom they have just met.

They keep good relations with people and do well in social situations, although they do not seek attention.

However, they could be very artistic, talented, and successful in professions that have anything to do with creativity.

  • Loving and caring

Above all, Robin people are dedicated to their families. They are ready to do anything in order to protect their dear ones and make they feel good.

They always make sure their children have everything needed for a good childhood and encourage their desires.

They support their loved ones choices and tend not to judge them. However, they would always warn them if thinking they are making the wrong decision.

  • Passionate and faithful

Robin people are passionate in everything they do. They are committed to their work; they never restrain themselves in doing things they like, even if those do not bring them material success.

They would rather fill up their souls than their wallets.

However, they are not reckless or irresponsible. Robin people are faithful or pious. However, they do not judge others upon their belief choices.

They are tolerant and understanding.