Right Ear Burning or Ringing – Meaning and Superstition

As human beings, we find our way in this world that is filled with obstacles of various kinds, by using our senses of smell, touch, taste, vision and hearing.

All of them combined can help us find our place in this world, but also, it is a known fact that when one of them does not work correctly, then the other senses take over the control.

Even more, if one sense is not functioning at all, and if the person has lost, for example, its sight, in those times others sense become much stronger, like hearing or touch.

This is something that is commonly accepted – but we must speak of another element that is connected to our senses, but from a different point of view, from one that is more spiritual in one way, and in other that is linked to superstition.

Even if this aspect is most commonly related to the superstition, we believe that there is genuinely something behind it, and we think that there is enough evidence to look at things from the spiritual point of view.

Superstitions are based on a notion that if certain things occur – if a black cat crosses your path or if your ears ring, then it means more than just a black cat and ringing in your ears. It is an annunciation of the events (good or bad) that are about to come to you. It is not just a cat and only a ring in your ear.

These may be the signals to understand better, even if there is no one and you still see someone, there is nothing burned but you smell something, there is no noise, and you can hear something. This implies that there is something behind seemingly ordinary events.

Do not be afraid, but continue to accept, be open and view, ask inquiries – is the most common advice that you can get from people who believe in superstition.

Now, we have come to the centre of this story – the ears, or to be more specific, with the right ear and the sensation of burning and ringing in it.

Are such sensations connected to good or bad things? What can they reveal and how can we be sure that it is not just a ring in our ear?

Read and you will found out.

What does it mean when Right Ear Burning or Ringing?

As you may know that in Chinese medicine, ears take an essential role – various areas of our ears are associated with particular organs and system of our body -there is a perfect match, and when you look at the position of ears, you would agree that they resemble a human fetus.

By stimulating these parts of our ear, we can cure multiple problems in our body system, cure illnesses, soothe pain, and have a certain amount of healing effect on our bodies.

And this is precisely the central idea of another way of “therapy” and “healing” where you can fix some of your problems in life if you know what your ear is telling you, and in this case, it is the right ear.

Additionally, we would like to mention one more aspect of superstition that is connected to the ears – it is said that if you want to defend yourself from the evil (and the ringing in your ear is the signal that evil is on its way), what you should do is to pull your ear, so that evil spirits can go away from you.

You can find such custom in many world countries, all around the globe, and they are similar to a certain extent.


But, another meaning that is connected to the burning or ringing of the right ear carries a positive sign – it can be a sign that good news is coming your way and that you are about to receive a message of hope or praise.

When it the Right Ear rings, other superstitions say that somebody tries to say something to you that you do not want to hear, or that somebody has the intention to hurt you. Some others say that someone is trying to help you and that is a good sign and that you are about to receive some good news.

What also must be added is that at times sensations that are connected to the right ear are related to the matter of the heart (not as expects with the left ear, as the heart is on the left side of our bodies, but the opposite). This could be a message that you will receive some good news regarding the person you are in love, or you want to be with, in a love relationship.

Also, in some countries, when a young girl gets ringing in her right ear, it is said that she should pull herself by that ear, so the man that she will marry will call her soon (send her the voice).

What does it symbolize when Right Ear Burning or Ringing?

In mythology, the ear is related to divine inspiration and the constant idea that artists and creators of the world have. It is said that the Right Ear is the gateway to the Otherworld, where all ideas that are changing our world sleep and that gods with their whisper to the ear are saying all the crucial things that they are waiting for us in the future.

For those individuals who are special, they whisper them truths and wisdom about our world, so they could spread their wise world all around it. They might feel this as a sensation of tickling, burning, or ringing.

In order to tackle the symbolism that is behind occurrences such as burning and ringing in the Right Ear, we must say that is no some general symbolism, this implies that you are about to receive information from others, but also to hear your own inner voice – probably is something from this world of wisdom and secrets.

Also, this could have an alternative symbolism, and that is the version in which you are about to receive some secret in your ear, and you’re probably upset that people are talking behind your back.

If the burning sensation is unbearable and it goes to the point that you are worried, then this is the symbol of communication problems that you might have been having in life with people who you care very much. The saying “Make yourself deaf” shows that you have consciously decided not to hear what you do not like, and sometimes this is the cause of all of your communication problems.

You may have to deal with the situations that you are avoiding and pay attention to- it will be really worth it in the end, we promise.

If you are experiencing something that is a combination of the ringing and burning, it is the symbol that you are concerned about your hearing, or maybe you need to listen more carefully to others. Your attention has been not in the right place, but you must pay more attention, because it seems that you have been missing out very much.

If the ringing occurs non-stop, then it may be an indication that you are under stress and that you have wanted to change your life, and you are waiting for the good voice that will change things for you.

Is it a good or a bad sign?

We would place this body signal in the box of good signs when we look at the majority of superstitions that speaks of the right ear and ringing and burning of it.

In the majority of superstition meanings, it is the sign that good news is coming your way, and that they could be connected to love mater – as you were able to see, many cultures and traditions around the world connect this event with the announced the arrival of great love, especially for females.

As you were able to see the ringing in the right ear can have some high and some low tones, and it can take more extended periods of time or may come at shorter intervals; it may be similar to tickle, or it can have strong noise to the point that you will wonder is everything ok with you.

Those who are not spiritually awake can also notice this phenomenon or can only notice low vibrational frequencies -this is the part where we connect this occurrence with the spiritual realm that is speaking to us.

It’s important to notice how you feel about them. Tone recognition and recognition is significant, and the reason behind it is that if we pay attention to our emotions, how we feel at the moment, we will notice the tones and their frequencies that trigger them, and then we could be on the right path of discovery of the true meaning behind ringing or burning of the right ear.

Some tones will make you happy, and some will make you restless, angry, sad (the tones with the darkness inside you, or the ones that are speaking to you to watch carefully about the darkness that may be lurking near you).


Ears are definitely a significant part of our bodies, but they are not just the hearing tools, just as Chinese medicine has proven, they represent so much more – they serve as a small body and the passage toward some areas of our lives that we cannot reach otherwise.

With them, we could hear, but not just hear, we could understand the things that may have been out of our reach for a long time.

Now, we have not mentioned the aspect of what to do when you hear ringing in your right ear or experience burning.

Every culture and tradition in the world, in the sense of superstition customs, offers some kind of “ritual” after these interesting occurrences.

You can physically pull your ear, and say something out loud, the thing that you want to meet, or the good news that you want to hear, cause you need to be aware that some Higher force is talking to you (regardless if some like to call it superstition or irrelevant event) and the tones are too strong, ask your spirits and guides or your soul, the highest order of the greatest good.

You should always remain positive, and try to get the best out of the experience – you will begin to notice the distinction that your prayers are being heard truly.

What is happening is that something is competing for your attention. Do not be afraid of it, but accept it as the best gift of all – the “voices” in your right ear may be closer to the answers that you have been looking for and need to have.