Rice – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

It is so interesting how even the smallest things that we are surrounded by can find their place in our dream life – everything can have a big meaning while we sleep. In this sense, humans often dream of food, since it is the part of our lives that represent the need, and the enjoyment that we are in contact every day of our lives.

Food is so important for people that we revolve our lives around it – one of the most important foods in the world is rice, and often part of our dream world.

This is not so surprising – rice has so many symbolical meanings, for example, it is the symbol of the abundance (during wedding ceremonies, rice is thrown on the bride and groom as a wish that they have a good and prosperous life, primarily wealth and many children.

In some countries, there is a symbolism that people share their bowl of rice as a symbol of commitment).

Most commonly a dream that is connected to the rice is a good sign that announces the improvement of wealth (some believe that rice is the symbol of money, and that is most likely connected to material wealth), family-style, work success; but if you dream of cooking it, then be persistent in representing your views on the business.

These and more explanations about rice that appears in your dream you can find in the piece below, and if you are the person who had such dreams, you should not be worried, this is a good sign.

In any case, it is a symbol of abundance, in a real-life and in a dream world also.

Meaning of a Rice in a Dream

If we want to tackle the meaning of such a dream, in some common sense, we must say that the fact that you had such dream means that you will, very soon and very fast increase your assets.

You may raise enough money for a property or take out a loan to get started or buy an apartment – it is not just a dream of material wealth but much more (even if it can be a dream of every other abundance) then you can even imagine.

It is a dream that speaks of every type of wealth, and maybe a life where you could live in abundance as long as you want.

This all depends out of your wishes and desires, as the rice in the dream just comes as a reflection of your inner needs.

Whatever it is, you can hardly wait to invest in something that will only become yours, and that will help you to become independent, in every sense of that word, it can be the annunciation that you will receive money and that you will have freedom and comfort from now on.

The Symbolism of Rice in a Dream

If we want to look into the symbolism of the rice that appears as the motive in a dream, first we will deal with the scenario where you dream that you are eating rice. Such a situation symbolizes health and overall well being (remember many customs where rice is the symbol of abundance).

If in a dream, you see yourself buying rice – this may be a signal that you are about getting into a fight that will end with a resolution that is good for you.

Such a dream may come as a reflection as a struggle that you have been having with someone you love very much – you have been trying to impose your views on them by convincing them that they are the only ones that are correct, leading to the opposite reactions to those you expect.

Do not worry, everything will resolve very fast, just in the way you want it, even if that was just buried deep in mind, but it finds its way out. This is the reason why dreams are so relevant for our physical health, and even if we want to burry something, it will find its way fast, though our sub-mind.


If in a dream, you see yourself cooking (preparing) rice – it is a sign of well-being. You can consider yourself fortunate because you live with people who are very tolerant and have an understanding of your obligations. If you do not manage to do something, they will be happy to cancel them, but do not miss out a lot.

If you are throwing rice at someone or something, it means that you are not really practical human being, as you should be, and in this sense you transfer this trait into the dream world, where this is a clear depiction to other aspects of life, such as interpersonal relationships, so you do not compromise, but ask others to accept your terms. Maybe you should try to accept that love must come as a compromise.

If in a dream you see yourself at the table, and someone else is serving you rice – it is a clear symbol that you are not burdened with formalities, it is a confirmation that you are a relaxed person who lives his life in the way that he wants to, not as someone would expect from you.

Do I have to be worried?

Often times, this is a dream that is connected to the amazing success, and it is the symbol that true friendship awaits you. You do not have to be worried in any way if you had such a dream since it symbolizes fortune. The only aspect that may be a warning is the scenario where the rice in your dream is mixed with dirt; you may be at risk of illness.

The fact that you have such a dream means that you are the person who has the soul of a hedonist, but you do your best to restrain yourself and to do what you know to be right.

Although you would prefer to be calm and never leave your comfort zone, this is a dream that gives you comfort and that you could be assured that hard work does not exclude enjoyment. It is best when these two are following one another, and when hard work is rewarded by enjoyment and abundance, or when after a period of relaxation comes a period of hard work.

The fact is that you can (and should) have the best out of both worlds, it is only up to you how will you make this happen – you are blessed with such potential and the fact that you have such a dream just proves it.

So, rice, in every culture, in many rituals around the world, and in any dream symbolism, has true positive meaning.

What to do if I had this dream?

As you were able to see for yourself, this dream has such powerful and fortunate meaning for the person who had this dream – it can be a symbol that very soon in your life you will have a chance to improve your wealth, family-style, work success. This just means that you have been in a good way, and the fruits of your labor are about to be revealed.

Count your blessings and make them even bigger and more pronounced, and just as a snowball, they will become bigger and bigger. One will follow another, and just as many as there are rice particles, there could be your blessings.

And for example, if you had a dream where you are cooking rice, means that the success comes after you have been very persistent in advocating for a business, job, and any agenda.

In the end, you do not have to do anything after you had this dream – everything that you had to do, you have already done in your life, and seeing rice in a dream symbolizes success, prosperity, happiness, fertility and warm friendships.

There is almost not any scenario where your rice does not signify happiness and peace in the home.

To dream of preparing rice marks new responsibilities that will bring you much joy – it can be a preparation for your parenting role, the one that scares you and excites you at the same time; or it can be a preparation for the next new job opportunity.


All in all, seeing (or doing anything with rice, like eating and preparing, giving it to others so they could enjoy or be fed) means that the amazing period of an exceptional family or love happiness is coming to your life.

All those blessings that are well deserved for you will follow if you had such a dream.

This is a sign that you will be able to fulfill some of the obligations that have worried you; you can expect the development of some profitable business; dreaming that you threw rice at a married couple foreshadows the good news, which is probably the case at some point.

So, almost any dream that is connected to rice is something to be happy about.

In the end, to finalize this piece, we will say that rise is an amazing dream – if an ill person dreams it, it symbolizes health, healthy well-being, overall success and comfort in life.

The gift of rice awaits your success in work and family life – is there anything else that you could want out of life?

We believe not, so the next time rice finds its way in your dream, be happy and try to keep that good vibration that you have received out of the dream, because the good things are coming your way.