Restaurant – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Any part of our lives could find its place in dreams, and in this sense, anything that we think or do in wake life could be a dream; or things that we see and places that we visit.

So, the restaurant could be a motive in a dream, and as such, it has its own symbolical value and meaning.

In a real-life, the restaurant is the place where we could satisfy our primary need – for food, but also secondary, it is the place where we could socialize with other people, preferably the ones that we love or the ones that we want to work with, for example.

But what does it mean when this place is a part of our dream world, what does it says

Meaning of a Restaurant in a Dream

Now, in some general meaning, if you had a dream about the restaurant, without any other specific details, it can be a sign that you are in a good company, your business will flourish and bring you profit and satisfaction.

If there is a person you love, with you, in a restaurant, then you could expect a comfortable period in life.

But some say that this dream does not have a good meaning – it indicates that you will have a fight with a close friend. It could be a dream about the honesty and the lack of it in interpersonal relations.

Such a dream could point out that you are a tormented by a lot of grudges that you have overlooked and let accumulate.

Also, if in a dream, you see yourself just sitting in a restaurant, it could imply that you are a person who never hurries anywhere but strives to make the most of every moment.

Many consider you frivolous and try to educate you, which only create an opposite effect and make you act even more freely.

If you are in a restaurant and you are not eating, because you do not have any money, it means that you are about to have one very unpleasant surprise.

You will probably have unforeseen expenses in the coming period that will force you to live on someone else’s account.

As you are accustomed to being independent, it will be hard for you to fall into the fact that others support you, so you will do your best to become independent as soon as possible.

The Symbolism of a Restaurant in a Dream

As far as symbolical values go, when it comes to the restaurant motive, there are numerous options regarding this dream.

So, if you see yourself just being in a restaurant, and you are not eating, or doing anything, if the restaurant is just a scenery, it symbolizes that you are satisfied and fulfilled in both material and “spiritual” sense and that you enjoy your loved ones, and you are very carefree in all your life aspects.

You are the person who knows how to enjoy, and even more important how to please people who are close to him or her.


If in a dream you just see yourself preparing to go the restaurant, it that case, such a dream symbolizes your awareness that it is time to make some decisions that have been delayed for a long time and that you will be able to manage quite easily and well in some unforeseen circumstances and situations.

But, on the other hand, if you dream that you are having a meal in a restaurant, then such a dream signifies pleasure and without burdens, and it has a bad and very negative symbolism, and indicates quarrels and conflicts with you dear persons, and because of your reckless actions, which brought them into an embarrassing situation and very embarrassing them.

If you have a dream where you are in a restaurant, and you are enjoying your favorite company – a large company of friends or new acquaintances, it has a connotation that you will soon be able to succeed in the business field, and that progress, success, power and wealth will await you.

If in a dream you see yourself alone in a restaurant, and there is no one around you, the restaurant is empty (only waiters are present, for example), then such a dream indicates that you are a person, or who does not trust anyone or who is very attentive to other people’s intentions or words, and that you are not very inclined to make new friends because you believe only to the narrow circle of people around him.

If you are sitting in a restaurant and there is literally no one – no staff or guests; such a dream is interesting. In it, you are alone, and there is no one

to “serve” you, and there are no guests, and you become aware that it is “either cheap or bad,” symbolizing in real life that you are in the face of great challenges and temptations, which in turn will give you great opportunities to realize greatness and power and wealth, and have a very beautiful and carefree period ahead of you, full of happiness and enjoyment.

If in a dream you see that you do not have enough money to pay your bill after a good meal, it is the symbol that you are facing very great financial difficulties and because you have not carefully and rationally disposed of the money earned and that you will be forced to borrow.

If you see that you are working in a restaurant, as a waiter, that you are serving guests or preparing food, it means that you are a person who does not think about yourself and your needs at all, because you have subordinated everything in life, and even though it fills in and makes you really helpful, you are essentially very dissatisfied, and you want to become more dedicated to yourself and your needs and desires.

If the restaurant that you are dreaming about is yours, and you are the boss, then such a dream indicates in the subconscious that you are subconsciously eager to be an authority and leader but are stifled by the fear of failure, or you are not even aware that you do not have enough potential and quality.

Do I have to be worried?

Depending on circumstances of a dream, as we spoke in the previous sections – in some cases, such a dream is just annotation that good things are coming your way, while in others, it means that you are about to have a serious fight with the people you care for in awake life.

Sometimes this dream is amazing for revealing a true desire and potential that you have as an individual since this dream could reveal your tendency to rule.

So, in any case, this is not a bad dream, and it can reveal many interesting aspects of your persona.

What to do if I had this dream?

The first thing that you should do is to try to think of all aspects of this dream, and to try to speak openly, what does the restaurant mean for you, as well as food. Is it just the need, or is it enjoyment and the place of happiness?

Now, the main thing is, to be honest, and to know that if this dream serve you as a reminder of what you want deep inside of you; or it can be a warning that interpersonal relations in your life are jeopardized in some way and that a quarrel is about to happen with the person you love.

Maybe you should use this dream to evaluate your relationship and to make things much better than before. Or you could use it to improve such personal connection, by revealing your true personality.


As a definition of a dream suggests, this is the place where people come to enjoy, serving food, to make acquaintances, to make business arrangements or to hold some friendly or loving meetings with food and drink.

It is said that this is not so common motive in dreams, but in some general way, it symbolizes the need for companionship and is characterized by one’s loneliness and closeness, and thus the most significant interpretations or meanings of such dreams are positive cause it speaks of the people who are close to you, in any form, It could be your family or business associates.