Red Candle – Meaning and Symbolism

Sometimes just a few candles of any kind, size, and color are enough to make the atmosphere festive, happy, and especially romantic – no one in this world does not like this kind of ambient. Just one tiny Candle makes such a difference.

But even more than that, the Candle is, from ancient times, a light that conquers darkness and, at the same time, a symbol of a human who is seeking to make contact with the energies that flow in the Universe.

He cannot see without the Candle, both literally and metaphorically. Candles help us to find our way in the darkness and overall confusion – depending on its color, and it is believed, they are directing us on a path of love, health, success, etc.

So, it is no wonder why candles are used so abundantly in religions, spiritual rituals, etc. They are a central aspect during baptisms, weddings and funerals, the most critical events in human life – we are sure that you took candles as everyday objects, but the fact is that they have their place in the most important event of human lives.

Remember any of these events; candles are present, even if they are not in the centre of the event, somewhere.

One more thing must be said, the candles are used at birth because their purpose is to keep the evil spirit away from the child, at the wedding to prevent the glaring eyes from spoiling the future of the young married couple, as well as at the time of death to shine its darkness and invoke the light of the future world.

Now, experts teach us that every different color of the Candle brings another meaning and symbolic, that is based on a different energy impulse that Candle has.

Meaning of a Red Candle

Light of the Candle regardless of its color is some general sense, is present so that its light and warmth protects us from evil, whatever that may be for us.

Evil can be a bad intention from the people who are not our friends, and it can be a fake temptation that could lead us to the wrong choice in life.

Today, in modern times, the candle burning ritual is still used as part of magical and spiritual rituals – it can be the simplest way; we light the Candle when we pray for something. It can be a prayer for the protection of all lousy stuff or gratitude for everything we have and are appreciative.

The first magical rituals that used candlelight were recorded by the Egyptians, approximately in the 3rd century BC, when they were used to promote creative dreams.

At that time it was called “dreaming the truth” – a man was retreating into a dark cave that had the only way out to the south, where he would stare at the candle flames in complete darkness.

How amazing was this, where Egyptians on something?

Nowadays, unlike some ancient times, there are numerous types of candles from which we can choose – we can choose the colors, with an aromatic note, the addition of essential oils that give the flame special magic, even in different forms.

We know that the white Candle is used as the symbol of simplicity, truth and purity, but the red Candle is something else, that also deserves special attention, and has so many uses, in a spiritual sense of that word.

Maybe not many people know of such candles, and they are not used so abundantly, but when you understand its proper usage, then you will certainly purchase at least one Red Candle, if not more.

The need for the usage of the Red Candle is essential since it speaks to the realm of love, but in a wider sense, it could be relevant for relations with our families, for example, or with friends.


If it is essential for you to have a comfortable atmosphere for a vital family (partner, friend) conversation and to increase the level of communication so that there is less misunderstanding and elevated tones, simply light a candle on the table around which the family will gather.

Having said this, it is not uncommon that the red Candle is used for the maters of heart, in any shape or form, so that you could use it to fix ruined interpersonal relations.

It possesses the energy of love, passion, and physical strength – it is powerful and connected to the inner powers of humans.

Such energy is used to summon, protect, or maintain passion, courage and love in our lives, or the lives of our loved ones – if they have lost its balance, if we do not have them, or if we want to make them better.

But, usage of the red Candle is not a child’s play, it is recommended to be used wisely, and with a lot of care, because it can summon bad things in your life (it can burn you).

Its “heat” is not something that all people could bear, and only those who can deal with such power should use it in rituals of any kind, and only those who have a healthy heart may use it.

Some suggest that the Red Candle should not be used to some extreme extent, or it can transform in its hybrid version of such energy.

The Symbolism of a Red Candle

The candle flame, which symbolizes the light of the soul in the power of rising, is considered a protection against all evils, and the alchemists also find in it a connection with the powers of heaven and the elemental cosmic life.

Additionally, such, red Candle is not cool, and is usually, unlike the white Candle, is the symbol of the Sun (the white is connected to the Moon, for example).

Now, many rituals connect us to the Realm of Love, and the tool that we use can be the Red Candle. It is a good idea to write down your wish on a piece of paper, it can be just the name of your crush that you want to be with, or it can be your current lover or imaginary lover that you will meet in the future.

This paper should be burnt and the ashes preserved to maintain the energy (the fact is that the energy of life does not end, but it changes its form). Some people carry ashes with them, so they could be reminded about their desires, or they bury it in the flower pot, so it can grow.

So, in this symbolical ritual that is dedicated to matters of the heart, since the red Candle has such energy.

We must add that red color is by some, the color of late summer, love couples, abundance, but also war and struggle. You should have in mind such symbolical value when you are using the Red Candle.

Good or Bad sign?

In Chinese society, red color is a representation of all that is connected with happiness, emotions, heart and all things that make us move in different directions from which all leads to love. Burning the Red Candle leads us to such energy that we vibrate on this level, and create such events for ourselves.

But, such a candle may have other adverse implications like evil and crisis, but it still has a very assertive vibe.

It is a symbol, visible sign that is expressing our ardent love and affection for the one for whom that Candle is lit. And if there is no such love and favor, then the Candle has no meaning, and our sacrifice is in vain.

It is recommended that all rituals connected to the Red Candle are burned on Tuesday, so that Virtues like passion, courage, protection, a day for the initiative, determination, and love energy are summoned into your life.

One more thing must be said – such events may come with sacrifice and pain (red is also the color connected to blood).

Today, this ritual could be identified with the ritual of burning a candle in a space in which one wants to meditate.

Although the primary goal is to create a special atmosphere, and for some even magic, many will still say today that the candle flame is what allows us to connect with some higher, inner knowledge and wisdom.


Among other things, so that light protects us from evil. Today, the candle burning ritual is used as part of magical and spiritual rituals.

Red is the color of courage, the color of change and determination that we all should strive in life, even if such things like change or courage may scare us to the core.

The red Candle in rituals encourages love, strength, the energy of space, passion, courage, and gives protection against magic (do not take this literary; it can be a bad intention or a devilish temptation that has an effect on your just like a magic. Her flame usually makes the conversation use quieter tones, make the interlocutors calmer and tolerant of one another.

Red candles are one of the indispensable tools if you want to preserve romance and restore a sense of community and mutual trust in the relationship. It is recommended that couples that have problems eat at least twice a week with the lit red Candle on their table so that they develop a harmonious and beautiful relationship. He would then wait for the deity not to be recognized in him.

He would then sleep, and it was believed that God or Goddess in the dream would give him the answers to the question or problem for which he sought solutions.