Red Bird, Cardinal – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Cardinals are beautiful songbirds native to North and South America.

The northern cardinal, also known as redbird, is from North America.

These birds live in gardens, woodlands, swamps and shrub-lands. The males are very territorial, and mark their territory with their song.

During the courting period, the males feed the females with seed through their beaks. They mate for life and stay together all year without parting. Pairs often travel together.

Both male and female birds have black feathers around their beaks that resemble a mask.

The name Cardinal is derived from the cardinals of the Catholic Church who wear red robes and caps.

The Cardinal bird is a very powerful spirit animal.

What does the Cardinal Symbolize?

The Cardinal can be a symbol of wealth, power, pride and enthusiasm. It is also a symbol of hope, love, relationships, loyalty and passion. It symbolizes energy and energy renewal. It reminds us to stay in focus, inspiring us to know what we want and the way to get it.

They also symbolize self assurance, confidence and strength. It reminds us to start getting to know ourselves better.

The Cardinal is also a messanger from the Spirit, reminding us how important is the connection to the Divine.
It also teaches us the importance of family, of taking care and providing for them. Cardinal birds are very good parents. They take care of their young, never leaving them alone.

They also teach us about the importance of relationships we have with our partners and the need to cherish and respect that bond.

The Meanings of Red Bird, Cardinal as a Spirit Animal

Self – importance. This is the most important meaning of this spirit animal. It teaches us to value ourselves. It reminds us that we all have our roles in life, equally important as anyone else’s. It is also a reminder to love and appreciate life and all the things that we are blessed with.

Number 12 pattern. If this bird is your spirit animal you might be noticing a number 12 pattern which often occurs in your life, meaning that opportunities and events occur in cycles of 12, like 12 hours, days, months or even years, depending on the lessons we have to learn from the Cardinal as our spirit guide.

Attention. This bird has a distinctive loud whistle. A Cardinal appearance might be calling you to pay attention to something. You need to be vigilant and notice what is going on around you. Sometimes it is a message to pay attention to your own inner guidance when deciding what is good for you.

Kindness and grace. This little bird teaches us to be graceful, but also to be kind and good to others, no matter what the situation is. Sometimes it is a reminder to practice your compassion. You probably have a gentle and unique personality which attracts people who enjoy spending time in your company.

Monogamy and relationship bliss. Cardinals are monogamous birds and they have tender and life lasting relationships with their mates.


The message this spirit animal brings you is to strive towards loyalty and faithfulness in your relationships, and you’ll be rewarded with love and respect.

Sometimes this bird appears when there are some relationship issues with your partner, as a reminder to do all you can to resolve them as quick as possible. Don’t allow problems in your relationship to grow and try solving them as quick as possible. Nurture your partner and be grateful for the blessing that you are together.

Family, parenting and providing. You are probably a wonderful parent, caring for and nurturing your children. You do your best to provide them with the best. You enjoy spending time with your family and doing things together with them.

Renewal. The Cardinal can also mean renewal after different situations in your life. You are capable of getting yourself out of various situations and you should be thankful for that.

Appreciation. This bird is a reminder not to take things in your life for granted and be thankful for all of your achievements and all the things you have in life. If you don’t appreciate what you have, you might easily lose it.
Spiritual connection. This animal spirit reminds you of the importance of the connection with the Divine.

Power and wealth. The Cardinal also symbolizes wealth and power. You probably know your goals in life and how to achieve them. Power and wealth come along with that.

Love of life and people. This bird is a symbol of love for life. You love other people and enjoy helping them.

Creativity. The Cardinal is a bird with a beautiful voice, well known for its song. If it is your spirit animal, it probably means that you are creative and have many ideas.

Aggressiveness. Sometimes you can be aggressive in your approach to get what you want and the Cardinal’s message is to take it easy and use a gentler approach.

It can also be a sign that you aren’t hesitant to attack if you are being provoked by someone. The message again is to take control of your actions, because violence can never solve anything.

Perfection. You can sometimes be such a perfectionist and you are annoyed when things are not done as you think they should be. That’s why you can sometimes be over critical.

Red Bird, Cardinal as Your Totem Animal

This is a wonderful spirit animal to have, and you should be thankful for it.

If this beautiful bird is your totem, it probably means that you are highly intuitive and you listen to your inner voice. It may also mean that you are very sensitive.

This bird as your totem might signify your leadership abilities. Maybe you are the initiator of every action and you are able to achieve success in everything you put your mind to. You are also a good strategist and you like challenges. It’s safe to say that you are always on the move, looking for new things to do. You instantaneously spot what needs to be done.

You are a person with a lot of dignity and self – respect. You are proud, but not to the point of being egotistical.
This bird as your totem might teach you to be more graceful.

Having this bird as your animal totem might reveal connections to religion and the church in some way, maybe even from some of your previous lives.

This bird is a totem of people who love life, enjoy helping others and are full of energy. It inspires you to bring joy and happiness in other people’s lives too. Do only good and you will be repaid with good.

What if the Cardinal Appears in Your Life?

A Cardinal appears in your life at different times.

Maybe it’s a sign you need more clarity with your plans and intentions. You need to make clear goals to be sure you will accomplish them and get the exact things you want.

Sometimes the Cardinal needs to warn you about the thoughts you’ve been having recently. Maybe your thoughts have been out of control and you’ve been manifesting things you don’t really want. The Cardinal’s message is to clear your thoughts and think only about the things you want to manifest in your life, not the ones you don’t want.

If a Cardinal appears, its message might be to start taking care of yourself so that you can take care of others.
Maybe its appearance is a sign for you to start working on your planned projects.

When to call on Cardinal?

You should call on Cardinal as your spirit animal when:

-You need some encouragement before an important event.
-You are feeling down or a bit depressed.
-You need an energy boost.
-You need a boost of confidence.
-You need some challenges to overcome.
-You need a break and renewal of motivation.
-You need to set some new goals.

Dreams about Red Bird, Cardinal – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about Cardinal birds are usually good signs. Such dream might be announcing a period of intense activities approaching in your life. Maybe all those projects you have been thinking about will come to fruition soon. If that is the case, you might want to make a schedule to know your priorities.

Maybe this dream is a reminder to be true to yourself and stop pretending to be something you are not.

Sometimes a pair of Cardinal birds is suggesting that a team – work is needed in your parenting duties, so be sure to get involved if your partner is doing most of the parenting work or vice versa.

A dream about a Cardinal might also signify a reunion with friends or family which will make you happy. Maybe this dream is indicating the need to spend more time socializing or with family members.

It can also be a sign of career advancement and successful business deals. Maybe it foretells a busy work schedule in the upcoming days.

This dream can also be telling you not to pretend in order to please others. Appreciate yourself and enjoy being you.