Raccoon – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Raccoons are cute little creatures. They are animals native to North America.

The raccoon has been a clan symbol of many Indian tribes. It has a mischievous nature. It often scavenges to acquire what he wants, mostly food.

He easily escapes danger and is very skilled, even known for being able to open doors.

These animals live on river or pond banks, in marshes and swamps, deserts or prairies, forests, mountains and also in cities. Their house can be a hole in the ground or somebody’s attic or shed. They aren’t choosy about their diet too and they’ll eat almost anything, like insects, plants, animals and trash if there’s nothing better on the menu at the moment. Conclusion, these animals are very adaptable.

A raccoon is a clever totem. It teaches about the need to adapt to any circumstances in order to survive and achieve success. It also reminds us to take a look at the whole picture of a situation or a problem, not just bits.

People with this animal as their spirit guide are also very curious, just like the animal itself, but they don’t jump into situations, they explore first and wisely decide their moves.

What does the Raccoon Symbolize?

Raccoons as spirit animals symbolize many things. They are a symbol of curiosity and intelligence. Raccoons are also a symbol of secrecy and disguise. They can also symbolize courage and self – defensiveness.

Raccoon as a spirit animal is also a symbol of skillfulness. They also symbolize adaptability, flexibility, exploring and adventure. They are also a symbol of confidence and balance, family ties and protection.

They can be a symbol of illusion and thievery.

The Meanings of Raccoon as a Spirit Animal

Raccoon as a spirit animal can have many different meanings. Here are some of them:

Adventure and curiosity. Raccoons are animals which enjoy exploring. Because of their curiosity, they often find themselves in awkward, even dangerous situations. They cover great distances in their adventures, and are constantly exploring.

This spirit animal might be calling you to change your life a bit and become more adventurous. They can also be inviting you to develop your curiosity.

Disguise, adaptation and secrecy. Raccoon is a symbol of transformation. It is known for its mask which symbolizes disguise and secrecy. The message it brings might be that everyone wears some kind of mask which covers his true personality.

Raccoon as a spirit animal is a symbol of the ability to adapt in different situations in order to achieve goals. A mask also signifies a change from what we are to a desired state. With a mask on our face we can be or do anything we want, without anyone knowing our true identity.

If this is your totem animal it might be revealing that you have to transform into a person you desire to become.

Sometimes it can be a message to keep your ideas secret, otherwise someone might use them before you manage to.


The symbolism of disguising can be also connected with doing something wrong and getting away unnoticed.
It also may be revealing that you sometimes use your charm to convince someone to let you do what you want or to get away with something that you want.

Courage and self – defense. One of the main characteristics of raccoons is their courage. They might be small, but they can be fierce opponents if in danger or attacked. As your totem animal, raccoons teach you how to behave in certain situations, when to let go and when to confront and defend your stands.

Exploring. Raccoon’s nature is adventurous and investigative. They are always on the move. Maybe its message to you is to explore all the options when you want something.

Eating healthy. This totem animal might be a reminder to start eating healthier and introduce some raw food, vegetables and fruit in your diet.

Adaptability. Raccoons are very adaptable and can manage to survive in almost any situation. This is probably the case with you also, if a raccoon is your spirit animal.

Flexibility. These animals aren’t very choosy, and they manage to survive with what they have at the moment. Therefore, their message can be to relax and try to adapt to any situation, knowing that you can manage any type of situation you happen to be in.

Thievery. Raccoons are animals known for their thieving habits. They won’t hesitate to grab some bird eggs straight from the nest or raid a camp, or a garbage can when no one sees them. This animal as your spirit guide might be an eye opener.

Maybe you don’t consider yourself to be a thief, but you don’t hesitate to steal somebody’s attention or energy, or “borrow” something from someone and never return it. You can also be stealing ideas from others. All of that is thievery, although we don’t call it that way, but we do take something that doesn’t belong to us.

The appearance of a raccoon might stop you from doing those things in the future, realizing their true nature.

Skills. Raccoons are very skillful. Their sense of touch is heightened as they have a hyper – sensitive front paws. They are known to wash their food when there’s a chance. They also love playing in the water with their hands.

Having such sensitive hands, the raccoon is a master for opening jars, door handles even untying knots. If he is your totem animal, you should ask yourself how you handle situations in life, do you rush without preparation or you take some time to go into action.

Family first. Raccoons are animals dedicated to their tribe and family and the protection of its members. Raccoons are providers and they’ll do anything to fulfill that role. Therefore a raccoon appearance in your life might signify the need to be more in touch with your close community and family members also.

Maybe you have distanced yourself lately, so the raccoon reminds you of your priorities. It may also be turning your attention to someone in your close circle in need of your protection in some way.

Intelligence. Raccoons are considered as very intelligent animals. If raccoon is your totem animal, you most likely possess this trait.

Raccoon as Your Totem Animal

If raccoon is your totem animal you probably have a charismatic and at the same time shy personality. You like to socialize, but mostly with people you already know.

You are also a very intelligent and curious person which enjoys exploring almost anything. You have an adventurous nature and enjoy new activities and experiences.

You have a gift for solving problems, especially because of your ability to see the whole picture of a situation, not just its parts. You are also very adaptable and usually succeed to make the most of any situation.

This spirit animal symbolizes problem solving, so having it as your spirit animal might signify having the same traits. Maybe you are a person who does anything to find out the truth and a solution to a problem. Or, it might signify that you’ll be dealing with some problems in the near future.

You are probably a person that can stand a pressure without being stressed too much. Your sense of touch is often very developed.

Raccoon encourages you to go after the things you want. You are creative and not afraid to use all your efforts to achieve success. Sometimes this totem means that you are prone to use your charm to get what you want.

This spirit animal is encouraging you to let go of things, people and situations that don’t serve you.

The raccoon as your spirit animal sometimes means that you do use your mask to hide from people and problems, decisions or consequences to the point of running away from them. Its message is to stop doing that, because running away won’t solve anything, but possibly make things worse. You should find the strength in you to take off your mask and confront your issues.

What if the Raccoon Appears in Your Life?

If a raccoon has appeared in your life, its message might be the need to let go of something, be it a person, a situation, habit or some belief you have.

Sometimes its appearance might signify some gifts that you will be offered by the universe, which you should accept.

It can signify the need to research thoroughly to find the solutions to your current problems.

Maybe your raccoon totem appeared in your life because you should stop being selfish, thinking only about yourself and start focusing on others for a change.

This animal spirit teaches you about the need to care about your well – being, but also about helping others especially if you have more than enough for yourself.

It is also a reminder to have confidence in yourself and your abilities to achieve all that you want in life and adapt in every situation, making the most of everything. You are also able to create new opportunities for improving your life and the lives of the ones dearest to you. Remember to consider every situation from all prospective.

Raccoon also inspires you to go after your desires and dreams.

This totem might be reminding you that it is time to take your mask off and be more open to others.

When to call on Raccoon?

You should call on Raccoon as your spirit animal when:

-You decide to live an honest life, without lies and deceptions.
-You are prepared for major life transformations.
-When you are ready for some life changes.
-When you want to show your true personality to the people around you.

Dreams about Raccoon – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about raccoons might not be good signs. Often they symbolize some sort of deceit and betrayal.

Maybe such a dream, signifies that someone is not being honest with you or is deceiving you, or you are doing that to someone. It may also mean that someone close is hiding something from you.

Raccoons can also symbolize secrets that you have or the need to hide something. Maybe the message of that dream is to reveal your secrets to those around you.

Sometimes a dream about raccoon might symbolize the need to provide for someone or protect someone. It can also reveal that you have been secretly helping someone without revealing your identity.

This animal in a dream might be a forewarning of a theft in the near future.

This dream may also be a warning that dishonesty doesn’t pay off, so do your best to correct your mistakes and live a peaceful and honest existence.