Quail – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Quails are birds from the pheasant family. These birds, originally from North America, can also be found in the rest of the world, like Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and Australia.

There are 32 different species of quails. They live in bushy areas, woodlands and in open spaces.

Quails are small birds. They have black, white, gray, brown and blue feathers. Some quail species have a crest on the top of their head which moves when the bird is walking.

These birds are not excellent flyers, but are able to fly short distances. They spend most of their time on the ground.

Some species are active during the day and some are more active during the night.

Quails eat plants and other animals, mostly seeds, wheat, leaves, barley, berries, worms and grasshoppers.

They produce various sounds, such as grunts, cackles and high pitched sounds, to communicate among themselves.

They take care of their feathers so they often bath in the dust to eliminate pest from them. When they feel threatened, quails run. There are some species, which remain motionless when faced with danger.

Their main enemies in nature are foxes, raccoons, coyotes, cats, snakes. These animals also hunt hawks and owls and eat their eggs.

Some species migrate, while others stay in one place their entire life.

Usually quails are solitary birds and are seldom seen in pairs. They form large flocks during the mating season. Their chicks are well developed after birth and soon after that they are ready to follow their parents.

Many larger species of quails are raised in farms for food or egg consumption. They are also bred as game birds for hunting. Quails feathers are often used for decoration.

What does the Quail Symbolize?

The quail as a spirit animal symbolizes action, abundance, detachment, community, nourishment, camouflage, courage, opportunity, caution, cunning, support, grounding, peace, elusiveness, anxiousness, fear, impulsiveness, instinct, awareness, confidence, opportunity, protection, soul, solutions, etc.

The Meanings of Quail as a Spirit Animal

The Quail as a spirit animal can have many different meanings.

Here are some of them:

Caution. The quail as your totem animal is teaching you to be cautious and be constantly on the alert, so you could avoid danger. It also teaches you to pay attention to the people around you, so you could prevent them from doing something bad behind your back.


Detachment. If a quail is your totem animal, it teaches you to avoid getting stressed about matters which are not your concern. This bird teaches you to learn to detach yourself from situations and people which are not good for you.

Cunning. The quail as your spirit animal, gives you the gift of cunning. It teaches you to read people and their intentions and protect yourself by preventing some bad things happening.

Support and community. Quails are very supportive birds and they help each other. This bird as your spirit animal, teaches you about the importance of the support and help of the people who are close to you. It’s encouraging to know you can always turn to them to help you.

Opportunity. The quail as your spirit animal is teaching you to seize every opportunity which comes your way and try to make the most of it. The quail teaches you that every opportunity might possibly change your life for the better. You should reassess your goals and wait patiently for an opportunity to achieve them.

Confidence. If a quail is your totem animal, it teaches you to be aware of your strength and abilities. Although you might seem fragile and soft on the outside, you have a great inner strength and courage. The quail as your spirit animal is giving you the gift of confidence and faith in your abilities.

Instinct and awareness. Quails have a highly developed awareness of danger. With a quail as your spirit animal, you are most likely aware of everything going on around you and you instinctively recognize danger. Your highly evolved instincts also allow you to recognize false, double – faced and negative people who might be working behind your back to harm you in some way.

Anxiousness and fear. If a quail is your totem animal, it teaches you to get rid of any thoughts of fear and worry. You might be an anxious person, who worries about everything, but the quail is teaching you to overcome these traits and become confident and brave.

Impulsiveness. If a quail is your spirit animal, maybe you tend to overreact in some situations, usually when you feel you are in danger or threatened somehow.

Quail as Your Totem Animal

With a quail as your totem animal, you most likely manage to do well during a crisis.

You most likely don’t panic, and influence others not to create panic as well. You have a natural gift of calming people and diminishing the tension in any situation.

Quail people love the company of others. That can be one of your life priorities.

You also enjoy working as a part of a team. You probably enjoy challenging tasks and situations. You never back up in front of a challenge.

If you have a quail as your totem animal, you are most likely very romantic.

You are also a loving person, enjoying in the process of taking care and nurturing your loved ones.

You love your family and you enjoy doing things to make them happy. The same goes for your partner as well.

When you find the right partner that is usually for life.

You probably feel and notice when danger is near. You most likely react quickly and hide or protect yourself when needed.

What if the Quail Appears in Your Life?

When a quail comes to your life, it encourages you to get into action to achieve your goals.

It reminds you not to waste any time procrastinating, but take quick actions so you can seize all the opportunities in time.

You don’t want anyone else stealing your opportunities from you.

Many people would like to be where you are now, so you should beware of their bad intentions.

If a quail appears in your life, it might be a reminder to spend more time with your loved ones. Maybe you have been absent lately or you have neglected them in some way.

Now it’s time to devote completely to them and stop giving the priority to other things and duties over them.

The quail’s appearance in your life might be encouraging you to evaluate your priorities.

This bird might bring you a message you need to have more courage in life. You need to face your fears.

Sometimes this bird appears in your life when it’s time to take some action to achieve some goals you have been working on.

It encourages you to seize some opportunities before they disappear or someone else takes them.

In some cases, a quail is reminding you to pay more attention to your well – being and start taking better care of your health and body. That might be the message it’s bringing you with its appearance.

You need to take care of yourself first, so you could be able to take care of others.

This bird might also bring you a message you need to rest and relax.

You might be overwhelmed with your responsibilities and now it’s time to rest and recuperate your strength and energy.

It can also remind you to stay away from some conflicts.

When to call on Quail?

You should call on the quail your spirit animal when:

  • You need someone to share your success, love and life with.
  • You need to focus on priorities which matter to you the most.
  • You want to spend more time with your loved ones.
  • You want to socialize more and get out more often.
  • You need help from your social group.
  • You desire to dedicate more time to your spiritual advancement.
  • You want to be open-minded about things you don’t know or don’t understand.

Dreams about Quail – Interpretation and Meaning

If you saw a quail in your dream, such dream might represent issues with love and sexuality.

Maybe it indicates the need to explore your sexuality and your sexual needs.

Quails in dreams might also indicate overcoming obstacles and difficulties you are facing.

They can also be a sign of good luck and fortune coming into your life.

Quails are also a sign of abundance and wealth.