Purple Butterfly – Meaning and Symbolism

In the majority of the world, butterflies are connected with grace, elegance and gentleness, and in some other parts of the world, in some eastern countries, it is the seen as the representation of the essence of love.

Of course, there are numerous variations, and it is connected to the first love that is innocent and pure, something that we all strive and later remember in life.

The Butterfly is one colorful insect bring so many joys in our lives, and besides the people who are afraid of the insects, there are usually associated with love, joy, and some gentle emotions.

They come in a variety of colors, but their meaning and symbolism are equally interesting to look at, it is not just the symbol of love, but it can be seen as a reminder that all things that are beautiful beyond compare do not last very long – their lifespan is very short, they only live for just one day.

As far as the Butterfly in question, the one that is purple, it can have some more meanings, since the color purple is connected to things that are luxurious and wise, but also it is the color related to wealth, sophistication, imagination, and mysticism.

The Meaning of Purple Butterfly

Every being on this planet, small, and big, has his own way of behaving, reacting and solving enigmas, which we can map our existence, and on that road animals, including insects are seen as the bearers of strong spiritual messages.

Besides the aspect that we spoke, in the beginning, this piece, where a purple butterfly is connected to the Highest Love of all, we must say that, in some more profound level, it is the representation of conversion.

We all know that Butterfly evolves from a maggot, and this is such a significant change that happens over some short period of time.

So, the first meaning, besides the obvious one, is the one that speaks of a change, and it is telling you not to be afraid of change, but to let yourself go without fear enabled your own transformation.

The Christian religion teaches us that these lovely insects are connected to Jesus Christ, or the trinity – growth, destruction, and rebirth.

In some painting of a Christ, you could see a small butterfly in his hands, these are the pictures that are depicting Christ as a child, and in this case, it means the soul.

Some interpretations say that the Butterfly is connected to life in heavens, and in this sense, we must say that purple Butterfly is the representation of the Ultimate modification, comprehensive conversion, and final freedom after which nothing remains the same.

What we will also add, and it is imperative to speak of, is the fact that this small, but beautiful beings, is created in such a way that it is competent of radically altering its hereditary construction during its dramatic transformation process from gross maggot to the lovely Butterfly.

In its other meanings, this type of Butterfly with unusual and distinctive color denotes renewal and a transformation to brand-new gracious living.

But one thing needs to be said – the purple Butterfly, regardless of its strength and nobility, its power to transform, still remains really fragile, and just like glass it could be broken. In this sense, it speaks of a determination that is needed to make the moves that are required in the process of individual and holy growth.

So, the purple Butterfly, in some particular meaning, speaks of courage that people must have if they want to transform.


The Symbolism of Purple Butterfly

As far as the symbolism of a Purple Butterfly goes, we must say that in many countries, it is connected to our loved ones that have passed and they come to us, for that one day, to remind us of how life can be short, and how we should never waste it.

Another symbolism regarding a Purple Butterfly is this – it is the type of the Butterfly that rarely lands on humans, but when it does, you should be certain that some higher force is trying to communicate with you.

In this sense, you should have in mind the color of this Butterfly that we spoke of at the beginning of this piece, where we have said that it is the color connected to all things that are mystical and Divine, in some sense (besides white color).

So, when this purple insect lands on you, it can be a symbol that you are protected by your guardian Angels (and some claim that these are your deceased relatives who are taking care of you, while you are still alive).

This is the most important symbols that are connected to the purple Butterfly, but we must add that it is considered that all flying buggies that have pale or light colors are the symbol of a happy event that will suddenly arise in your life.

If the Purple Butterfly that comes in contact with you is missing a part of his wing, then this may be the symbol that you are warned. It means that you must pay extra attention to your behavior and the way you have been treating others.

If more than one purple butterfly comes close to you, it can be a symbol that you are ready for love and that you are at the beginning of a romantic relationship or a crucial acquaintance that will change your life.

If by some chance, you see a Purple butterfly that has entered your home, it is the symbol of happiness and joyful news that you will receive soon, possibly about a love interest. If it lands somewhere in your house and does not come out immediately, then a purple butterfly symbolizes family happiness and satisfaction that may be in danger, but you need to restore their value.

In the end, regardless of its color, this flying insect is for sure connected to the changes and transformation, and it is also a reminder that we should remember what is meaningful in life, and enjoy the perfect moments of our lives. But this is more so true when the Butterfly has a purple color, and then it is the indicator of core changing transformation that will happen very soon.

There is a belief that when a butterfly enters the house, it is necessary to grasp it gently by the wings, desire the desire and let it go. It is believed that the Butterfly on his wings will carry your passion and that your inner desires will surely be fulfilled in the near future.

Good or a Bad sign

As you were able to see for yourself, the Purple Butterfly represents eternal love, and if you want to summon the happiness and joy in your life, it is not a bad idea to have some figurine of this being in your house. It may even help you restore personal relationships that may be broken for some time.

We must say that there is no one negative aspect when it comes to this purple being – it represents a happy social life, joy and optimism, it even can improve life’s energy in general.

Some say that you should keep a picture of a Purple Butterfly somewhere in your home (and some people take this to another level, and wear a tattoo of this creature on their bodies, small or big, whatever) so it can improve the sense of freedom, creativity along with the free flow of creative energy in life.

So, this is one happy symbol that is present in our human lives when we are undergoing significant changes, whether material or others, to cross through them quickly and fortunately and painlessly adjust to them.

In the end, it is said that the Purple Butterfly helps us to create or restore confidence in the natural processes in which changes occur (for example, ageing). It is teaching us that all stages that we go through life and normal and we should accept them as such.


Butterflies are the part of our eco-system for eons, and almost all cultures and traditions in the world found that they are a true something special in our lives and that they carry so much symbolical meaning.

They are connected to the beauty, love, tenderness, transformation, and are often connected to the spiritual segment of our lives.

In ancient times, humans in those ages connected them, regardless of their color with the circle of life – birth, life and death. It remains the constant reminder that we must pay attention to some very important segments of our lives, just like joy and happiness.

There is no doubt that in almost every symbolism in the world, Butterfly is connected to the most delicate thing in all of us – a soul that regardless of how fragile it is, it remains to be the symbol of eternity, strength, transformation, and why not, hope.

In some cultures, unlike butterflies that have some other colors, the Purple Butterfly is not a representation of festivals, marriages, and travel, but it is connected to spiritual inspiration and our need to be closer to the highest deity.

For some cultures around the world, this insect reflects the timelessness of the Eternal soul.

So, the next time you see a Purple Butterfly near you, maybe in your home, know that your life is guided by a sense of pure joy, peace and inspiration.

The Butterfly in general as a symbol is a metaphor of rejoicing that, if you try to catch it, gets away, and if you give up the moment, it is next to you.

And the multitude of colors they appear is something that resembles all colors of life – from black to the most interesting bright colors.

It shows how our lives can be diverse and beautiful at the same time.

The Butterfly (of any kind or color) undergoes a complete transformation in a very short period of time and does not resist this process, but accepts it because it is its nature and there is nothing that could anyone does to make it more perfectly.

And the main message here is this – that human beings, regardless of how perfect we think we are, we cannot surmise the natural method of conversion, any person who in short time feel something so drastic, would be scared and want to fly away, just like a Butterfly.

The transformation from the maggot into the Butterfly is one of the largest and fastest metamorphoses in nature. The fact that one’s being in nature is so much changed can be an inspiration for positive character changes and spiritual development.

And the fact the there is such a thing as a Purple Butterfly, reveals that that change can come from the Highest places in our Universe.