Prophetic Meaning of Fish

There are numerous events in the lives of all of us that cannot be avoided, just some things happen to us, whether they want it or not, there simply is no way that any of us could influence something that will happen to us – or maybe there is.

Maybe or sub-conscience can lead us to the right answer, and perhaps, if not, the Universe can send us the warning sign that something, both good and evil can happen in our lives, very soon.

Would not be this be great?

If we could be prepared for everything that is about to occur in our lives, then we could live our lives much more relaxed, and we could enjoy the good and avoid the bad.

Now, here we come to the symbols of prophecies – such “symbol of prediction” is something that can attract you, that can be a vision, or it can be a sign that appears in your dream, in any case, if you know what it means, you can find out what will soon happen to you, something that cannot be avoided, find out if it will bring you happiness or sorrow.

Among all those symbols, Fish can appear; and even this may seem like an ordinary “thing”, without any little form of spiritual or meaningful aspect in them, but we assure you that yo9u are wrong.

Fish, among all other subjects, carry this symbolism and is especially relevant when it comes to its Prophetic meaning, as you are about to see.

General meaning

Besides obvious meaning and its usage in our everyday life, Fish, throughout history was the symbol of many negative things – the camps, prisons, slavery, and most of humanity lived without any rights, as slaves.

The Neptune planet is connected to Pisces (Fish) Zodiac sign, and this is the planet that signifies viruses and bacteria, as the most significant danger threatened by infectious diseases.

It is connected to the most devastating plague – the Bourbon plague that almost halved humanity.

Now, we have to speak about one of the most prominent symbols of Christianity, in addition to the Cross, Jesus’ Fish.

This is the symbol that actually dates back to ancient times when Christianity was still an obscure cult with not so many worshipers, and since Fish and fishing are often used symbols in the Bible, you might agree that it is a more appropriate symbol for Christ’s teachings than the Cross that he was on.

So, in this version, Fish is the symbol of some new teachings that are based on the things that all people should follow, as they should follow the word of God.

This symbol was created as the combination of many other symbols, like a symbol of female fertility by Atargatis (the Syrian goddess of fertility), Aphrodite / Venus (goddess of love and sex) to the pagan Great Mother of the Goddess symbolizing her vulva that gives life.

It’s known that the Greek word “ichthys” means Fish. The first Christians took it as one of its most important symbols, besides the Cross, of course.

So, a Fish also has the meaning of a place where a new life is born – the origin of all creations; and in this sense, if you look at the books that speak of a human origin, you can see that one of the earliest forms of life in the planet Earth was Fish.

It represents a symbol of happiness, wealth and harmony, by some interpretations. One of the most famous figures is the golden Fish that signifies financial prosperity, balancing energy and fertility.


Prophetic Meaning

Now, we come to the good part of the story – if you see the symbol of Fish, somewhere, in a dream, vision, or if this symbol just draws your attention, what does that mean, if know all previous things about this symbol.

The Fish symbolizes something hidden, so there were unknown worlds (continents) discovered during the era Fish – America, Australia.

Fish as express symbol secrecy, mystery, everything that is hidden, the shadow, and in this sense, you may be the one that likes to keep things in the dark, or you are the one that is held in the dark.

So, in this Prophetic Meaning, Fish can be the symbol of a particular situation or event, depends on whether it is large or small, whether it is free or not, whether it is a “goldfish” from a fairy tale or not.

If Fish that carries prophetic meaning for you, floats freely on the water it’s a symbol of your unfinished ideas and desires, and you consider yourself much more valuable than others in your environment are experiencing, or that you are ready to embark on big battles and goals to prove to yourself and others.

If Fish that has a prophetic meaning for you is significant, this means that you are a person who is determined and fighting, that you are aware of your potentials and opportunities, and that you are quite ready to make some important decisions or you get too big ventures and plans.

If Fish you see is dead, and even worse, if that Fish floats on the surface of muddy water it is the symbol of some disease or injustice that will soon befall you – this may be the prophetic meaning of such image.

If in your dream, on the surface of the water you see a multitude of dead Fish, this implies either your great dissatisfaction with a situation or potential disappointment in people who are close to you and to whom you have shown love and trust.

We all know about expressions – “swims like a fish in the sea”, or like a “fish in a mud” – so if a fish is seen to swim in the muddy water, its prophesy meaning is that in some situations or relationships you are very “lost”, and that you do not really see anything in front of you.

If the Fish you see, and that carries prophetic meaning for you, has a weird shape and size, this is Fish symbol that you need to prove yourself and to overcome small and big obstacles, and that you are a person who is not afraid of failure.

A dream in which Fish swim in a flock is also interpreted as a need to belong to a group or to feel loved and needed, because you are essentially very lonely and unhappy and that people around you do not understand and accept your diversity and different attitudes and opinions you have.

There is also one more, and fascinating prophetic meaning of Fish – if you have seen goldfish. This means that you can, shortly to expect a “miracle” to occur and that it fulfills you with some desire means that in reality, you expect to succeed without effort and commitment.

It can also be a signal that you are very lazy and you often choose more comfortable or dishonest struggle, to accomplish in a particular thing that you cares for in your life.

If you have caught the goldfish and then released it, and you did not even “ask” for anything, it means that you have very lazily missed some of the great chances that have been shown to you and that you will regret.

Good or a Bad sign

Water is a symbol of the shadow, the primordial chaos, the unconscious, the dream – Fish is the symbol of those many dimensions, it opens up only boldly and brave, willing to dive into the shadows of darkness and swim with the waters of uncertainty at the price of its individuality.

So, we can never say that seeing Fish is completely good or bad – intuition is the best companion on this unique path, along with silence.

The symbol has the power to unite visible to the invisible and to discover many things that could not be seen in any other way.

This prophetic meaning can be the unexpected one, and the ending can be happy, but it can carry a big sacrifice.

This means that in real life you go through a life driven by emotions or intuition, and such a position can either cost you a lot or bring you unexpected successes and benefits in which you will know to enjoy.

The prophetic meaning of Fish, in some cases, can be extremely positive – meaning that you are not someone who gives up or gives up against obstacles or problems that are on your way to the top you are seeking.

So, Fish can be both, since it is, as you were able to see – a double sign, and it is seen as two Fishes that are going into the opposite directions (in Astrology).


Prophetic signs arise in moments when we are faced with difficult decisions, or we need help in understanding about ourselves that we have recently come to, and here’s how to interpret the signs and predictions!

Fish was once used in the past as a Christian sign of recognition, as one type of password. It is also practiced as an acronym for the term “Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Savior”.

While in times before Jesus Christ, the fish symbol signified fertility.

The Fish is a duplex creature: as silent being confusing, hidden, but brilliantly under the waters, and also the participant of terrible drama.

In some cases, Fish has a prophetic meaning that many positive things are waiting for you very soon, while others are telling you to be more attentive in terms of health and conditions of interpersonal relationships because you are too open and honest with people around you.