Praying In My Dream – Interpretation and Meaning

The heart is racing, the lungs are burning, and the legs are getting heavy. A rushed look over his shoulder reveals: The pursuer is on our tail. With each step he comes closer, while opening up before us an abyss. We’re trapped; the situation seems hopeless – until the alarm rings.

Sometimes it’s wonderful to wake up and realize: it’s just a bad dream.

To be followed is a typical nocturnal scenario according to many scientists. People believed in dreams blindly and even saw them as premonitions and things we need to pay close attention to if we want to receive the message from unknown forces.

Dreams are still a puzzle for scientists because we don’t really know how to explain the occurrence of dreams that do come true and even people who can predict the future from their dreams. In today’s text we are going to touch on the subject of prayer in dreams and dreams in general, to see what lies behind.

The logic of dreams

Dreaming of flying has an archetypal quality linked to the desire, innate in man, to overcome himself and his limits to follow his passions and his own ideas. Think of the myth of Icarus and his wax wings sunk, symbol of courage and impulsiveness, but also of imprudence, of challenge and arrogance. Dreaming of flying, besides being very common has the prerogative to associate with pleasant sensations.

It is a dream that makes you feel capable and powerful, linked to feelings of freedom and exaltation, a dream that fills the dreamer with joy and puts him in touch with what he incredibly manages to “do”. But the feelings of power, disbelief and pleasure of these dreams are often a sublimation of the reality experienced by the dreamer and compensate, with the euphoric sensations, a prosaic and banal life or a renounced, depressed and undecided character.

Dreaming of flying then becomes a sort of night vent for the parts of the personality that have been denied: intrepid and courageous parts, parts that are looking for an alternative vision of reality, a harmony and a spirituality that is not experienced in the day life.

Dreaming of flying is one of the oldest and most rooted dream images and is linked to the symbolism of the air and the sky, to the realms of thought, fantasy and spirituality (it can happen that spiritual research and meditation exercises give dreams, visions or day-dream with flight images).

But it is also associated with the symbolism of ascent, descent and fall, with all the psychological implications and emotions that these situations suggest. Pleasant emotions that can fill the heart and mind with happiness and freedom or cause anxiety, fear of not being able to keep in flight (fear of not being up), fear of falling and not knowing how to deal with the situation (fear of losing what has already been achieved: privileges, status, goals).

Dreaming of hovering in the air is often accompanied by intense realism, or turns into lucid dreaming in which the dreamer has the awareness of dreaming and tests this lucidity (this power) trying to fly, or fleeing from enemies and characters scary. In these cases, flying in dreams is a metaphor of a similar power that the dreamer seeks (and does not live) in his reality or as a dream of compensation, and is intended to compensate and highlight the dissatisfaction and the lack of diurnal. The compensatory aspect of dreaming of flying is well illustrated by the thought of Freud, who considers this image an expression of a desire, mostly physical, not satisfied in reality. Here is what he writes about it:

The close connection of the act of flying with the image of the bird makes it comprehensible that the dream of flying mostly has a gross meaning in males. We will not be surprised to hear that one or the other of these dreamers is always very proud of his “knowing how to fly”.

It is noteworthy that even Mourly Vold, a sober experimenter of dreams, really opposed to any interpretation defends the erotic interpretation of dreams of flight (and suspension). According to him, eroticism is “the most important reason of the dream of hovering” and refers to the strong sense of vibration of the body that accompanies these dreams, as well as to their frequent association with erections or pollutions. For Jung, dreaming of flying is linked to the innate need of man to go beyond his physical, mental or spiritual limits, a need to transcend what in reality is a captivity and a brake to advance

Praying in Dreams – Meaning

Praying is an action undertaken by people which represents worshipping or speaking to divine creatures in desire to communicate with them and pass on a certain desire. We pray to the gods in order for them to hear us and show us mercy when we are going through some hard moments, or to thank them when we are happy in life.

Praying in dream – If you pray to God in your dream, it indicates that your wish will be fulfilled. It is possible that for a long time you are working on the accomplishment of something that you consider important, but you have never succeeded in bringing it to an end. Soon you will be given the opportunity to finish multiple plans at once and you will realize that it’s best to do everything slowly, not when you insisted.

Praying for someone – Dreaming of praying for someone implies that you will be humiliated. You will probably expect a person with whom you have a good relationship to meet you, but you will be unhappy to be surprised when you realize that you have been mistaken. Whether it’s money or emotions, you will be forced to do something that is beneath you and honor your views.

Praying in church – When you pray in the church in your sleep, it means that you will begin to hope again. It may happen that you will eventually notice some improvements related to your relationship / marriage, work or health, which will give you the motivation to continue to fight. Even a beautiful word or someone’s encouragement will have the power to pick you up and change your view of the situation you are in.


Praying with someone – If you weren’t alone during the prayer, this means you are feeling blessed because there are many people in your life who love and respect you. They are your rocks and they keep you balanced and strong though toughest situations.

Praying to Satan – This disturbing dream means you are currently feeling extremely bad in life and you would like to have some kind of support from people who are close to you. You feel as though your finances, your private life and everything else are simply going downhill and you don’t know how to make things better. This dream can also indicate a soon damage that could happen to you and you won’t be able to avoid it.

Praying out loud – If you were praying loudly in your dream, this means you currently feel desperate and you would like to be heard by anyone and helped. There is no one who can help you right now and you feel completely alone in your unhappiness.

Praying and crying – When you were crying and praying at the same time, this means you will soon get relief and a problem you have will be solved. It might seem like there is no way out right now, but you are are going to soon find the solution for this hard problem. Just be patient and don’t lose your will because relief is just around the corner. This dream can also symbolize losing someone or feeling sad because someone is no longer in your life.