Pisces Man and Taurus Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Pisces man and Taurus woman are highly compatible as their relationship comes out very naturally. Both partners strive for peaceful and loving connections, without any tension or any type of conflict.

Pisces man and the Taurus woman have great conversation and they listen to each other well, which means they will easily fix eventual issues.

Surely that these two have different goals, as in core they are different natures, but despite that, the Pisces man and the Taurus woman will stick to one another, looking towards a mutual, bright future.

We won’t say that the Pisces man and the Taurus woman will stay together for a lifetime, as they are some exceptions, but they are highly likely to be one of the perfectly made couples among the zodiac signs.

Pisces Man

Pisces man is a friendly and sociable character. That is why he is always in some big and important events, so people approach him often, but he does approach different types of people too. Pisces man opens up completely through his contacts, as he is deeply emotional and he loves to be everyone’s support.

Even though the Pisces man is not a born leader, he still takes important roles in all things he is included as his friends and colleagues respect his opinion.

This man is the Water sign, which means he is extremely empathetic and emotional. Pisces man feels everything double more than most of the people and he sometimes finds it difficult to accept things the way they are. He believes that life brings positive and nice things only, but when something bad hits upon him, the Pisces man retreat bit by bit. That is why this guy has a deep emotional crisis.

As the Pisces man is driven by his emotions, dreams, illusions, reality seems like a cold shower, so it is better to acts as if nothing is happening.

Pisces man is a great friend as he listens to all of your problems and even cries with you. Women adore the Pisces man, as he always gives a good advice about men and relationships, and he knows how to make you laugh.

This man never gets into relationships without deep thinking. Pisces man will spend a couple of sleepless nights until he makes up his mind about a new opportunity in his life. He would never approach a woman who didn’t give him an open sign, as this guy is pretty shy and lacks confidence.

Once he falls in love with a lady, the Pisces man will surprise her all the time – buy her flowers, candies, and bags. Being in a relationship with the Pisces man looks like living through a fairy tale if enjoy romantic evenings and love letters.

Taurus Woman

If you get to know the Taurus woman, it will be more than clear why everybody sees her as a practical and realistic person. She doesn’t like to complicate things, or to over think about problems. If the Taurus woman has a solution for something, she will fix it in minutes.

On the other side, if she doesn’t, well, she will make up one, but she will never give up or prologue things. That also makes the Taurus woman direct, which sometimes can be her good side, but at the times her flaw.

Still, the Taurus woman will avoid conflicts as long as it is possible, as she is smooth, simple, and calm by nature. People love the energy this woman brings in, as she can easily convince you that everything will be fine, that she has a solution for everything, etc.

However, once she loses her limit (and the Taurus woman never loses it for no strong reason), you better avoid her for a couple of hours. Taurus woman is someone who can stand up many things, even if they don’t make her content, but because of the world peace. She is careful and patient, but the Taurus woman loses her nerve when she witnesses injustice or lies, or any other type of betrayal.

Taurus woman adores the home atmosphere. It is not like she doesn’t go out at all, but going to cafes, nightclubs, or any kind of big gathering is not her things. Being indoors, reading books, cooking, arranging home for Christmas – the Taurus woman truly enjoys when she spends her time like this. Taurus woman likes luxury, but not in a boasting way. She simply loves nice and cozy, furry, sparkly items in her home and in her wardrobe too.


When we talk about the love life of the Taurus woman, she is, as you can already suppose a woman looking for a long-term relationship, which further takes her and her partner into a marriage. This lady is honest and loyal, the real example of a wifey material as she likes to be at home, cook, and raise her children, but still have her ambitions in carrier and life.

Love and Marriage

Pisces man and the Taurus woman will take it slow. There is no need to hurry things, as it is much better to get to know someone well before heading into a serious relationship. Taurus woman does this because she is wide awake and careful by her nature, while the Pisces man tries to protect himself and his emotions. What is more, the Pisces man escapes taking any risks at all.

Still, even though it might take a while, the Pisces man and the Taurus woman will build a solid and stable relationship that has great chances to last. None of them is willing to put any special effort into building things, but they will rather let it all go its own way – naturally. It is not like they are not interested in each other, but they want to avoid any negative experiences. This all results in a casual and enjoyable connection between the Pisces man and the Taurus woman.

However, every relationship has its own ups and downs.

These two will work out things smoothly, but obviously different expectations of life will put an obstacle in their way. Pisces man is too fickle and what is more, he enjoys it, while the Taurus woman expects stability. This type of the Pisces man imprudent behavior will release the Taurus woman’s anger, but that won’t last for long. This woman is not a vengeful person, so she will remember shortly after all the nice things they experienced together and calm down gradually.

Pisces man, as we already mentioned, lives in his world of dreams and fiction, but the Taurus woman still won’t abandon her sense for reality and practicality. This man would have to try to be more grounded and realistic if he wants the Taurus woman to stay by his side.

However, if we see that the Pisces man is a mutable sign, it is clear that he will do his best to adjust to his partner’s expectations, even to sacrifice himself.

If the Pisces man and the Taurus woman work together on curve balls life is throwing at them, they can easily provide awesome defense mechanism that will overcome any obstacle in the way. Pisces man is prone to depression when he realizes the situation is tough, but the compassionate Taurus woman will help him overcome it. On the other side, she may become aggressive, while he will point out to the joyful things in life and their relationship, which will take back the Taurus woman to her natural mood. Generally, the Pisces man and the Taurus woman is a pairing that will last.


Pisces man and the Taurus woman make great friends, as their energies get along well. That is exactly what they are going to focus on – bringing the best out of each other and their friendship.

There is almost no reason why the Pisces man and the Taurus woman would get into an argument, as both of them avoid negative situations and people. These two are willing to invest their time and emotions into the friendship, which will only bond them stronger over the time.

Practical and realistic Taurus woman might teach the dreamy Pisces man how to face everyday situations without running away, while he will show her that sometimes it is better to paint the world into bright colors than see it as a dark and unfriendly place.

There is an obvious difference to approaches to life of these two, reality versus imagination, which can make an issue now and then, but as we said – none of them is prone to tensions, so they will find a way to smooth the things out.

Interesting Facts

Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz make one of the most famous Pisces-Taurus couples. These two have the chemistry that is undeniable and it lasts for over a decade now

They met in 2008 at the set and married two years after in the Bahamas. This acting couple gets along very well privately, while they also make a great pairing in any movie they appear together. Javier and Penelope have two kids, Leo and Luna.


Pisces man and the Taurus woman make one of the best zodiac pairings. Despite different perspectives and expectations, they still can work everything out so that both partners are content. This is a long-term kind of relationship in most of the cases, so the Pisces man and the Taurus woman never experience crazy or fatal love. They are more likely to take the things slowly, getting to know each other well, which has great results.

Pisces man is sometimes too dreamy and delirious and sometimes depressed, while the Taurus woman has her angry and aggressive phases. Still, if they both have patience, and they obviously have, there is no reason why they wouldn’t overcome negative periods.