Pisces Man and Scorpio Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

When it comes to two Water signs – Pisces man and Scorpio woman, everything is possible. These two are passionate and loyal, but when we look at other aspects of their signs, they are pretty much different.

Being in a relationship with one another is a challenge both for the Pisces man and the Scorpio woman, as they will have to face many obstacles in their way.

They might get into a hot and cold relationship, especially the Scorpio woman will impose this kind of tempo, while the Pisces man will feel lost and betrayed.

These two have to work a lot on themselves in order to improve the relationship.

Pisces Man

Pisces man is one of the most creative, artistic souls of the zodiac. He is intelligent, but his emotions overrule his mind most of the times. Pisces man is even ready to sacrifice his own happiness for the sake of the others (his family, friends, or emotional partner). That causes his own low moods, lack of confidence, or depression. Pisces man tries so hard to adapt to the needs of other people that he sometimes reaches a phase when he neglects himself.

Even though this man tries so hard, his friends sometimes see these efforts of the Pisces man as something usual. He lets them believe he will always be there and help as much as he can, so that doesn’t care that much about his emotions and his own problems.

Still, the Pisces man is not that naïve. Sometimes he forgets about his promises or change plans suddenly, which is a result of his dreamy nature. This makes his a bit unreliable, but even if he misses on something, he doesn’t have intentions to hurt anyone.

Pisces man is the type who dreams of eternal love, such as you see in movies. He trusts women a lot, which is a mistake so that he always leaves out of a relationship with a broken heart.

On the other side, even though he would never admit it, once the Pisces man finds a partner, he is constantly comparing her to an image he had in his head before everything. That sometimes disappoints the Pisces man, so he falls back a bit, but still gives that woman attention and cares about her at least as a friend.

In the end, the Pisces man will find the woman of his dreams and then he will fully surrender himself, providing her with all the best treats of his personality.

Scorpio Woman

Scorpio woman is one of the most powerful ladies in the zodiac and she knows exactly what she wants and who she is. This woman is intelligent, attentive, practical, and usually cunning. You don’t want to play with the Scorpio woman, as he is already notorious for her bad sides, but only if you step on her way.

Even though it doesn’t look like this, the Scorpio woman is vulnerable and tries to prevent many people approach her. Her intuition is so strong that she will estimate if a person is good for her, or not, and she will base her behavior towards that one on these presumptions.

However, this is the best possible scenario in case their energies collide – the Scorpio woman is keep away a toxic person, while he/she will not experience the sting of this a bit dangerous woman.

Once the Scorpio woman gives in to a commitment, she gets into it for real. She will try to be there for you whenever you need her, support, motivate, sometimes critique you – all for your own good. Scorpio woman is a true friend and you can rely on her, as she never breaks her promises. It is true that she has her aggressive moments, especially when someone tries to confront her, or do her bad, but she is not like that in general.

After all, once you meet the Scorpio woman truly, you will understand all of her behaviors and actions. She is mysterious and it might take some time to get into her head, but the Scorpio woman has a lovely personality and strong emotions whom she is trying to protect with her defense mechanism.

Scorpio woman might come as a true blessing to a man who is loyal and focused on the serious relationship. She is a partner who is loyal to death and never turns on her back to her man, even in the toughest situations. This lady works hard and wants a big carrier, but she also wants to marry a man she loves and have kids with him.


Scorpio woman loves both emotionally and physically, so be ready for the whole adventure with her. She is passionate and experimental in the bedroom, knows when it is the time to be dominant, or when she should give in the leader position to her man.

Love and Marriage

Pisces man and the Scorpio woman have a surprisingly deep and strong bond. As they are both loyal and passionate, then they give to each other exactly what they need from a partner.

Still, their manners of communication are way different, so that these two might experience lack of understanding, which will lead to jealousy and even hatred in the most extreme situations. Even though we talk about two Water signs, they are so different that their personalities sometimes simply can’t get along well.

Generally, the Pisces man wants to make the Scorpio woman happy and adapt to her moods and desires. He will show her how fantastic he can be when it comes to the bedroom, but he will also keep some things for himself and even hide some emotions (usually the negative ones). Scorpio woman is truly one of the most fatal and seductive signs among the zodiac women, which might be a too big bite for the Pisces man so that he can become jealous and make unfounded assumptions.

On the other side, this man will be happy with the Scorpio woman. She is sensual, emotional, and passionate – traits the Pisces man appreciates truly. Scorpio woman is picky when it comes to partners, so the Pisces man would have to try hard if he wants to keep her by his side.

She is actually open about her desires and strivings, in which she works only towards her goals, but without a bad intention. Pisces man and the Scorpio woman should cultivate shared attitudes, interests, and focus on the passionate and spontaneous side of their relationship.

There is no doubt that the Pisces man and the Scorpio woman will experience many interesting and passionate moments in the bedroom. They are highly compatible when it comes to intimacy aspect and the Pisces man will try to get more dominant over the Scorpio woman, which she will like. Pisces man and the Scorpio woman will complement each other in the bedroom so that both of them will get the most out of the relationship in the intimacy aspect.


Here is the good news about the Pisces man-Scorpio woman friendship – they will be the best of friends. Scorpio woman will keep the Pisces man’s secrets, while the Pisces man will show her how loyal and compassionate he is. They might achieve a high degree of a platonic relationship, without ever getting into a relationship. Pisces man will care about the Scorpio woman, and she will behave in the same way, but they both know that the relationship might be on the clumsy legs.

Still, these two share many same interests and expectations about trust and loyalty, which is a great base for any type of connection.

The moodiness of the Pisces man will go on the Scorpio woman’s nerves, such as his indirectness. Scorpio woman is straightforward and open-minded, so she would expect the same from him. This lady sometimes has too high expectations, while the Pisces man might find it hard to fight with, which further leads to his growing insecurities.

However, besides these tiny tiffs, the Pisces man and the Scorpio woman will get along well. In the end, two Water signs have for sure a lot in common.

Scorpio woman is a bit harder to open initially, but when the Pisces man shows her that he is truthful and loyal, the things will continue spontaneously in the best possible direction.

Pisces man will learn how to be more rational, while the Scorpio woman will enter the world of his dreams and enjoy some carefree time with her friend.

These two signs function great at work too, as the Scorpio woman is usually a leader, but the Pisces man likes to follow and he is content with anticipating into all activities. Pisces man’s creativity will find its way to speak for itself, while the Scorpio woman will know how to turn his ideas into reality.

Interesting Facts

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They focused too much on their separate carriers so that the couple didn’t spend much time together. Bruce and Demi divorced due to rumors of infidelity from both sides, but they stayed on friendly terms despite the divorce.


Pisces man and the Scorpio woman have a lot in common, but still, there is a lot of differences among them. This will lead to a bit turbulent, but generally spontaneous relationship.

Scorpio woman will find many positive traits within the Pisces man, but she should lower her expectations a bit.

On the other side, the Pisces man shouldn’t be less confident, but oppositely – his self-esteem should grow up while he has one of the strongest, intuitive, and most attractive women in the zodiac by his side.

Generally, a pairing of the Pisces man and the Scorpio woman has numerous aspects that will lead them to a success, but still, they should work on themselves in order to improve communication.