Pisces Man and Sagittarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Pisces man and Sagittarius woman have one thing in common – they are somehow restless in love.

Both of them look a bit further even though they are in a relationship, feeling like something is missing.

According to the aspects, there is no great chance that the Pisces man and the Sagittarius woman will stay together for a lifetime, as they are too different when we look at the general views and approaches to life.

Still, even though these two are not destined to fulfill each other’s needs, but they will be a great support to each other and appreciate the qualities they have.

Pisces Man

Pisces man is somehow impressive when you take a general look of this man. He is an individualist, but at the same time loves to spend time with his friends. Surely that the Pisces man enjoys spending time all by himself, dreaming about the future, but being completely alone makes him feel depressed. When he charges his batteries, the Pisces man will come out to the world, transferring a new, positive energy to the others. His friends love that, but they also take advantage of the kind and compassionate heart of the Pisces man.

If you know at least one Pisces man, then you are aware of the fact how emotional this guy is. Pisces man’s emotions and deep, strong, and tender, but he also has an intelligent mind and is a big thinker. This man has great aspects for being a poet, architect, painter – anything that includes being creative and having a sense for some deeper contexts.

Yet, the Pisces man never loses his mind in his dreams completely. He acts as if he is absent all the time, but this man knows how to estimate every situation, taking into consideration both the pros and cons. Pisces man is not predestined for major and big roles, but he is the type who will always perceive the whole thing completely and then give the best possible advice or suggestion.

This man never judges other people or their actions – that is why people also love them. Pisces man will always find something to justify your deeds and help you get out of the problem. He is sincere and tender so that you feel comfortable talking to him.

Pisces man never has an aggressive or intrusive attitude but is intuitive. He is searching for the love of his life, sometimes blindly neglecting her bad sides. It might happen that he oversees some things about her and fall back once he realizes she is not what he expects, then he moves forwards. But generally, the Pisces man is charming, delicate, pleasant to be around and knows how to make his lady feel special.

Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius woman is independent, adventurous, straightforward, open-minded, and charming. She is so interesting to be around, as her energy is strong and will make you feel motivated and moved.

Sagittarius woman might be a great motivational speaker, as she teaches people talking about her experiences so that even the timidest person would dare to make a daring step in order to change his life.

This woman appreciates her freedom overall and would never let someone dictate her. We can say the Sagittarius woman is self-willed and she doesn’t stand anyone’s authority. She is a bit wild and aggressive when it comes to limiting her desires and strivings, but that makes her so charming. Sagittarius woman has a good temper, great sense of humor, and is intelligent overall, so that she always gets what she wants, one way or another. This doesn’t make her cunning but expresses her wit in the in the best possible way.

Everybody loves the optimistic nature of the Sagittarius woman and that is how she makes new contacts. People approach her easily, knowing that she won’t act repulsive or arrogant. Men are a bit afraid of her powerful energy, but that attracts them towards her at the same time. Sagittarius woman is definitely not easy to get, so you would have to invest quite a time to impress her and win her heart.

Still, this game is truly interesting, that you won’t even mind waiting. Once you win the Sagittarius woman’s heart, you can be sure that she will make you feel appreciated and loved, but don’t be afraid to give her some space.

Love and Marriage

Pisces man and the Sagittarius woman have an extraordinary relationship. You won’t be able to catch their tempo, as they change it daily. Sagittarius woman tries to move the Pisces man a bit more, while he might accept her silly game and let into the magic of love.

Still, the Sagittarius woman is not that patient, so she might get bored of trying to make the Pisces man more active. Pisces man, on the other side, will make her fall in love with his dreams – that will become their mutual dreams.


Sagittarius woman will appreciate honesty and truthfulness of the Pisces man, but she doesn’t get know deeply emotional her partner is. Pisces man takes some time to get used to her a bit hash attitude.

Even though the Sagittarius woman would never hurt him intentionally, she is hasty at the same time and says whatever she thinks. That is why both partners should try to understand each other’s approach to life, in order to grow together, not to become distant.

Pisces man is not the type who brings decisions easily. That is because he lacks confidence and needs constant reassurance from his woman.

However, he will sometimes trust his friends or people who might harm him, but he ignores the fact. Sagittarius woman won’t have the patience for understanding this side of the Pisces man. The key to resolving this is improving communication – he should keep things between them, while the Sagittarius woman should be a bit more patient.

When it comes to intimacy, the Pisces man is somehow too gentle and slow, while the Sagittarius woman needs more aggressive and dominant. Pisces man’s submissive behavior in the bedroom might be a big turn off for the Sagittarius woman. Still, she will appreciate the other aspects of their relationships, so she will ignore the fact that their intimacy doesn’t reach ecstasy. With the time, she will get used to romantic actions of the Pisces man, while he will do his best to improve his skills and impress her.

Sagittarius woman won’t give her partners any reason to be jealous or possessive, but her inborn need for freedom will seem as something inconceivable to the Pisces man. He would expect her to be there, with him all the time, but she should soften her attitudes a bit when it comes to this man and his emotions. Still, this doesn’t mean the Pisces man doesn’t have to respect her space and time, as it is not recommendable to be together all the time.


Sagittarius woman makes friends on daily basis. Pisces man is not that easy when it comes to new contacts, as he is suspicious about people, but still gets into new friendships easily. Still, the difference here is that the Sagittarius woman knows how to deal with liars or people who are trying to take advantage of her, while the Pisces man falls back and grieves for days.

Still, the Pisces man is not that moody all the time. He actually has his bright and positive moments, what will attract the Sagittarius woman to be his friend. Even though she will soon realize the Pisces man has some phases when he is all closed up and depressed, the Sagittarius woman will try to get him out of that mood. In this aspect, she will lighten up the Pisces man’s life when he thinks everything is hopeless.

Both the Pisces man and the Sagittarius woman are creative. He is creative, but passive, while the Sagittarius woman is a woman of action. She will know how to turn anything into reality, as she is pretty much down-to-earth.

On the other side, her Pisces friend will open the doors of dreams and imagination to her, and they both will enjoy wandering off for some time.

Passive side of the Pisces man might annoy the Sagittarius woman. He is sometimes grumpy and gloomy, which is something the Sagittarius woman runs away in seconds. This lady is trying to exclude negative people and negative things from her life, while the Pisces man gets too clingy and dependent on her energy.

She should try to understand him better, as not everybody has the same kind of her energy, while the Pisces man should look at things from the brighter side.

Interesting Facts

Chris Webber (basketball star)and Tyra Banks (famous model) used to date for two years, 2002-2004. This Pisces man and the Sagittarius woman were a step from engagement according to rumors, but they eventually broke up a few months later.

This is the evidence of how hard it is to bring together the Pisces man and the Sagittarius woman when it comes to relationships, even though there is no so serious reason for the split up.


Pisces man and the Sagittarius woman will experience some great moments together, but some difficulties also. Even though these two have a great aspect for love, his moodiness and her lack of patience will affect the relationship negatively.

On the other side, the Pisces man is too slow, while the Sagittarius woman gets into things without much thinking. The key to improving the relationship is to be more open and active from the Pisces man’s side, while the Sagittarius woman should keep it on the low level sometimes.