Pisces Man and Pisces Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

When you combine two Water signs, you can expect that they will get along really well. Additionally, when we talk about two people that belong to the same sign, things are pretty clear how similar beliefs and reflections they have.

Pisces man and the Pisces woman are like the one side of the medal – they are shining so bright together.

These signs are meant for each other, but still, there are some things they should fix a bit. Their dreamy sides may seem nice, but an idealistic view of life is definitely not good for living in general.

Pisces man will probably be the one who takes a bit more responsibilities, as he is a real gentleman, despite the fact he is very gentle and emotional.

Pisces Man

Pisces man is emotional, calm, balanced, and full of understanding for people that surround him. This guy is friendly so that you can see him with different types of people. His readiness to help everybody fits great in that image of understanding man.

Pisces man likes to be someone’s support, as it makes him feel good and appreciated. He is definitely not to the type meant to be a leader or to take the highest positions, but he will always be just right to those who have important roles. People appreciate the Pisces man’s opinion and advice and he enjoys when they ask him for a favor.

However, having the Pisces man near might bring some issues when it comes to making plans. Pisces man is wise, but sometimes he tends to believe to people too much, which leads to disappointment. He often takes over the role of a martyr, even though there is no objective reason to do so.

Pisces man has issues in setting limits so that his mood might affect everything negatively.

Pisces man truly cares about his partner, but he might slip off your fingers the second his partner think he is yours. He wouldn’t do that because he is rude or doesn’t have emotions for that lady, but because he searches for something more. As he idealizes things, the Pisces man might wake up one day and realize he is looking for more than that.

Still, don’t confuse the Pisces man for an impostor, as he is deep emotional as we said, it just takes some time for him to meet a woman towards whom he will feel it truly.

Pisces Woman

Pisces woman is the best example of the female Water signs – she is feminine, gentle, charming, and emotions. What is more, the Pisces woman has the luck to be extraordinarily beautiful, so that men tend to be crazy over her. Even though it might look like she is vulnerable, the Pisces woman knows when she has to stand solid and withstand the issues.

It is true that the Pisces woman can be moody due to her unfulfilled desires and dreams, but you will see her in her positive, mild mood most of the times. That is how the Pisces woman will make you like her – by the harmonious and gentle approach to life. She is not willing to fight but to resolve things in a nice manner.

Pisces woman’s friends are numerous, as she is sociable and behaves nicely, she is always there for you, and there is nothing she wouldn’t understand. You might see the Pisces woman as a mother figure, as she is so compassionate and emotional about all of her friends and her family. She is willing to help anyone, no matter if she knows that person or not – it is in her blood.

When we talk about Pisces woman in love, she can’t be more romantic towards her man than she is. This woman is full of love, tenderness, understanding, and is sensual and passionate – a dream of every man. Pisces woman is the right type of woman for a man who wants a family and a perfect model of a mother for their kids.

She will stay home and wait for her man until he comes home from work and then they will drink coffee and have dinner together. Living with the Pisces woman might remind you of a fairytale, as her love is endless and her intentions are pure.

Love and Marriage

Pisces man and the Pisces woman are both so romantic and madly in love with each other that they could spend all day just looking at each other, saying nice things, cuddle, and simply enjoy life.


These two find the other world as cold and distant, while they have harmony, warmness, and understanding when they are together. However, this can turn into laziness, so the Pisces man and Pisces woman wouldn’t be able to separate from each other and forget about everything else that is important in life (for example, to go to work). Once they do go to work, both of them will be waiting for the moment when the shift ends, so they can meet in their home and talk for hours.

These two will move in together basically just away after they start off a relationship. Pisces man and the Pisces woman find so many qualities and mutual interests and views of life in each other, that they will agree upon many things. They would picture their life together as a fairytale, but the question is – is it possible to maintain living like that?

This is a relationship that can last and turn into a marriage so the couple spends the whole life together, but they would have to (or at least one of them) to get a bit more practical and think about life in a bit different way. This means that some organization and order are necessary for life and, as they are adults, they have to take on some responsibility and deal with reality. None of them is interested in logic, practical solutions, formalities, as the Pisces man and the Pisces woman want to live spontaneously and freely.

However, if they don’t try to be more realistic, both of them will have to go through a tough period together, but, at one point – one of them will leave.

Is there a need to tell how passionate are the Pisces man and the Pisces woman about each other? They burst of passion when being together and can’t stand not touching, kissing, or hugging each other. Pisces man and the Pisces woman will be so pleased with the intimacy aspect, that none of them will ever get the need to think about being with someone else. Both partners are sensual and deep so that they will enjoy in long nights of pleasure.


Pisces man and the Pisces woman are highly similar, so that is the reason why they function so well together. Both of them are aware of the emotional side of one another, so they will never hurt each other (at least not intentionally).

These two know how reality can be cruel, so they will get away to their world of dreams. Pisces are creative, unique, intelligent – innovators. Pisces man and the Pisces woman might seem strange to the rest of the world when they are together, but big things can grow from their friendship.

Pisces man and the Pisces woman will develop numerous ideas, but they still need someone to help them turn them into reality. The bad thing is – nor Pisces man nor Pisces woman is persistent and dynamic so that they can work on something serious.

A friendship between the Pisces man and the Pisces woman is filled with strong and deep emotions, sensitivity, and mutual understanding. Their communication is great and they work together on achieving harmony and balance.

Pisces are generally soft natured and avoid conflicts, but people can manipulate them easily. They can get easily hurt, but a friend will be always there to help. When it comes to potential tensions, both of them will try to smooth the things out, or they will ignore the problem, faking it as if everything is okay. The thing is – Pisces run away from challenges, responsibilities, arguments, and problems in general.

Still, other people see both the Pisces man and the Pisces woman as flexible and pleasant to work with.

Jupiter and Neptune rule the Pisces, bringing them both the sense for philosophy and they live up to high moral values and principles.

Interesting Facts

Daniel Craig (famous for his roles in James Bond movies) and Rachel Weisz who is also an actress, married almost 4 years ago. This Pisces couple got their first child together this year – their baby girl.

Even though the couple is not in the youngest ages, they are still happy together and enjoy life as if they were in their twenties. Daniel and Rachel have harmonious and well balanced married, which is so typical for Pisces man-Pisces woman couples.


Pisces man and Pisces woman enjoy life together by beautifying it. None of them is so courageous to face the cold and ugly world, so it is easier for them to ignore everything that bothers them and focus on finer things in life or their dreams. Pisces man and the Pisces woman will never run out of the topics to talk about, as they think in a similar way and understand each other great. Romance is on the high level, making them both feel the ecstasy when being together.

Still, as none of them is willing to take responsibility on themselves, that might cause issues in the relationship. Key to staying together for the Pisces man and the Pisces woman is to try to keep things real and think more rational about life.