Pisces Man and Libra Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Pisces man and Libra woman are a dream couple at the first sight, right? Both of them romantic persons lead by their emotions, selfless and compassionate – a whole package. Pisces man is a bit shy, but underneath it, all hides a passionate guy.

Libra woman dreams of a partner that is selfless, generous, and caring, so when she meets the Pisces man she will think that this is the one.

Both the Pisces man and the Libra woman believe they don’t have to compromise or neglect their expectations of a partner, as they have found everything they have ever dreamed of.

Compatibility comes easy when we talk about the Pisces man and the Libra woman, as supposed. With a few ups and downs, this couple will live through a romantic fairytale together.

Pisces Man

Everybody knows the Pisces man as the biggest dreamer among the zodiac man. He is pretty much self-sufficient, as he lives in his imaginary world where everything goes according to his plans and wishes. This means the Pisces man enjoys solo activities, but he still needs some social life, even though doesn’t exaggerate with contacts.

This dreamy side of the Pisces man might get you to believe he actually doesn’t need a special someone in his life, as he is not focusing on the reality and finding his soul mate. Things are a bit complicated with this one – the Pisces man years for a day when he will meet his lady and spend the rest of his life with her.

Even his friends know how lost sometimes the Pisces man gets, but they still look for support, understanding, and compassion within him. Pisces man is a great friend to those who need a shoulder to cry on or someone who will present your problems in a slightly better light. This man will also know how to make you smile, as the Pisces man believes that transferring positive energy will bring him good.

When it comes to love, devotion, and romance – no man among the zodiac signs can compete with the Pisces man. He is an endless romantic and will do anything to make his woman happy and cherished.

On the other side, as he would be so occupied by thoughts of making his lady content, he might forget about the mess in his house, so don’t find fault with the Pisces man. As his all needs and expectations exist on an emotional level, the Pisces man expects his partner to be romantic in the same way and enjoy the gift of love the stars have sent to them. Finally, when it comes to the bedroom – the Pisces man will affirm his romantic and passionate side by doing it all to please his beloved one.

Libra Woman

Libra woman is one of the famous love-seekers among the zodiac signs. She sees love in everything – friends, family, pets, art, and of course – men. Libra woman has a fear of being alone even for short periods of time and she functions best when she has someone’s support (ideally her partner’s). She is a dreamer, but still, the Libra woman knows how to perceive reality in some aspects.

This lady has many friends, usually women, as she falls easily in love with her male friends. It doesn’t matter if it is true or platonic love, the Libra woman cares only about that feeling of being in love and having butterflies in her stomach.

When she is not emotionally engaged, the Libra woman spends her time at nice places, cafes, boutiques, jewelry shops etc, as she has a strong sense for beauty, fashion, and luxurious things. This lady knows how to fulfill her time in periods when she doesn’t have a partner. It is just enough for her to buy a new designer bag or a diamond necklace and she will fall in love with it.

Libra woman expects her partner to be peaceful, gentleman, romantic, a leader, but never aggressive, too dominant, or grumpy. This lady is open for that special someone who will stare at her with his dreamy eyes and worship her beauty, while he passes her a glass of champagne telling her that he loves her.

Libra woman is both friend and a partner to her man, what makes her highly desirable among men. She knows how to get seductive and provocative when the right occasion comes across, taking her man’s passions to the highest levels. At the end, when these two end up in their bedroom, the Libra woman will let herself into his hands and enjoy these moments.

Love and Marriage

Pisces man is shy, but charming at the same time, which gives her that unique note of charm and attractiveness. Libra woman is undisputedly one of the most charming ladies among the zodiac signs, maybe even the queen of charm. When you imagine these two energies in one place, that is impossible for them to stay away from each other.

With time, as the Pisces man and the Libra woman meet each other even more, they will actually be fascinated by the fact of how similar they are. Both of them are dreamers and romantic souls, selfless persons who like to make everybody happy, and enjoy the home atmosphere.


However, the Libra woman is more social and friendly than the Pisces man, even though many people appreciate him. Pisces man will spend some time outside, but he still likes it most when he is home and reads a book, or listens to music. He will let the Libra woman go out and have fun, while he stays home and waits for her. However, the Pisces man’s trust will get shaken, while the Libra woman should do her best to prove to him that she is loyal and serious about their relationship.

As we mentioned, the Pisces woman is a hopeless dreamer, while the Libra woman has some sense of reality. She will realize that people easily manipulate the Pisces man and she will try to help him deal with this. She knows how empathetic he is, so that his friends usually take advantage of this side of his personality. With the Libra woman as a constant reminder of who he is and that he is loved and appreciated by her, the Pisces man will gain some confidence in himself and overbuild trust with the Libra woman.

The whole relationship between the Pisces man and the Libra woman is full of romantic and passionate moments. Pisces man is definitely not the type of adventures or short relationships, as he invests all of his emotions in a new relationship. This man functions like this when it comes to intimacy too. Pisces man can’t even imagine making love with a woman he is not in love with. His emotions are deep and that is the way he will love his partner too.

Libra woman is similar to him in this aspect, as she requires her partner to respect her in the first place and to love her either way – being intimate or not. When it finally comes to the bedroom, the Libra woman will seek excitement over everything, while the Pisces man insists on a passionate and gentle connection. When the Pisces man and the Pisces woman mix these traits, they will get exactly what they have been looking for.


Pisces man and the Libra woman are a true blessing to each other as a friend. Other people might seem okay, but these two know how hard it is to find someone who understands you that well.

Both of them have inborn desire to help the others, even though they usually get nothing in return. That is why they will help each other all the time, growing together, and building a strong connection.

Libra woman is a more open and outgoing person, as she enjoys being around people (that feeds up her ego). She is a self-aware woman, but a compliment or two are never too much. That is why the Libra woman tends to go wherever she is invited, while the Pisces man prefers to stay in his home.

While she would invite him to join her on company meetings, birthdays, or any other occasion, the Pisces man will refuse some of the invitations. That will make them get distance a bit, but once the Libra woman and the Pisces man achieve friendship – it is almost impossible to break.

The thing is – none of them likes to talk too much about eventual issues, which will only prolong them, but some things are impossible to hide. After all, they will smooth the things up and enjoy each other’s company.

Interesting Facts

Christ Martin and Gwinnett Paltrow were in love each other couple of years ago. What is more, they were married for 7 years. Even though they divorced, they set in all on friendly and settled down everything in an exceptional manner.

The couple stayed good friends after all – that is how the Pisces man’s and the Libra woman’s relationships go.


Pisces man and the Libra woman has high potential to be a captivating couple everybody will envy. They have a similar nature and similar interests, so the basic understanding will never be any issues in their relationship.

Pisces man will worship the Libra woman, while she will try to protect him from people who want to misuse him. This is a relationship of two friends who feel a strong physical attraction towards each other. Key to a successful and lasting relationship is openness and talking things out instead of ignoring them.