Pisces Man and Capricorn Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Pisces man and Capricorn woman might start off well, but their relationship will probably go down with the time. Capricorn woman will be the one who approaches him first, liking the first impression, but after a while, she might get disappointed with the Pisces man.

Conflicts between these two are inevitable, even though the Pisces man is not the type to get into an argument.

Capricorn woman will constantly try to open his eyes and get him out of his world of dreams, while he wouldn’t be willing to cooperate. What is more, the Capricorn woman is the type to change either, which will cause even more issues.

Compatibility between these zodiac signs is low, but there is still a chance for their love if both of them open their hearts to love and ignore the bad traits.

Pisces Man

Neptune is the ruler of the Pisces man, and that is the biggest explanation of the visionary side of this man. It also makes him love and dives deep through life. However, the Pisces man still stays somehow discontent all the time.

Even though he reaches high degrees of emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspect, the Pisces man still expects more, but this is the fundamental insecurity that exists within this man.

Pisces man will always impose some of the deepest, intriguing, and penetrating questions you have ever heard. This man is not the type for shallow conversations – the Pisces man is looking for a deeper meaning, a sense of everything. Neptune also makes the Pisces man highly intuitive and sensitive, so this guy has a strong instinct about new persons in his life.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t always listen to it and that is why he gets hurt in the end. Pisces man has high expectations, which already leads him towards disappointment.

Even though the Pisces man acts as if he is completely open about everything from the first moment you met him, the real face of this man know only the closest persons to him. He is trying to hide, and does it so well, how vulnerable and emotional he actually is. That is why it might take a couple of years for you to get to know him.

Pisces man keeps his circle tight, but he still makes new contacts. He is friendly and social but keeps people on distance as long as he wants. His compassion is something people appreciate the most, but also know how to misuse his good intentions.

Once you hurt the Pisces man, he will never tell, but he will be dealing with inner insecurities, emotions, and even demons, which will make him depressed and distant.

Pisces man, as he is the Water sign, lives as if there are no boundaries. Water is restless and fluidly – so is the Pisces man. He wanders around but still gets back to its base. Pisces man searches for his perfect woman, a woman of his dreams, and he is capable of waiting for the whole eternity for her.

Still, even though he is willing to wait, he believes that every new woman in his life is that special one. After all fails and disappointments, the right woman for him will appear – emotional, tender, understanding, family-oriented, and loyal.

Capricorn Woman

Capricorn woman is a born leader and a fighter so that she will pursue her goals and objects no matter what the costs are. She values her carrier the most, besides her family. Capricorn woman is a bit cold, and she sees the reality the way it is, without having the need to beautify it. It might be hard to catch her, as she focuses on her things so much that she doesn’t turn around. This doesn’t mean the Capricorn woman is selfish, but she is more self-turned either way.

She likes to organize her life perfectly, believing that a mess in her head will affect a mess in her life, which have negative impacts. Capricorn woman is obsessed with being successful, respected, wealthy, and well-read so that she distances easily from her friends and colleagues. On the other side, the Capricorn woman is not boring at all, as it might seem – all you have to do is catch her at the right time.

Of course, the Capricorn woman makes some free time for herself – to meet her friends, go shopping, run, or spend time with her family. She is practical, so she tries to fit it all in a row so that nobody feels neglected.


In all this hurry, the Capricorn woman will eventually see a man who will intrigue her. This lady has no brakes and approaches first if she likes what he sees. Some men like the direct nature of the Capricorn woman, the others don’t, but she will take it or leave it without much thinking. Her type of man is strong, successful, confident, a bit mysterious, and loyal guy.

Love and Marriage

Pisces man and the Capricorn woman are, we can explain it like this, karmic enemies. This man is one of the most emotional signs in the zodiac (it might be that only the Cancer is more emotional than the Pisces).

On the other side, the Capricorn woman is pretty much cold and distant when it comes to romance and emotions. Pisces man expects a partner with whom he can share a strong emotional connection, but the Capricorn woman is not into that. The good side is that she appreciates traditions and routines when it comes to marriage, which might please the Pisces man.

These two are different when it comes to trust – he is a bit blind and has raw optimism about new contacts, while she expects the worst and hopes for the best, without marking someone as a good or bad person before she tests him. You can predict the Capricorn woman’s behavior or reactions, while the Pisces man is much less predictive in this aspect.

Capricorn woman is goal-driven and ambitious, which means she doesn’t involve emotionally into other’s desires and strivings. Pisces man is the happiest person on the planet when he helps his friends or colleagues, as this makes him feel fulfilled. When he sees how cold the Capricorn woman is towards other people, that will make him fall back, but she won’t act differently either, seeing him as a weak man.

The thing is – the Capricorn woman wants a complete, grown man, not someone whom she has to mold. She expects a partner who stands strong on his feet and who is independent the way she is. She might come off harsh and say things that will hurt the already insecure Pisces man. Still, the Capricorn woman is not that cold, so she will feel pity for him. A bit weak side of the Pisces man will soften up her a bit, but not in the long run.

When it comes to intimacy, the Capricorn woman likes to get loose and forgets about self-discipline. Pisces man is spontaneous and passionate so that he will meet her expectations of a partner in the bedroom. Still, this man is more romantic and he builds his physical desires on emotional connectivity, differently from the Capricorn woman.

Due to many issues in their relationship, some of the partners might get into adventures. Infidelity will ruin the Pisces man’s and the Capricorn woman’s relationship, which will already stand on the clumsy basis.


Pisces man works great both in teams and alone. Capricorn woman likes it more to work alone and she gets the leading roles in every project most of the times. Just like these two act when it comes to working aspects they do in ordinary life. Pisces man is lead by his emotions and helps everybody who needs help, while the Capricorn woman watches her own business and takes care of herself.

Friendship aspects of the Pisces man and the Capricorn woman are not well positioned either, as they are turned to different values in life. Capricorn woman sometimes thinks too much about her carrier, ignoring the fact that she should devote some time to social contacts, upgrading existing ones, going out and having fun.

Pisces man is not that much into spending the whole day with his friends, but he is surely much more friendly and sociable than the Capricorn woman.

The best scenario for these two is to be colleagues, as the Capricorn woman is a leader or a manager, while the Pisces man usually takes a bit lower positions (but never regular ones). That way, the Capricorn woman will appreciate the Pisces man’s creativity and willingness to help, while he will admire her organizational skills. Capricorn woman is highly self-controlled, which will prevent any possible drama, while the Pisces man will smooth out potential disagreements.

Interesting Facts

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Pisces man and the Capricorn woman will struggle a lot in order to achieve stability in their relationship, but most of the times both of them wouldn’t see the fight is worth the prize.

Still, it is not impossible for this couple to stay together, but the stubborn Capricorn woman will have to slacken it up and try to be less cold, more open towards the Pisces man.

On the other side, he should realize that he sometimes overreacts with his emotional outbursts, which might make the Capricorn woman fall back.

Pisces man and the Capricorn woman have the chance to last for a while if they are completely honest about themselves and if they communicate over every issue instead of tucking them under the floor.