Pisces Man and Cancer Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Pisces man and Cancer woman are two sensitive and emotions personalities, as they the Water signs. However, they are different in many aspects, even though those differences combine well.

Pisces man is flexible and calmer, while the Cancer woman knows to get out of her shell and stand up against things that bother her, even though she likes peace more. Even though the Pisces man and the Cancer woman swim in the opposite directions, it is still possible for them to meet at one point. They should realize how possible it is for them to achieve harmony in a relationship, only if both partners realize which aspects to highlight, and which ones to ignore.

Pisces Man

Pisces man is a dreamer, so he is prone to hurrying things. He expects everything to be the way he imagines, but when it doesn’t go the way he wants, the Pisces man’s mood goes down. This guy loves to experiment with ideas and things. He believes everything lasts forever as long as he likes the idea of it.

You will never meet a man with so many interesting and unusual hobbies such as the Pisces man has. He is so creative and innovative that he devotes much of his time to turn his imagination into reality, even though he has a hard time doing that because of his inconsistency.

Even though he likes to party and have a good time, the Pisces man still finds some time to be all by himself. As this man usually comes across misunderstanding of other people, he sometimes finds it much better to stay home and enjoy his dreams than having to explain himself all the time.

On the other hand, the Pisces man is truly compassionate and he shares all his emotions with the others, especially if he thinks he has to help someone. This usually makes his own energy go to waste, so the Pisces man needs a recharge from time to time.

Unfortunately, the Pisces man tends to be unfaithful to his partner sometimes. He tries so hard to fit in, as it is obvious that he stands out from the partners, so he is in a constant search for approval of the others, which brings him satisfaction.

However, don’t get this as a general situation with the Pisces man. It is maybe a bit hard to find a woman who can understand him fully, and that he lives through that, but once he does, the Pisces man only gets better and better. Deep, true, and honest emotions bring the best out of the Pisces man.
Cancer Woman

Cancer woman’s greatest strength is her emotions, even though they can also be her greatest vulnerability. This woman is nurturer by her nature and loves to help the others and take a good care of her friends and family. Cancer woman’s feminine side strongly shows off when she has the chance to express her emotions and her motherly side.

As we mentioned, the Cancer woman has her vulnerable side – emotions, she still cares more about the other people’s emotions. She is capable of neglecting herself completely for the sake of her loved ones and their good.

However, if you don’t show thankfulness to her, it will hurt the Cancer woman deeply. She won’t ever say that, but her own world will fall down, and she will build it up again with the strength of her love.

If you are looking for a woman who is reliable, honest, consistent, and steady, then the Cancer woman might be the woman of your dreams. She is that type who likes to make her home warm and pleasant place to be, so her family enjoys it.

Cancer woman also likes to hang out with her friends, but she is not that sociable. A family is in the first place to the Cancer woman, as she gives off the most of her emotions, time, and energy to them. Cancer woman is devoted, loving, caring, and understanding woman who will sacrifice her own ambitions for the ones whom she loves truly. She is not a cheating type, as the family is her sanctity.

Love and Marriage

Both the Pisces man and the Cancer woman have their sensitive, nurturing, sensitive side, which means they are also an empathetic couple. They will understand each other well in this aspect, knowing how easy might be to hurt each other’s emotions. These two will avoid conflicts most of the times, but when it is not possible, they will fix the things along the way, without making a pomp out of it. Still, the Pisces man will be the one to give it up most of the times.

Cancer woman expects trust, honesty, and stability from her partner, while the Pisces man might seem as a not-so-happy solution. He is generally honest, but you can’t trust him fully. This man is not hard to love, but he is a bit complicated. Pisces man is constantly looking for validation, while the Cancer woman finds this annoying. She expects him to be confident in her love, as she already gave him his heart so there is no need constant reassurance.

As we mentioned, both of them are truly compassionate, so the Cancer woman simply can’t break up with the Pisces man. If he hurts him, that will also hurt her, so this relationship might go through constant ups and downs.


Pisces man is a deeply passionate man who confuses love with sex. Cancer woman needs emotional impulse before heading into intimate relationships. This will produce unpleasant situations for both partners when it comes to the bedroom. It is not like the Cancer woman is not passionate, but her partner should devote some time to melting her a bit. He should be gentle and respect her before heading to the intimacy.

If the Cancer woman wants to keep the Pisces man, she should make it clear that she accepts and understands him fully. Even though the Pisces man’s ideas are often imprudent and risky, she should be his companion through his new experience and turn them into mutual experiences. This will create a stronger, long-term bond between the Pisces man and the Cancer woman, so both partners will find something strong to stick to. If the Cancer woman tries to pressure or control the Pisces man, then he won’t show his true face.


Pisces man and the Cancer woman have similar characters and natures. Pisces man is more of a thinker, while the Cancer man likes to initiate things, so they are a good combination from this aspect. Cancer woman will help her friend realize his plans, while the Pisces man teaches her how to think in a creative way. The other bonding between these two is their sense for sympathy and compassion, which means they won’t have arguments thanks to their mutual tolerance.

The ascetic attitude of the Pisces man will annoy the Cancer woman sometimes, as she is more into luxurious and wealthy life. Their different approaches to life might create some tensions, but these two will overcome them with no problems.

Moon is the ruler of the Cancer man, while Neptune and Jupiter rule the Pisces woman. These two planets share a deep bond, building up their friendship bit by bit. Pisces man has a bit of feminine energy, while Jupiter brings the Cancer woman some masculine energy, so they work out great in this aspect.

As the Pisces man and the Cancer woman are ruled by their emotions, they will come to a phase of an ideal friendship. Water signs are compatible with nature, so there is nothing weird about the alignment of the Pisces man and the Cancer woman. Even though both of them are calm by nature, they will also head into some adventures, which will be much fun.

As the Cancer woman looks for stability in any relationship, the unsteady nature of the Pisces man will annoy her. He will, on the other hand, find her possessive and controlling. Still, they will find a compromise over this easily. This means the Cancer woman has to find the Pisces man his independence.

There are still many beautiful aspects of the Pisces man-Cancer woman’s friendship, as they can learn a lot from each other. Their similar natures (loyalty, sympathy, calmness) will result in a lasting and strong friendship.

Interesting facts

James Taylor and Carly Simone, Jonnie and June Cash, Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love – all these are the examples of famous Pisces-Cancer couples. As you can see, there are many pairings between these two signs in Hollywood, but what is interesting – the Pisces man and the Cancer woman can’t stay together for a long time.

Even if the things are going well, something unexpected may happen and cause the separation.


Pisces man and the Cancer woman, as the Water signs, which means they have similar characters. Yet, if you look closer, the Pisces man and the Cancer woman still have many differences, which might tear them apart if they don’t work on them. Cancer woman is a bit more aggressive and dominant in comparison to the Pisces man, while he is not that open and daring, but he knows how to play dirty. This man expects his partner to provide him complete understanding and constant reassurance, even though that is not necessary.

Cancer woman has so many bright sides, that the Pisces man should take her seriously for a long-term partner, while he expects her to let him be independent. This is a bit weird, as the Pisces man is usually the one looking for a reliable and honest partner. Pisces man and the Cancer woman still have a couple of good aspects for a relationship, so there is a space to work on.