Pisces Man and Aries Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Pisces man is the Water element, while Aries woman is the Fire element. These two will surely have an exciting journey and experience together. Pisces man and the Aries woman are a fascinating couple, even though they are so different and collide in many aspects.

We know that most of the Water-Fire connections produce hot steam that still can burn you, but the Pisces man and the Aries woman surely have possibilities to stay together, by strengthening their good sides and ignoring the bad ones.

Pisces Man

Pisces man is a poet, an artist – sensitive, intuitive, innovative man with a big heart. We can describe the Pisces man’s life as a constant transition between comedy and tragedy, as this man switches his moods in minutes. Pisces man sees life as a gift, or as a curse – depending on the factors that affect him.

He sees the world as an ideal place where people love and support each other. Pisces man actually tries to ignore the fact that there is a lot of pain and anger in this world, but it is much easier to deceive himself and act as if he is living in a fairytale.

Pisces woman obviously runs away from reality to his world of imagination and dreams. As this zodiac sign has strong intuition, the Pisces man can assume the end of every story, but when it comes to his emotions – he is completely blind. He wants so bad to find a life partner and fall in love that he ignore the bad sides of his woman, which usually leads to painful love experiences.

That is why he waits for the love of his life for a bit longer than the rest of the zodiac signs, but once the Pisces man meets the right woman, he will be capable of moving the mountains. Love is the bigger driver of the Pisces man so that his partner will enjoy in his romantic gestures, affection, and calm nature.

Aries Woman

We can describe the Aries woman in three words – confident, passionate, and energetic. This zodiac lady is unique in many ways, must be because she is the leader of the zodiac women. She is modern and creative, intelligent, and strong.

Aries woman doesn’t listen to nonsense. If you want to be her friend, you better open up the cards on the table, as she is open and direct, so you respond in the same way. Otherwise, this woman’s anger might scare you, as the Aries woman is known for her aggressive and warlike nature. She is not afraid of entering a conflict, as she knows that she will get out of it as a winner.

If you don’t mind bossy natures, the Aries woman will be your cup of tea. This woman wants to win everything and keep the throne to herself. She is the Fire element, so that is the best explanation of her passion for everything she does.

Aries woman has a frank and direct approach, so men sometimes run away from her. However, she will already cross out any man who seems like a weak personality even before he gets the chance to slide off. Aries woman wants a man who is competitive, but not one who will compete with her. Her strong and aggressive personality wouldn’t stand a man who is just like her, but more one who has milder emotions and is peaceful. Aries woman knows how to teach you the secrets of passionate loving and she will surely fulfill any man’s expectations when it comes to intimacy.

Love and Marriage

Pisces man and the Aries woman indeed have opposite natures. He is calm, relaxing, creative, and composed, while the Aries woman is confrontational, fiery, and straightforward. As you can already see, these two might have a troublesome connection, but only in the beginning.

Aries woman wants to take the lead in this relationship and takes a bit commanding and authoritative attitude. While she gives an order to the Pisces man, he is letting her do whatever she wants. He is content when he sees that this makes her happy, while the Aries woman, egoistically, cares about the reign only.

Still, the Aries woman sometimes needs a man who is capable of raising his voice, while the Pisces man lacks this kind of energy. He would always go for peaceful and easy solutions that he would get into a fight, which is totally opposite from the Aries woman. Yet, she makes the Pisces man trust her easily, as she seems as a reliable person who knows what she wants. Pisces man will enjoy having such powerful woman by his side. This further creates an atmosphere of tranquility and faithfulness between the partners.

However, it will be necessary for the Pisces man to become a bit more protective and more reliable when it comes to the Aries woman. She will enjoy his tender nature, but only until one point – when she will expect him to show off his masculine side. Of course, the Aries woman is capable of doing everything on her own, but she wants a man beside whom she can be weak when she truly is.

Pisces man is full of ideas, as he is dreamy and creative, but the world usually doesn’t understand this side of his personality. Aries woman is realistic and stands still on the ground, but she will like the Pisces man’s ideas and what is more – his enthusiasm will move her. In this aspect, the Pisces man will be the initiator, while the Aries woman will turn it all into reality. When she realizes how inventive and intelligent the Pisces man is, the Aries woman will feel even more attraction towards him.

So, we have the sentimental and empathetic Pisces man on one side, and the determined and passionate Aries woman on the other. However, what brings them together as friends are their emotional side. Even though the Aries woman doesn’t look like as a woman with strong feelings, she actually has deep and stable emotions. Pisces man is softer, and kinda more weak, but we all know how emotional this man can be.


This loving couple will have a few tensions now and then, but the Pisces man will always smooth the things up. He doesn’t like arguments so that he would choose to ignore the problem than he would fix it.

On the other side, the Aries woman wants everything and wants it now. If she sees an issue, she will talk about it with her partner openly, even though this might hurt him. When we sum it all up, the Pisces man and the Aries woman have the potential to bring together their forces and sail into a romantic harbor.

When we talk about the intimacy aspect, well … things get truly interesting here. Pisces man and the Aries woman have different approaches and views of intimacy. While he is a man who likes foreplay, tender kisses, romantic and long nights, the Aries woman likes everything contrary. She is up to steaming action with a lot of passion and desire, without including emotions into it. Pisces man and the Aries woman will play the hot and cold game, but in the end – they will find the way to work the things out, so they both are satisfied.


Neptune is the ruler of the Pisces man, so that this man is full of ideas, but also illusions, motivation, and is intelligent. Water element like the Pisces man is smooth and easy to communicate with, peaceful and honest.

Aries woman’s ruler is Mars, the God of War, so this lady is combative, aggressive, brave, and open. This is one of the strongest women of zodiac signs, as the Aries woman is self-sufficient and capable of many things men are not capable of. Pisces man and the Aries woman might be business partners or colleagues, as they have positive aspects of cooperation and realizing mutual goals.

These two work out great as friends, as the Pisces man has many ideas, but doesn’t have the strength to turn them into reality, while the Aries woman knows how to help him in this aspect. They truly appreciate qualities in each other, which means they will focus on the benefits of their friendship before the bad sides.

Aries woman is impulsive and has a burning personality, especially if she is angry. Pisces man knows how to calm her down. His words have some kind of therapeutic effect to the Aries woman, so the Pisces man will help her overcome eventually bad periods by providing her friendly hand, a shoulder to cry on, and emotional support.

Interesting Facts

Freddie Prinze and Sarah Michelle are one of the famous Pisces-Aries couples. These two last over 16 years, which makes them one of the most compatible couples among celebrities.

They are still in love with each other, just as they were teenagers. Freddie and Sarah are one of the couples who show us how the Pisces man and the Aries woman can make a great pairing and actually last for decades.


Even though the Pisces man and the Aries woman are not highly signs, these two have great chances to stay together. Both of them are emotional, but in different ways, which will affect the relationship positively. As the Pisces man and the Aries woman make good friends, it takes a bit of chemistry to light the fire within them.

They appreciate each other deeply, which is another big plus to the story. Pisces man should be a bit aggressive in order to show to the Aries woman that he is a reliable and strong man, while the Aries woman should lower up her anger sometimes, as her words might hurt the sensitive Pisces man.