Pisces Man and Aquarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Pisces man and Aquarius woman are attracted to each other as they have a lot in common. However, when it comes to love, the Aquarius woman is not that willing to give in her freedom, while the Pisces man years for complete unity in a relationship.

He will smooth the things out when it is needed, while the Aquarius woman will move and inspire him. There is a chance for these two to stay together, but the Aquarius woman should decide in time if she wants to get into this for real.

Pisces Man

Pisces man is so insecure that he doesn’t even trust himself. This man is highly intuitive but seems like he doesn’t want to accept it, knowing that intuition turns on its red light too often. Pisces man somehow likes to live in a lie, pretending as everything is fine, even when everything around him is falling apart.

This guy has a great capacity for love, no matter what type of love we are talking about. Pisces man’s heart is huge and he is trying to understand everybody and give love even to people he doesn’t know, which will hurt him after a while. Loving that hard will sooner or later become a burden to the Pisces man so that he will lack love for himself. Unfortunately, people abuse his love – both men and women.

Once the Pisces man gets sick of constantly getting hurt, he will learn a lesson and become more attentive when it comes to opening his heart, but this happens when the Pisces man matures.

Pisces man is so creative, that he should direct all his energy towards creative projects. This will make him successful and famous for sure, which will bring him a higher level of confidence. Being obsessed with work is definitely the Pisces man’s thing, but he surely wants to achieve high points in his job. Pisces man never swims through shallow waters, so ordinary jobs are not meant for him. He is more of a type to be a painter, architect, or designer.

As this guy is so emotional, he tends to believe love waits for him behind every corner. Pisces man might be attentive about new men in his life, but as soon as he feels some type of connection with a woman – he will instantly get an idea that she is a woman of his dreams. What a mistake! Pisces man should listen to his intuition when it comes to offering his heart on his sleeve so quickly.

However, even though he tends to get into serious relationships, don’t be surprised that you hear the Pisces man had or has an adventure. He is loyal and true to his partner, unless she tries to play with her emotions and makes him feel not wanted, so the Pisces man might look for reassurance at another place.

Aquarius Woman

Aquarius woman is afraid to take off her mask. She presents herself as a strong, intelligent lady who is carefree, lives with no strings attached, and enjoys it all. What is the truth – the Aquarius woman is actually emotional but tries to hide it and act as if she is more of a cold and unapproachable type. People see her as a great thinker, but they don’t see her true beauty, boldness, and courage. It takes so much discipline and effort to present yourself as someone else, what is actually what the Aquarius woman is doing, but none of the bad intentions.

If you are patient enough and make her trust you, you will be amazed by what hides behind it all. Once the Aquarius woman relies on her intuition that tells her when something is right, she should follow that instinct and it will take her to biggest happiness in her life. She will either way continue her eccentric way, as this is in her nature, and grow day by day, nurture herself, and enjoy being free. Aquarius woman is afraid to let that inner child come out and be playful, but she should too, as these are her true colors.

It might not seem that way, but even the Aquarius woman lacks confidence in some aspect. She is afraid of not being accepted by the others, but the best things come to us once we accept ourselves – then the others will follow.

Aquarius woman has a high potential for creativity and intelligence and she should use it the right way. That potential might take much good to the world, which will make her happy, too. This lady enjoys making big things for humanity and loves to help the world so that expressing herself will only bring her well.

This world will be a better place and she will create a whole new reality once she opens up a bit more. Aquarius woman appreciates her carrier and will surely achieve big success, it only takes some time to gain confidence and then – the world is hers.

When it comes to love, the Aquarius woman is trying to be as independent as possible. She is completely fine with being all by herself, but having someone who will be her support and take care of her when she is weak is even better (she just doesn’t get it yet). Until she realizes there is nothing to be afraid of, let the Aquarius woman enjoy her freedom and be there for her, as she will respond in the same way.

Love and Marriage

Pisces man and the Aquarius woman have two important things in common – they both like to help the others and they are immensely creative. Somehow these two meet under some circumstances of empathy.

On the other side, the Pisces man and the Aquarius woman might realize that their relationship might get toxic at one point if they don’t work on themselves.


As the Water sign, the Pisces man is adaptive, and sometimes he searches for other people approval and does things by their advice, which is wrong from the Aquarius woman’s perspective.

Even though the Pisces man is a loner itself, the Aquarius woman is someone who appreciates her freedom, ability to make her own decisions, and limits access to her private life completely. This woman hides her emotions partially, even with her partner, as she wants to keep that free-spirit of hers.

Pisces man might act too nurturing to the Aquarius woman, which is something she won’t like. He insists on emotions, deep connections, sensuality, intimacy, but the Aquarius woman likes it more when she keeps a part for herself.

Pisces man is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, while the Aquarius woman is ruled by Uranus and Saturn. Jupiter makes the Pisces man so understanding, that he will try his best to understand his partner’s need for freedom.

On the other side, Saturn makes the Aquarius woman well organized, which affects the messy Pisces man well. They both will have great ideas, and what is the most important – will turn them into reality.

There will always be a lot going on with this couple, as they make a flexible union. Their communication goes from impressive level to a really low, which makes tensions, but none of them is willing to fight. Pisces man will show off his tolerance and teach the Aquarius woman how to be less impulsive and warm when it comes to expressing emotions. Aquarius woman is more inspired by ideas than by the romance, but the Pisces man will make her slacken a bit and enjoy his love.


Both the Pisces man and the Aquarius woman are light-hearted, honest, compassionate, and intuitive. Pisces man’s emotions run deep and he craves romance and love and this is the most important lesson in life from his aspect of view, but love appears in different forms.

Still, the Pisces man might feel some type of parental instinct towards the Aquarius woman, as if he would try to protect her from the outer world or bad people. She would surely appreciate that he is trying to help, but the Aquarius woman will surely set the limits here.

Although both of them are creative, the Aquarius woman knows how to turn them into reality, while the Pisces man is more of a thinker. She will help him move a bit more through the water and achieve some of his goals.

Further, the Pisces man is looking for someone who will understand him, while the Aquarius woman is the best person in the world when it comes to this matter. She will see what he is going through, but will never get pathetic or cry with him, but she will actually make him fight, and that is the best friend the Pisces man can get.

Pisces man and the Aquarius woman are mutable signs, which means they are adaptable and flexible. They can change their plans in a second and wouldn’t feel stressed about it. These two will flow easily, without getting into arguments, as none of them, especially the Pisces man, is prone to negative attitudes and tensions

. Pisces man and the Aquarius woman are something like chameleon signs, so you can count on the fact that they will get along well and solve any issues easily.

Interesting Facts

Stedman Graham and Oprah Winfrey are one of the most famous couples on the planet Earth. Their relationship is so unique that the newspaper talks about it all the time.

Surprisingly, these two have been together for over 30 years now, but have never married. Despite this unusual fact, this Pisces-Aquarius couple does great together.


Pisces man and the Aquarius woman are intuitive, emotional, compassionate, and loyal. Still, the Aquarius woman will try to hide some of her sides in order to prevent being hurt. Pisces man will try to make her feel appreciated and loved, but should never push her too much.

On the other side, the Aquarius woman should relax a bit once she realizes the Pisces man is an emotional and truthful partner.