Pillow – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Most people, in fact, when thinking about their dreams, assume that their content has the same importance as any kind of prediction.

One of the most exciting things that dreams (possibly) bring us is their precognitive feature. This is the thing that attracts the majority of people, just the opportunity that we could to predict an event if we find out what our dream means, both pleasant and unpleasant.

And even if our dream does not have to carry some kind of precognitive ability, maybe it is entirely satisfied that we can learn something about ourselves if we find out what our dream means.

Sometimes our dreams are complicated, and in other times, our dreams are much simpler, and they revolve around some everyday objects.

For example, pillow – such an ordinary object, but it can speak so much in a dream.

The pillow is a symbol of rest, sleep, softness, release from stress, but also it can be something that is connected to love, as two lovers sleep on the pillow, it is their shelter.

These everyday objects are connected to the partnership, rest from concern, patience or maintenance, and as a rule have a positive meaning when translated to our daily lives.

Rarely these dreams mean something sinister.

Of course, they can be a bad symbol, but only if the conditions of a dream are such that they imply something “bad”.

So, in the sections below that speak of pillow dreams, you can find out all the answers if you have dreamed this interesting but simple dream.

Meaning of Pillow Dreams

Some people can often dream of falling to a large number of pillows, and in those dreams, these pillows alleviate the impact on the ground – in this meaning the substance in which the pillow has a very different meaning and interpretation. It all depends on other circumstances in a dream.

It is said, that if you dream that you are laying on a large number of pillows, or you are sleeping on them, and they are soft, but not comfortable it can signify problems that are approaching your way slowly.

It means that you must be prepared for the situation that you have to fight for yourself.

But, on the other side of this story, this dream means that if you are just seeing pillows on the bed that everything will go hand in hand and you will be waiting for a time of success and happiness.

The symbolism of Pillow Dreams

If your dream is connected to lying down and resting on a lot of comfortable pillows and that you feel very comfortable, it’s a sign that you are “lazy” and are too carefree and relaxed. This could be a wake-up call – you probably enjoy false safety and happiness, so awakening is what is dream suggesting you.

If you dream that you are falling for a long time and that you land yourself on a soft pillow, this is not such good symbolism that it might seem. It implies the breakdown of an emotional connection or big and strong failure in business and some financial loss, as well as possible fight with friends and associates.


Even worse if you dream that pillows are relaxing you, it can be a symbol that you are very unhappy, but do not change anything about it.

If you have a dream that someone is trying to suffocate you with a pillow and you feel like you are about to die – it can signify that you need to be more relax in reality.

If in a dream you feel that your pillow is hard as a rock and very uncomfortable and that pillow does not allow you to rest and sleep, it can symbolize some of your great worries that are very tiring and you fail to find a solution and finally relax.

When in the dream, you need to shake the pillow because it is dirty and too fluffy, it means that you want to solve some of the worries and pain you have.

If in a dream, you see yourself with someone on the same pillow, it is a sign that you have an exceptional devotion to a family or partner, but sometimes such a dream is also explained as a need for unselfish sharing. It means that you may be the person who can pull out the worst traits in others.

If you had a dream of a torn pillow, it is a sign of poverty or some type of unrest that you have in reality. But this also could be a manifestation that you are trying to get out of an unpleasant situation and to recover or to rise and win over the problems.

On a more positive note, if you dreamed that you have a white and silky pillow that is expensive; it means that you will soon get some money or that you will have some success. This will come as a reward for your hard work.

If you had a dream that you have lost your favorite pillow and that you cannot find it, but you know that you cannot fall asleep without it, it is a symbol that you are ready for enormous suffering and sacrifice, all for the benefit of others. It can prove to you that you have so many amazing qualities even if you doubt them.

In the end, if you dream that you are decorating a pillow, it means that you will find something in your life that will make you rich, both literally and spiritually.

Do I have to be worried?

Yes, you should be worried, because in the majority of cases, this is not a good dream to have.

In the majority of cases, this is the dream that represents the wake-up call for the person who is inherent in his life, and is very unhappy but does nothing to change its negative status.

And the reality of being very difficult to” loose “and possibly causing great suffering or distress.

Often times, this is the dream that is calling you to reduce the worries and fears that do not allow, by any means to be happy and relax and enjoy.

What should I do if I had this dream?

You need to find the reasons what in reality is making you feel uncomfortable and even more important what is that you have done that you have your conscience is burning you so bad.

What are those acts you commit has been seriously bothering or suffering very much?

When you give yourself the answer to these questions, then you will be able to know why you have dreamed pillows.

It is a maybe a good idea to find out what is happiness for others, and that although a situation will bring you pain and suffering, you need to be determined to find what is that that is very important to you and valuable in their lives.


Even if the pillow, such a simple, everyday object, but it is also something that is speaking to us, symbolically, through a dream world.

Every aspect of this dream comes in accordance with the specific and concrete situation and the connotation of each and every person that dreams a pillow.

So, in real life – pillows are associated with beautiful dreams, but in general, it can also symbolically imply both a quiet duty, all depending on other things that appear in a dream.

In the majority of cases, dreams of pillow do not bring something that is overly dramatic, but they are definitely connected to some form of worry, and in this sense, you are having them because you need to find your peace.

They can imply laziness in some cases, or if they are beautiful and you see someone you love that is sharing your pillow, it can symbolize love and gain.