Pelican – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

The pelican spirit animal brings you a lot of life lessons. It knows the secret of surviving and adapting to every situation.

Pelicans are large water birds, with even larger beaks. Their beaks are very long, and they use them to catch fish and as large sacks to carry them. When a pelican needs to fly it can easily empty the beak and take off into the skies.

They wait patiently and focus before they strike to catch their prey in the perfect moment. Pelicans are very social birds and spend their time in the flock.

They are also reliant upon their flock and catch fish with group efforts. They share their nesting spaces and food with others.

Pelicans are good parents as well, especially the mothers. They digest the fish they catch before they give it to their babies. Both mother and the father take turns while sitting on the eggs.

These birds have the ability to sense upcoming changes.

What does the Pelican Symbolize?

Pelicans as spirit animals are symbols of grace, style, fashion, nobility, finesse, responsibility, determination, relaxation, resourcefulness, charity, thankfulness, appreciation, generosity, seizing opportunities, nurturing, friendliness, unselfishness, focus, safety, humility, direction, releasing, wisdom, responsibilities, self – sacrifice, bounty, caution, thoughtfulness, sociability, reflection, rest, indulgence, teamwork, etc.

The Meanings of Pelican as a Spirit Animal

The Pelican as a spirit animal can have many different meanings.

Here are some of them:

Releasing. A pelican spirit animal is teaching you the need of releasing and letting go of the past and everything which doesn’t serve your highest purpose. By doing so, you make space for new things to come, a space for something better.

Teamwork. This spirit animal teaches you the gift of working together to achieve common goals. It reminds you of the need to adapt to others so you can peacefully work towards your desired outcome. It teaches you about the benefits of working in a group. You share your responsibilities with others, you do the job quicker and the most important fact is that you have more time for yourself and your loved ones.

Determination. If you have a pelican as your totem animal, you are probably very determined and don’t allow anything to put you off your track. You cannot rest until you get what you want.

Loyalty. If a pelican is your totem animal you are probably very loyal, especially to your loved ones.

Sociability. The pelican spirit animal also teaches you the importance of socializing. You are probably easy and outgoing and easily make new acquaintances.

Thoughtfulness. You are also wise and thoughtful and don’t rush into unknown situations. You also don’t allow being pressured into something you dislike or haven’t thought about, regardless of what anyone might say.

Relaxation. If a pelican is your totem animal, it teaches you the need to take time off to relax. You don’t need to exhaust yourself; you can always find some space for yourself. That will prevent you from losing your motivation and eagerness.


Abundance. As a spirit animal, a pelican reminds you to focus on plenty and abundance. Never harbor thoughts of limitation and lack; otherwise you will attract that in your life. There are unlimited sources of everything and the pelican teaches you that. You only need to trust abundance is coming your way.

Appreciation. The pelican spirit animal teaches you the gift of thankfulness and appreciation. It reminds you to appreciate all the blessings you are surrounded with in your life.

Seizing opportunities. Pelicans are focused and patient in their hunt for food. If a pelican is your totem animal it teaches you the same.

It encourages you to stop procrastinating. You need to seize the opportunities coming your way, and you can’t do that without action.

You should do all you can to use your abilities in the best possible way and you will be well rewarded for that.

Friendliness. Pelicans are social animals, and if they are your spirit animal they encourage you to work on developing friendly and caring relationships with others.

Nurturing. Pelican mothers are a symbol of good parental care. If a pelican is your totem animal it teaches you of the importance of good parenting but also the importance of nurturing in all your relationships. You will be richly rewarded for that with care and compassion from those you nurture and care about.

Unselfishness. Pelicans are unselfish birds. They unselfishly share their nesting sites and food with other birds. If a pelican is your totem animal, it teaches you of the gift of being unselfish and sharing everything with others.

Pelican as Your Totem Animal

If a pelican is your totem animal, that fact possibly describes you as a calm and self – confident person. You are most likely in control of your life as well as your emotions.

This totem animal usually indicates being able to withstand a lot, due to your diverse abilities.

You are sociable and love traveling in company. You also enjoy spending time with your friends and sharing fun activities with them.

Some people with this animal as their totem enjoy dancing and some sports with controlled movement and they are very good at them as well.

If a pelican is your totem animal you are probably never discouraged by any difficulty you encounter, because you know you can easily overcome it.

What if the Pelican Appears in Your Life?

If a pelican appears in your life, it might be a message to let go of things burdening you.

You need to release the unnecessary things which are preventing you from moving forward. You need to make a space for progress; that is one of the messages of the pelican as your totem animal.

This spirit animal also reminds you about the gift of forgiveness. You need to forgive yourself and anyone else, and get rid of all your negative feelings.

This totem animal is reminding you it’s time to dedicate some time to yourself and balance your life and emotions. It encourages you to within, discover potential issues bothering you from the inside and confront them.

You might want to spend some time with your loved ones, to recharge your batteries.

This totem animal appears in your life in times when you are overwhelmed with a lot of things. Its presence reminds you to stop a while and just enjoy the moment. Maybe you are missing some important moments in your life because of your chaotic lifestyle, and this bird is reminding you not to do that anymore.

Always remember to enjoy and appreciate every moment of your life.

A pelican teaches you about the need to ask for help when you need it, so its appearance maybe encourages you to ask someone for help.

The pelican is encouraging you to persevere in difficult situations, regardless of the difficulties you might be facing. You will certainly reach your goals in the end.

This spirit animal comes into your life to remind you to take action, especially when it comes to love matters. You need to make some initiative for things to start happening in your love life.

Maybe you should start getting out more often, enroll in some group activity you have always wanted to, install a dating app on your mobile, whatever comes to your mind; just start doing something.

The pelican encourages you to focus on love so you could start attracting it into your life.

When to call on Pelican?

You should call on Pelican as your spirit animal when:

  • You need balance in your life.
  • You want to find love and need a boost to start looking for it.
  • You want to release negativity and negative feelings from your life so you can move on and make space for new good things to come into your life.
  • Need to overcome a difficult period in your life.
  • You want to release anger or resentment you have towards someone.

Dreams about Pelican – Interpretation and Meaning

If you dream about pelicans, such dream possibly signifies your tendency to put other people’s need before your own.

This dream probably signifies your selflessness and reminds you of the need to take care of yourself as well. If you are not well you won’t be able to take care of others.

Maybe you dream about pelicans because you need to make some changes in your life. Maybe you need to regain balance in your life and the pelican reminds you to do that as soon as possible.

Pelicans in dreams also symbolize wealth and abundance coming into your life in the near future.

They encourage you to pursue your goals because you will be richly rewarded for that.