Peacock – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

The peacock is the male bird of the species peafowl. The female peafowl is known as a peahen, and their offspring are sometimes called the peachicks.

Peacocks are widely known for their beautiful tales, known as trains, and their head ornament, which resembles a crown. Females don’t have those attributes.

The peacock’s tail is unusually beautiful. It consists of large, beautifully iridescent colored feathers, with an eye shape marks on them.

These marks can be seen when the peacock fans its tail. They have a crest of feathers on the top of their head.

The great naturalist, Charles Darwin, suggested that the peacock’s plumage evolved due to the process sexual selection. To these days, there have been a lot of confirmations of his theory.

Females are very picky when choosing their mate, because trough choosing good genes they ensure the survival of their offspring. They do that by choosing a male with bigger and brighter train.

Peacocks erect their trains in a fan of shimmering feathers when they court the females. The number of eye marks on their train is also closely related to their mating success.

Females are more attracted to males with bigger number of eye spots on their tail, and that has been proven through scientific experiments.

Also, the offspring they have with such males has better survival ability. Females also pick males with a louder call and fearless behavior. Males display their courage through defending their territory from intruders. And they do it in front of the females.

Vocalization also plays a prominent part in the process of attracting peahens, because peacocks use their songs to impress the females.

These birds are believed to be polygamous. During the day, they retreat in the shade of the forest to avoid the heat.

They are not picky at all, and will eat all they can find and digest, usually insects and small mammals.

What does the Peacock Symbolize?

The peacock symbolizes rejuvenation and integrity.

It is also a symbol of beauty in all its forms.

The peacock is also a symbol of balance, immortality, spiritual awakening, spirituality, leadership, self – confidence, resurrection, self – love, awareness, glory, royalty, wisdom, visions, ability to see past, narcissism, visualization, manifestation, present and future, dignity, grace, love, luxury, pride, desire, vitality, nobility, sensuality, sexuality, compassion, generosity, expansion, karmic connections, etc.

The Meanings of Peacock as a Spirit Animal

As a spirit animal, the Peacock can have many different meanings.


Here are some of them:

Beauty in all its forms. The peacock is a synonym for beauty. The appearance of this bird speaks for itself. The peacock as your spirit animal, teaches you the lesson of honor and integrity. It teaches you to love and appreciate the beauty within you and on the outside.

Wisdom and vision. Peacocks are well known for their beautiful feather fans, with eye spot marks on them. That marking is considered as a symbol of visions and wisdom. These gifts are brought to you as well by the peacock as your spirit animal.

You probably have the ability to see beneath things and discover the truth using some inner wisdom and guidance.

Grace and royalty. A peacock is the epitome of grace and royal posture. If a peacock is your totem animal, you probably share the same traits. You are probably very graceful and possess a royal demeanor.

Visualization and manifestation. If a peacock is your spirit animal, you are probably blessed with the gift of creating perfect visions of the things you desire, and manifesting them into reality through the power of your thoughts and emotions.

Self – love. The peacock spirit animal teaches you to love yourself. Not with a vain and narcissistic love, but with genuine love and appreciation of your personality and your qualities. That is the first step towards loving anyone else.

Narcissism. This spirit animal is reminding you not to exaggerate in loving yourself. You don’t want to become an arrogant narcissist because that kind of love has its roots in insecurity and fear. True love isn’t vanity. You want to love yourself in a healthy manner.

You want to feel good about yourself, without being arrogant and vain.

Leadership. With a peacock as your spirit animal, you are most likely a born leader. You probably occupy some leader’s position already. If that is not the case, this spirit animal teaches you about the need to take control over your life and become a leader. You have the ability to become one, as well as the power to inspire others to action.

Happiness and self – confidence. This bird has a strange, almost funny vocalization, which sounds like laughing. At the same time, it uses it as its most powerful means to attract the ladies. This totem animal is a reminder to be happy, genuine and open. It teaches you to embrace your personality and your personal traits.

Start showing your true self to others, without fear of being rejected or ridiculed.

The peacock encourages you to build your self – confidence. It encourages you to face life challenges with confidence and courage.

Pride. The peacock is a symbol of pride. If this is your totem animal, you are probably very proud as well. Sometimes the role of this animal is to teach you to accept yourself and be proud of yourself and who you are.

Dignity. Peacocks are also symbols of dignity. This bird reminds you to respect yourself and maintain your dignity, regardless of the circumstances you might be in. You have to be careful not to exaggerate in expressing your dignity, otherwise you might appear arrogant.

Creativity. If a peacock is your spirit animal, you are blessed with the gift of creativity as well. You probably have an eye for art and beauty, and you find beauty all around you. You are also full of creative ideas and you know how to manifest them into reality.

Peacock as Your Totem Animal

If a peacock is your totem animal, you are probably connected with the present as well as the past, and you realize the influence they have on your future. You know the value and importance of integrity and honor in your life.

Most likely you are a very confident person, and you have faith in your abilities to achieve whatever you set your mind into.

You probably attract the attention and admiration of others, with your grace and confidence. You might even have a posture of a royalty.

If a peacock is your totem animal, you probably have leadership qualities, and you often occupy such positions in life. You are an honorable person, full of integrity.

You have firm attitudes, and you stand by them. Sometimes you can be a bit showy, flashing your magnificence to the ones around you. You can also be a bit flamboyant and exaggerated.

You often enjoy being in the center of attention.

Regardless of that, you are a trustworthy and confident person, capable of understanding the truth of matters. You have many abilities and talents and you are well recognized for them.

With a peacock as your spirit animal, you can get access to your past lives and your karmic ties with your current life.

If a peacock is your totem animal, it also teaches you that there is perfect timing for everything in life, you just need to be patient and trust that the Universe will bring you exactly what you want and need, in any given moment of your life.

What if the Peacock Appears in Your Life?

When a peacock appears in your life, it might be reminding you about the importance of confidence and self – love. It is a reminder to see beauty in everything, starting from you.

Maybe this bird’s appearance warns you not to become vain or arrogant. You need to maintain balance between your confidence and self – love, and being humble and approachable at the same time.

This spirit animal reminds you to appreciate the things you have. It reminds you of the importance of happiness and laughter.

Maybe it reminds you it’s time to start accomplishing your desires and goals.

This bird is often an encouragement to stand firm on the ground and defend your beliefs.

Maybe its appearance signifies you need to get into a leadership role.

A peacock can appear at times when you aren’t in a relationship and feel lonely. Its presence encourages you to begin looking for potential mates.

Maybe someone already wants a chance with you, but you need to look around yourself and be alert.

Often this bird appears to avert your attention to someone who might be your new romantic interest, and it’s already in your life.

When to call on Peacock?

You should call on peacock as your spirit animal when:

  • You need more liveliness in your life.
  • Need help on your spiritual journey.
  • Need to renew your faith.
  • Need to embrace your inner beauty and start loving yourself for who you truly are.
  • You want to boost your self – confidence.
  • You want to get rid of your narcissistic tendencies.
  • You want to attract some attention.

Dreams about Peacock – Interpretation and Meaning

If you saw a peacock in your dream, such dream is usually a good sign. This dream might be a reminder to reevaluate your life and your goals.

Are you satisfied with where you are now?

If the peacock was making loud noises and screaming, such dream possibly signifies your attempts to make some statement. Maybe you want to be heard about something.

In some cases, this dream indicates you are being observed by someone.

A peacock in your dream might also be a sign of longevity, love, birth, growth and expansion. It is a sign of success and prestige. A peacock is often a sign of satisfaction with your private and professional life.

Sometimes this dream represents your overconfidence, pride and vanity.

Maybe you are being overly arrogant and showing off to others with your achievements and success.